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Merging Into Divine Union By Matt Kahn


A Very Special February Intuitive Update


On March 17, it will be a year to the date when I walked into an event in Sedona and met the woman who is meant to be my wife. Up until that point, I had been living as what I refer to as a 'single-husband,' I had stepped fully into the commitment of sacred partnership and would only open my heart to even the consideration of a first date, if I truly felt it to be the frequency of connection I had always carried in my heart. From my romantic perspective, to date a woman I knew wasn’t 'the one' would be like cheating on the wife I hadn’t yet met. It even led me to fully accepting the fact that I am perfectly happy, whole, and complete on my own and would only engage the possibility of a relationship if it triggered this depth of knowing. Little did I know, she had made the exact same commitment on her side of reality.

Many of you have learned about the incredible connection and partnership my beloved, Joy, and I share. When we met, it wasn’t just two beings meeting in the energy of mutual attraction, but the spontaneous merging of our energy fields into a greater container of connection, presence, devotion, and love. As channels, we both have the lived experience of being singular vessels for Spirit. Through the grace of divine partnership, we are discovering that we can tap into the same field of frequencies throughout the quantum field.

While Joy has offered energy updates in her community, and I have transmitted intuitive updates over the years to you, we recently were inspired by a compelling question: What would happen if we channeled an intuitive update together?

With this inspired question as our guide, we recently came together to see what would come through. We didn’t share a single impression we felt beforehand. We went in totally blank, as we each have been trained by the Universe to do, and followed the flow of our instincts. The result is an incredibly special February 2024 Intuitive Update that I am excited to share with you in this newsletter. Please enjoy this wondrous leap of faith—from our hearts to yours. While both of us will still teach individually, there is a growing desire between us and a palpable excitement we feel from so many of you to see us combine our abilities to create something exciting and new. Perhaps this February 2024 Intuitive Update is the first step in fulfilling its destiny.

As we prepare for our upcoming wedding, please enjoy this brand-new video and all the incredible energies and insights it offers to you.


All for light, all for life, all for love,

Video Link - February 2024 Intuitive Update -



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