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Let Angelic Healing Love Help You With Your Challenges Now !

By Melanie Beckler


This morning I'm reminded of all of the challenges and changes continuing to unfold in the world right now ...

And how we came here for this!

My soul chose to incarnate on Earth now to live in these times of massive uncertainty and transformation.

To ride the waves of change of the old paradigm crumbling, and to be of service in ushering in the new.

And you know what?

You did too!

At your very core, you are an incredible spiritual being of love, light, and freedom.

A spiritual being, who is, of course, fully immersed in the densities of physical reality, during a time of MASSIVE transformation on the planet where incredible energy shifts are unfolding and challenges are arising.

My heart goes out to all who are suffering now.

And I want you to remember that if you've been having a hard time… you're not alone in this.

We're living in this time period where the Earth and the collective consciousness of humanity is being massively transformed.

And the many challenges and struggles we're all feeling, seeing, and observing are the old paradigm energies beginning to shift.

We must face what's been in the shadow before it can be transformed.

It can be painful to face injustice, violence, chaos, and suffering in the world. But doing so helps to empower the shift.

Because that's the higher perspective of what's going on:

Distorted and outdated energies within the collective consciousness (and within ourselves) are rising up so they can be faced and alchemized into something new.

We can learn from what has happened in the past and rise up from the ashes and rubble of the old paradigm that is falling…

To take action, be the change we want to see in the world, and co-create the new.

And yet, amidst the shifting energies, it's rarely easy.

Be gentle with yourself and others.

Remember that love is now and always has been what will illuminate the highest path through.

Being in LOVE doesn't mean ignoring the challenges…

But it does mean Remembering.

Remembering that you are much more than just your physical body…

Remembering that at the core of you there is incredible LOVE, peace and bliss and when you return to this:

You empower the rise of Love within and all around you which empowers the shift, and empowers the light of Spirit, higher consciousness, and blessings for All beings to begin to shine through.

Returning to Love is NOT always easy. It's sometimes the biggest challenge of all…

And so I wanted to share something today to support… So you can even for a brief moment drop out of allowing your consciousness to spiral in the chaotic energies …

And drop into your open heart… Into peace and presence…

It's an "Angel Emergency Call Meditation"...

That when you listen to will guide you to powerfully invoke the support from your team in spirit ... FAST!

With love and bright blessings,

Video Link: Angel Emergency Call Meditation



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