Mary Magdalene
Embracing the "Promised Land" - Special Message

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
Channelled Johannesburg, South Africa on 22 October 2009
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I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and I welcome you into the divine presence of love and truth.

It is a wonderful opportunity for us to communicate to all of you at this time. The energies each of you are currently experiencing are ones attempting to direct you along the Pathway of the Authentic Ones.

The journey of the Pathway of the Authentic Ones is one that takes you into the realms of your true self, and reveals to you the aspects that lie within the recesses of the subconscious that have either been denied or completely ignored in your current lifetime.

As all these aspects emerge and each of you embrace the magnificent dynamics of your true self, the identities attached to the old world dissolve even further. As more of the old world becomes diluted each of you are affording yourself the opportunity to participate in the magnificence of the Grand Divine Design of your Universe, which is reflected in the Grand Divine Design of your inner world.


Many times you have heard that "as within so without and as above so below." These words, as simple as they are, have a profound meaning, it is revealing to you that everything contained inside of you known and unknown, visible and invisible is either projected out into your world by you or is projected onto you from your external world. That which exists within your upper chakras also creates a dynamic which is projected, and the same with your lower chakras.

Everything is part of the whole, this is not new to you however, it is vital that you understand what this truly means, for when it lies inside of you merely as an intellectual concept it cannot be anchored within the material world. Now before I continue it is important that I tell you that there is a tear within the fabric of the old world, in other words the fabric of the old matrix. This means the code of the old matrix is diminishing in its power for there are higher octaves of information overriding that old matrix, for this reason the tear in that fabric has grown large enough for large groups of souls to pass through it and into the new world.

We have spoken of the Third and the Fourth Ascension Wave which shall be activated in the month of November of the Christ year 2009, it is at this point where millions of souls will be offered the opportunity to rise from their slumber and to begin seeing the grander design of their personal destiny.

When a soul is brought the kiss of life and emerges from the shadow of the old world a magnificent sound reverberates through the Universe. When this sound is echoed there are many minor portals activated within the many dimensions of energy within your Earth and around your Earth. When these minor portals are activated it allows for other levels of intelligence, consciousness, knowledge, science and truth to be transmitted to those who are able to feel and to hear the truth.

Every one of you who hear my words at this time, and those who shall come to perhaps read my words in the future know this – you are ready to embark upon this journey and serve as a weaver of the light of the new dawn. You have reached a point upon your own journey where you are gathering with many other souls to initiate a group soul purpose, one all of you participating at this time agreed to participate in. Nothing in all creation every truly happens prematurely, everything comes to life, or ceases to experience life as you know it at precisely the right moment.

This particular day holds a very powerful energy, the reason why we say this is because not only is it a divine dynamic of the Emerald Ray of Light, it is also a point astrologically where all the planets influencing your world are direct. This in itself creates a dynamic vibration for the planet as a whole. The collective consciousness of humanity has responded to the call to rise above the doom and gloom and miserable fate of the old world as it has been prophesised by the Ancient Ones of the old world.

The dynamics contained within your heart is inspired by the dynamic sound of wisdom, wisdom you have gained within this lifetime, and wisdom you carry within your DNA. As more of you allow yourself to be guided by love and wisdom, the easier it becomes for groups of dynamic souls such as yourselves to gather in great numbers and focus your energies on directing the mass flow of conscious in the direction of light.

The world in which you live is a world of duality made up of polarities, opposites are playing out all of the time. For thousands of years the game of duality has been played, and because Earth is a higher school of learning it contains one of the most challenging levels of soul education.

The Earth School reveals to you the dynamics of your personal power by you having to deal with opposites within your life. You deal with duality and polarities all the time. Now when one understands that pain, suffering, challenges and trauma are a part of this dualistic dynamic you will then understand why, now, it is vital that as many souls as possible focus on the opposite of that which has played out as the major theme of the Earth School.

Because of the intensity of these lessons, and because of the size of the school, in other words the number of students attending this school, it has become necessary for different communities to be assigned specific projects of light in order to harness the strengths of the dynamics of the talents, the gifts and the life experiences of certain groups.

