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Living Oneness Summer Solstice Gathering & Activation With Sue & Kristen


Join Sue Dumais and Kristen Bielecki for a Divine conversation about Living Oneness followed by a powerful Soul embodiment experience of Oneness and Summer Solstice Activation.


This global c-OM-Unity and LIVE virtual Living Oneness Gathering is a place to come home and shine bright as beacons of love to uplift humanity and unify us in love for each other and our planet.


This is a clarion call to gather all healers, intuitives, empaths, heart centered leaders, visionaries and conscious souls. It's time to join together and answer the call to support the evolution of humanity, as we heal ALL our blocks to love and remember our Oneness. Together, we can heal our wounds of separation, shift our collective consciousness from head to heart, from fear to love.


If you feel a heart resonance with this mission, then you're meant to play a part. Join your heart with ours to contribute and participate in this global initiative as we support ALL of creation to come into harmony and resonance with Divine compassion and love.


Join the LIVE Living Oneness Gathering. RSVP here:


Video Link: Living In Oneness Summer Solstice Activation -





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