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Let's start a discussion about the Law of Attraction. Why do you believe it and why does it work for you? Provide some experiences in your life that validated the law of attraction.


On the flip side, can you answer the skeptics?


Skeptic responses: If you have an accident or disease, it's your fault. If an airplane crashes, does that mean that one or more of the passengers brought that on himself/herself? Do soldiers killed in Iraq simply not think enough positive thoughts?

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Ok I will start: The Law of Attraction DOES work. My example is in 2004 I saw a building and wanted to work there. In 2006 I was looking for a job and applying everywhere randomly in desperation for a job. One application made it to the interview stage. I passed the interview. Where did I work in 2006? That same building I wished for in 2004. Another example: In 2001 I drove through a place and said "Oh it is nice I want to live here," then I went to my other job in a different area far away. Then in 2006 I said "That job looks nice I want to do it" then I said in 2008 "I want to work for them". Where am I working in 2013? "The place I want to live" doing "The job I want to do" working for the "Employer I want to work for." In 2006 I said, "I want to harness and master that energy and love it"....in 2013 "well here I am enjoying the results of the great energy".....there are many stories but they are all built on two things: #1 to have a vision, a thought #2 to add feeling and desire to that thought. Practice: visiualize what you want over the next months, the next year, in 5 years....desire deeply to do those things, to be those things, to have those things....then keep a journal and write down what happened after each thought manifests. You will be surprised. Dream your dreams, really want them. Work towards your goals, but then let go. Let the universe do the rest....in 5 years, in 10 years....somewhere down the road, those thoughts and feelings will be manifested as reality. Now to answer the skeptics: if you have accident or disease it's your fault....not 100%....there is potential you created negatively charged thoughts and feelings that manifested later down the road, also you freely chose your path which brought you to your circumstances...but also perhaps this was a life event that stimulated growth that your soul needed. Although you cannot comprehend the event, it is perhaps to your benefit at a soul level. Airplane crash caused by one passenger..same thing...perhaps they had a thought or desire that brought it on, but remember the soul element too...maybe the crash solved karma. Maybe previously the person sunk someone's boat and killed the people...then that person died, then that person was born in a body and became the passenger. The airplane crash was a karmic "eye for eye" necessary for soul growth to free the soul of the guilt, they understood the ones who they took and thus they all became free. Soldiers in Iraq may be attracting service, bravery, and other things in a war zone...this could manifest later as opportunities to fulfill those things, whether for positive or negative but 100% has an effect on soul growth.

Hi Chris

Good you have the job and place you had earmarked for yourself.


As you have stated, accidents, happenings, are down to many variations - choices we made before reincarnating again.

All too often, until a certain state of illumination and awareness has been attained, the soul is unaware of its pre-determined blueprint.




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Fellow Lightworkers,

Please send prayers and Reiki to all those in need, those that are unemployed, those that are hungry, those that are sick, all the  emergency responders on the front lines, all those essential workers, all those that need help and protection for each highest and greatest good.

Cho Ku Rei! Cho Ku Rei! Cho Ku Rei!

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