Not everyone in your world will see eye-to-eye and this to is not a new concept, much is learnt through opposites however, when one deals with such opposites from the perspective of love and wisdom one gains an immense amount of ground, simply because one is choosing to observe the dynamic within the opposition, recognising the lesson or the opportunity to teach. Kuthumi has always said everyone is a teacher and student at the same time.

One of the things that has ripped society apart is the energy called fear. Fear exacerbates many emotions and feelings, which create false perceptions and false expectations as a result of that which appears to be true, but in fact is false.

Every single one of you participating at this time have your own individual perception of life, each of you are interpreting my words based on your beliefs, your perceptions of life and your attitudes towards yourself and the world around you, therefore this is a perfect example of how a few hundred people can gather and still have different energies mingling together however, it supports a singular motivation to awaken the hearts of those who sleep, to discover the pathway which leads one to the complete freedom of the soul.

Every step you take towards understanding yourself and your world around you the more empowered you become, the more empowered you become the stronger the light of the collective dynamic of truth becomes. These energies then force the boundaries of the old world to expand resulting in the tear of the fabric of the old world as I mentioned earlier on. When energy is contained within one limiting container of energy, there comes a time when either that energy dies because it cannot grow, or it becomes infected with toxins which create more disease and more illness. The energy which "dies" so to speak, does not evaporate into thin air or disappear, that energy then becomes one with Mother Earth, just like the human body does in certain cases when it is laid to rest within the Earth. That infected energy merges with the consciousness contained within the Earth and becomes a part of the vibrations emitted.

One of the reasons why it is not transmuted into the light or into love is because Mother Earth herself is overburdened, she is a heavy weight in the sense of holding many of the negative impressions and imprints of the old world. All of you, the Earth guardians, the Earth angels and the angels who are awakening the souls, you have been called by Mother Earth to come together and to work as a combined source of love projecting the force of love and wisdom out into your world.

This does not mean you are being asked now to venture into your world and convert everyone to your way of living and seeing life, all you are asked to do is live authentically and walk your talk; lead by example. When you lead by example you realise actions speak far louder than words, for people observe more through action than through words. Why do I say this? Because the subconscious and the unconscious are constantly alert and taking in information, the subconscious then arranges all the information seen and heard and allocates it to the files stored within your so-called "databank" of information held within your DNA, and therefore within the cells of your body.

When this information is distributed and allocated to its various locations it strengthens that which is already contained within that file. So it is simple, when one feeds the databanks of one’s consciousness with positive affirmation, by this I mean with positive actions, positive attitudes, the dynamic within self changes for then you are strengthening the files within your databanks which contain similar programmes.

It is humanly impossible to be positive 100% of your time however, it becomes easier to do this when you are aware of how you behave on a daily basis. Understanding the dynamics which govern you is vitally important, therefore the very first thing every one needs to master is living within the moment. This too is very difficult living in a third dimensional material world, especially when you are governed by time and deadlines however, what happens in such cases is the self is constantly projecting into the future, or living in the past as a result of fear, as a result of the information contained within your "databanks."

One of these easiest ways for you to keep yourself in the moment is by living with an attitude of gratitude. We suggest that you practice taking five minutes, and if you cannot afford five minutes then take two minutes every hour to observe your surroundings and to be grateful for what you see. If you are one who is in a concrete jungle, then shut your eyes for a moment and give thanks for what you have in your life.

The more you do that, the more you are able to be in the present moment, therefore the parts of you projected into the future meet back with you and recognises what is important in the present. The same applies to the parts of you trapped in the past or constantly visiting the past, it helps that part of you to recognise that things in your life have changed. Do not focus on that which has not changed in those two minutes, and when you have time we ask you to increase those two minutes. Some of you may find it beneficial to write down everything you are grateful for and to keep it close by as a reminder.

The present moment is the only moment in time that you have right now, it is the only thing guaranteed to you right now, this second and everything happening to you right now at this second is the only thing you can say is truly happening now. You do not know what will happen in an hours time, and what happened an hour ago is not important, right now for now you are meant to be in this moment, experiencing what this moment has to offer you, and that is how you benefit from the energies every moment of your existence, and every moment has a purpose. Not a nanosecond passes without purpose, without an energy imprint, and because of the billions of dynamics of energies that come at you all the time it is impossible for you to discern which energies are impacting upon you when you are scattered all over the place, dangling somewhere in the future, or miserable and lost somewhere in the past. The here and now is what is important.

