Infinite Mind, Prime Creator, Source of All That Is, it is my
intent, that all blocks, including those I add to this list, be eliminated;

to know myself physically,

to know myself spiritually,

to know my natural abilities,

to know my spiritual path,

to know my chosen mate,

to know my true friends,

to know my soul group,

to know my blueprint of life,

to know my contracts,

to know my path of ascension,

to know my true spirit, My Higher God Self,

to know my psychic abilities,

to know my spiritual gifts,

to know my separate self consciousness as friend and enemy,

to know my ego,

to know my limitations,

to know how to overcome my limitations,

to know true inner peace

to know that I Am that I Am,

to know that Creator and I are One,

to know the truth why I am now here on earth,

to know the truth that we are not alone,

to know the truth of fear,

to know the truth of judgement,

to know the truth of compassion,

to know the truth of unconditional love

to know the truth of unconditional forgiveness,

to know the truth of being an observer,

to know all emotions that I must clear and release,

to know all feelings that I must clear and release,

to know the Christ Consciousness

to know Universal Consciousness,

It is my intent, that all blocks on all planes of my existence,
since the beginning of my experience in this age, be unblocked
by Creator, so knowledge will be open to me, with understanding
of that knowledge, and the ability to gain wisdom from it. It
is my intent to be open to the knowledge, understanding and
wisdom of Universal Consciousness And Divine Order in my life,
for my highest good and to bring my vibration up to the vibration
of light.

Thank You Creator, And So It Is.

 “DNA in the Sands of Time” by J. Justice

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Thank you Amba,

Thank you Creator, and so it is

Thank you, God Bless All

Thank you Amba

Thank you Amba,

and thank you Creator! And so it is.

Infinite love and blessings to all of you! <3

Dear Amba,



thnx (F)


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