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Little Me in You Little You in Me

Little Me in You Little You in Me

There are many offshoots to the fact that we are made of one shattered soul. One of them is that if I correct myself, I also correct my part in you. And vice versa. If you correct yourself, you also correct your “you” in me. To bring it all down to earth, let’s take three separate people as an example: Jack, James, and Mary. One day, Jack begins to feel his point in the heart and begins to correct himself. Jack has a little piece of James and a little piece of Mary within him, and the two others also have little pieces of the others in them. They are “cells” in the same spiritual body, and each cell contains all the genetic information to create a whole body. When Jack corrects himself, the Jack in James and the Jack in Mary are corrected, too. Of course, the other two don’t feel it because they’re not Jack. Subconsciously, however, the Jack within them begins to urge the other two to start checking out this new concept of spirituality. In this way, Jack subconsciously inspires them to check it out for themselves. His transformation serves as a model for theirs. This is because the basic structure of every human being is the same. We all have points in the heart, so we don’t need to receive them from anyone. We need to merely listen openly and our own point in the heart will open. We’ve already talked in Chapters 3 and 7 about the importance of the social influence in determining the direction of our growth. If we want to become rich, we have to surround ourselves with people who want money. If we want to become lawyers, we surround ourselves with judges and advocates, and listen to what they say. We learn more than just techniques by talking to people we want to resemble. We absorb their spirit. Absorbing the spirit is the most important thing in everything we do, and it’s the whole difference between success and mediocrity, or even failure. The same goes with becoming spiritual. The best way to do it is to surround yourself with people who want spirituality. We all have more egoistic desires within us than anything else, and just one tiny speck of spirituality (true altruism)—a point in the heart. So if many others talk to me about spirituality, I get inspired and think that everyone but me has loads of spirituality. Of course, it isn’t true, but it does have the effect of making me want spirituality much more strongly, thus accelerating my progress. In turn, my progress accelerates others’ progress, too, and their bogus spirituality becomes a reality.

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