You may ask what has this got to do with embracing the "Promised Land?" Well, precious ones, it has everything to do with embracing the "Promised Land" because if the majority of society is focusing on the future and what could go wrong in the future, preparing for war, governments strategising against one another, manipulating each other motivated by greed and fear and the need to control life, and when the other dynamic of that focus is in the past creating the future, because of the past, what then is being focused on, what then is being given the most attention? Simply what energy, what reality is being emphasised, nurtured, focused upon and created? I am sure you all know the answer to this for you have been living it for the duration of your lifetim, and your ancestors have done the same.

Now you understand, I trust, why it is important to be in the moment, to acknowledge what is good, to recognise that which is positive and that which you are grateful for, and the more of you who practice this the more the focus changes, the dynamic is altered and the codes of the matrix must change because the dynamic of energy has been altered and this is the basis of alchemy, the science of transmutation – transforming that which is base into that which is Golden Consciousness.

Golden Consciousness is the Jupiterian energy, it is the energy of expansiveness, it is known as the greater benefic, that which brings fortune. It is the planet which smiles down upon you with incredible gifts, therefore embracing Golden Consciousness is embracing the essence of Jupiter and using that expansive energy to expand the areas of your life, your mind, your hopes and your wishes and to fill it with that which is wonderful, to acknowledge it as that which is a blessing in your life.

You know the outcome of focusing on the negatives, the dark side of life. You are all being called to move to the opposite, to see that the opposite already exists, it has to exist simply because the opposite of light is dark and if darkness, pain and suffering are what you experience in your reality then it is inevitable that the other side of that coin exists therefore, precious ones, our request to all of you at this time, and in fact the purpose behind our special message and address to all of you at this time, is to ask you to honour the laws of creation, to honour the law of cause and effect, the effects of doing it the old way is all around you. Now because you know the other side of the coin must exist, it cannot not exist, and it is your opportunity to venture into the opposite direction and find the light side of darkness.

Every small attempt you make to enhance the quality of your life by focusing on love and gratitude for two minutes of every hour of your day will enrich your spirit. You will find that after a period of time it becomes necessary for you to spend more time in silence doing this ,not because you have to, but because you want to, because you will feel and experience the benefits that come with doing this for it will lift your spirits, it will ignite a sense of peace inside of you knowing that although you may be facing a challenging moment in your life, there are still parts of life that are perfect and beautiful even if all it is is a beautiful flower upon your desk, or the photograph of your child or grandchild smiling back at you, it could be a bird building a nest in the tree, it could be anything, and most of the time it is simple, simple energy.

The ego complicates everything, the soul simplifies and because you are animated by Spirit it is vital that you as a human being understand what that Spirit is, how those Spirits work through you and the dynamics created by those oppositions and by those energies which collaborate.

Competition has driven your world down a dead-end street, for all it has done is perpetuate greed and fear, pain, struggle, conflict and suffering therefore, we are now asking all of you to choose collaboration rather than competition. The lower ego is being manipulated practically 98% of the time, the lower ego is manipulated by the billions of energies I spoke of earlier on, the dynamics bombarding you from all angles.

When you are not centred you are unable to discern which of those energies are in fact your own issues and which are not, and when that trauma impacts upon you psychically, it can be, and is, highly destructive therefore, recognising one another as a vital part of changing the dynamics I have now spoken of at length, you see the benefits in working together, even if you are at opposite sides of the globe, and even if you are at opposites in relation to how you perceive the collaborative efforts should be initiated.

Now is the time for Lightworkers to practice the combination of emotional and spiritual intelligence. Now is the time to display your maturity as a being who is evolving emotionally and spiritually. It is time for you to put your lower ego in check and to own all your feelings before you project it out to your physical world.

Everything which is suppressed inside of you, every part of you which feels victimised, abandoned, betrayed, hurt, and the list can go on for quite a while, all those parts that have not been given the opportunity to be healed or acknowledged will constantly play out through your reactions, through your attitudes, through your thoughts and how you live your life, especially the decisions and choices you make therefore, when you are filled with this grand basket of nonsense, and you do not know what is within that basket, it is rather difficult to know what you are projecting and what you are not.

The first step for all of you is to address your fear, this I spoke of very recently in one of the transmission we delivered for the Egypt activations. The next thing you need to do is look at yourself in terms of what creates stress in your life? What creates distortion? What makes you feel angry? What irritates you about other people? What judgements do you place on others? Now I am speaking specifically of your external world when I speak of your judgements and that which angers about others. There in lies your key to recognising the unresolved issues within yourself, for whatever you are judging in someone else is the mirror of what lies inside of you, the parts of you which have been judged by others, the judgements of others projected upon you which you took on and made your own, resulting in a dynamic unfolding into what you now call your reality. That which angers you about others, what is it? It all comes back to you, perhaps your anger is related to an unresolved issued you may have from your time in your early school years, perhaps you were bullied and you have forgotten about it or perhaps a friend did not take your pleas seriously, perhaps you said no and it was dishonoured.

This is how subtle the dynamics of the negative energies are. By working on these aspects you will begin seeing many valuable keys to strengthening your wisdom. When you own a feeling, a reaction and an attitude, most importantly the negative ones, you are clearing the way for many others to follow suit for then you are leading by example. When you do not address those issues, and you react, all you are doing is projecting your own garbage into the external world, you are using those people and the environments you are within as your dumping ground, and you know what it is going to do? It will dump straight back into your garden.

Healing these areas of yourself enhances your inner ability to sense your truth and to discover the parts of you which have been hidden beneath the many layers of the projected influences, which have governed your life up until this point and which will continue governing you in the future. If you are unwilling to take this moment to take full responsibility for yourself, this certainly means that you need to forgive yourself, you need to look at yourself shamelessly, fearlessly, without guilt and without judgement. Persevere with this practice, everyday tackle one aspect at a time, for in doing this you strengthen the energies which eventually become that powerful foundation of your new life. The foundation of your new life is then strong enough to hold the structures which will then be created and that, precious ones, is how you discover the opposite side of the coin, venturing into the unknown territory of those parts of you that have been left undiscovered simply because there has been a time in your life where you were blocked from going there.

Everything has been for a reason. You have gained immense strength and courage as a result of exploring the dark side of life to begin with. By moving into the light side of darkness, and expanding and super-sizing that energy, it eventually engulfs the darkness and you are able to observe the dynamics of that behaviour with love and with compassion, and then your choices and your decisions are inspired by wisdom.

Wise souls know the importance of being silent, observing, processing that which is playing out, acknowledging what is being felt, perceived and attached to in terms of deciding what that experience in that moment is presenting, and only then is action taken. Blowing up in the heat of the moment, withdrawing from conflict, running away from the parts of your personality others have told you is despicable or unlovable separates you from the light side of life. Every time you buy into the dark side you separate yourself from your centre and it numbs your feelings.

Another very important step for all of you is to get into your body, to get into the process of living your life, which will automatically happen when you are living in the moment therefore, this is another advantage in taking your two minutes of every hour to be grateful. If you are not physically grounded in your body living the life that has been assigned to you, it will be virtually impossible for you to change those dynamics, it will become increasingly difficult for you to find harmony and balance therefore, projecting your expectations way out into the future, or losing yourself worrying over the past, or feeling angry and deprived as a result of your past takes you out of your body and it traps parts of your energy in the Astral Plane, because when you are projecting into the future, and you have a specific expectation in mind and that expectation contains energy which is limited, the limitation being based on a current understanding and perception of life, which could very well change in an hour’s time or in a week’s time, what happens then is you trap it in a limited container of energy and you limit your experience of life, and you work towards creating this one specific outcome doing everything in your power to make it what you believe it has to be.

You fight the process of life, you are then challenged by others because your soul and your higher self is trying to tell you to let go. Have your goals, dream your dreams but do not lose yourself in the expectation of what the outcome must be, because that outcome is not written in stone, because in fact what is happening in the present moment, in the reality of where you are now, has the potential to change completely, therefore by all of you collaborating, by this I mean collaborating emotionally and collaborating spiritually, all of you agreeing to take on the almighty honoured task of looking at yourself and allowing yourself to be forgiven, you allowing you to experience something different. The energies of your collective intention create a powerful wave of energy. This directs the flow of consciousness into the direction which says you are free to be healed, you deserve to love and be loved, you deserve to be like the child and play and create, and to enjoy every moment in which you find yourself.

The more of you who choose to collaborate spiritually, by agreeing to focus on uplifting the presence of light, not only within yourself, but within your environment, you create an indestructible grid of energy, and this is what has come forth as the Global Fluid Love Project, which we have already initiated.

We are extending this invitation to all of you to participate, not only as guardians or protectors of Mother Earth but as guardians, messengers and assistants to one another. When there is one soul willing to take themselves on and truly own everything they feel without judgement, without expectation of what shall come as a result of challenging the self, challenging those negative aspects of self, you will be amazed at what results without placing that particular expectation on it.

We are asking all of you to see the Projects of Light not to only be projects where you offer your expertise, or where you are presenting energies to support Mother Earth or the environment, which is very important, but you have to go back to the very basic rule which we mentioned earlier on - as within so without, as above so below therefore, if the inner world is at dis-ease, if there is disharmony and unresolved issues of pain and suffering locked inside of that inner world it will find its way out, one way or another, and be expressed in the external. That is the nature of energy.

All of you are ready for this otherwise you would not be hearing these words, and if you agree to take on this project, the Project of Light for you, and perhaps it would be fun to call it “Project and whatever your name is”. We do believe one of the members of this webinar has signed their names in as Elvis Presley, so perhaps Project Elvis Presley, or you could call the project by a name which fills you with light, but most important is that you honour this project as being one of the most important of your lifetime, the only project in fact which needs your attention right now and the outcome of that project affects all of creation, and that is how you change the dynamics in your external world. That is how you drive the energies into the "Promised Land."

As much as prophets have prophesised many destructive events happening there is still time to change it. It is exactly the same as that which you have accepted as the identities of who you are, why do I say this? Because those who programmed you were acting as prophets, claiming to know who you will be in the future, what you will be like, telling you as a child you would amount to nothing – this person is trying to take the role of the prophet.

Begin to see these experiences as such, the external world trying to tell you how you should live your life, as false prophets trying to convince you of who you are not by making you believe that is who you are. So the time has come to eradicate the false prophets from your heart and from your mind, and the false prophesises which have come through your ancestral line can also now be released.

So the project of entering the "Promised Land" is you promising yourself that you will harvest the land of your soul and your spirit. The land, the soul and the spirit are all part of the energies contained within your chakras.

So, precious ones, we would like this to be the first delivery preparing all of you to initiate this powerful Project of Light. I, Mary Magdalene, will address you again, all of you, on the 12th of December of the Christ year 2009 – the time of the Universal Solstice, and we will move you into the next level of the energies we have brought forth today.

All of you are now required to utilise the time between now and then to apply the information we have delivered, to put into practice that which has been preached, and we want you to truly allow yourself to experience the results thereof firsthand.

The Solar Archangels have gathered with all of us, their golden wings extending creating the golden spirals which lead you in the direction of the "Promised Land." Once more we beseech you to take this project on, you are the most important aspect of this project and without you the other projects cannot be completed.

Without the collaboration of your energies pooled together it will be very difficult to extend these energies to the masses in the period of time that your Earth has left. You, precious ones, are being given the opportunity to activate this dynamic project now, before the Third and Fourth Ascension Wave energies come, for these energies are bringing with them very challenging aspects, these aspects are going to challenge all the areas of life in which the false prophesises are being played out. Once this is worked with we will then take all of you into the next step of bringing not only communities together in small numbers, but affording your entire planet the opportunity to meet the "Promised Land", even if some of them only choose to take a glimpse.

So I thank each and every one of you for heeding the call of your soul to be present with us at this time. I thank you for your patience in listening to my words and I trust everyone of you will take those two minutes every hour, just so that you can prove to yourself that it does change energies, and taking the time to focus on project you. By you doing this you help us, for you are our Project of Love.

Be at peace as you travel into the uncharted territory of your being, and know that every moment in which you own your feelings, your reactions and attitudes you are not having to relive your past, you are bringing the love and the wisdom of your higher self into that moment and you are using that part of you to set the old part of you free where it can be healed and merge with you and become one. May each of you find the truth of your life in your journey of discovering self.

I am Mary Magdalene and I thank you for your time and we remind you of our presence and eternal support, you are also deeply loved. Au revoir.

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