Invocation For Experiencing Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame...And...Experience The Fullness & Dimensions Of The Christ Consciousness In You !...And...Higher Light Decree By Steve Nobel

Enrolling in the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame By Natalie Glasson

I, Lady Portia, wish to share an invocation with you to support you in enrolling in the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame of Transmutation Energy. The Violet Flame is an expression of the Creator which cleanses and realigns you with your truth. 

The advanced levels of energy of the Violet Flame could be described as the purest vibrations of the energy and consciousness. The advanced levels not only cleanse your being, they cleanse your being to further awaken and aid the embodiment of your essence, creating Expanded Liberation.

Within your expanded liberation you have the opportunity to recognise the presence of your essence as a core and foundation of everything you are and everything you create. 

Lady Portia, I invite you to enrol me in experiencing and benefiting from the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame. It is my wish to download the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame to surround me and move through my being.

May I experience a deep cleansing and transformation which positively benefits my being, reality and spiritual awakening. As I receive the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame, assist me in embodying the cleansing vibrations and release all that is an illusion and hinders my recognition of the presence of my essence.

Support me in entering into Expanded Liberation. Through the experience of Expanded Liberation within me, whether I recognise it or not, I acknowledge the presence of my essence as the foundation and core of all that I am and all I create. Lady Portia and the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame, please assist me now.’

Lady Portia and the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame, I call your presence to me now. 

Please release illusions to bring forth and ground the presence of my essence fully within my being.

Please cleanse and purify my awareness of myself, reality, the world and my spiritual growth as well as my soul awareness. Thus, my entire lineage of light. Let me awaken into my expanded liberation, pure awareness and grounded presence of my essence.

I am surrounded by the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame and breathe the high vibrational light and cleansing rays into my entire being. Lady Portia please oversee the entire process and alert me to recognise the positive shifts, transformations and awakenings within my being. Thank you and it is so.’

Simply read the invocation silently or out loud and then lying down breathe deeply, breathing the violet flame energy into your entire body and being, you will naturally fall asleep allowing the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame to continue its work with you. Through this invocation, you have the opportunity of experiencing a deep and breathtakingly beautiful transformation within your being which will influence your relationship with your inner love and pure essence. Allow time for a full experience.

For the full text message of Natalie Glasson & Lady Portia, listen to the video, or just click on this link:

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, & Abundance to All of You,


Video -

Experience The Fullness & Dimensions Of The Christ Consciousness In You ! By Natalie Glasson

In this video, AA Metatron with a host of Ascended Masters & Christed Beings helps us connect more fully with the Christ Consciousness within us through the Flames of God's Source Light...and helps us embody the Christ Consciousness & experience it in action within us & thru us.

I Am The Christ Consciousness in action in me! I Am The Christ Consciousness Energies of Love, Peace, Joy, Creativity, & Abundance in action with my every breath! These divine Christ Consciousness Energies can uplift you to a new level of spiritual growth & God Consciousness.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love & Light & Abundance to All of You,


Video: "Experience & Embody The Levels & Dimensions Of Your Christ Consciousness"

Higher Light Decree - 5D Abundance By Steve Nobel

Text of Video.....

"I call upon my Higher Self, I Am Presence, and my team of the highest light to be present during this decree of intent. Asking for guidance to embrace the full spectrum of abundance, opportunity, success, wealth, flow that is my birthright as I step into higher frequencies of light.

I declare my full sovereignty of light and power in this time of transition. I call upon my Higher Self, I Am Presence, and my team of the highest light in spirit to bring to resolution to anything that resonates with scarcity or limitation.

I call upon angels of abundance and wealth consciousness to assist me in this process. Please clear and purify all pathways of ancient karma concerning abundance in all of its forms including money.

Revoke any agreements, contracts, promises or vows that create failure, self-sabotage, scarcity, struggle or limitation through all time and space. Revoke all religious programming of renunciation and any and all beliefs that the material world is sinful or evil. Revoke all programming that creates a split between abundance/money and the spiritual path. Revoke all programming that says spiritual work must be done for free. Revoke all soul contracts where I have suffered hurt or harm that block abundance.

I ask that all family patterns and dynamics that seek to create or recreate scarcity or limitation in my reality be acknowledged, witnessed, purified and released with love. I ask that all scarcity and limiting programming originating from my bloodlines be released and cleared from my energy fields and reality. I ask that my bloodlines be purified and restored of all such scarcity and limiting programming within the ascending crystalline grid of the earth.

I revoke all and any old stories meanings, beliefs and identification that hooks me into old scarcity patterns. Clear any and all beliefs that the 3D financial system has power over me in any way.

Please clear all imprinting of anxiety, fear, self-doubt, conflict, drama, restriction, limitation, blame, shame, slavery, exile or pain connected to abundance or wealth in any of its myriad forms. Clear any stories or beliefs that it is not safe to be abundant or to allow money to accumulate in my reality. Any stories around abuse or being abused. All stories of master or slave.

Release all discordant energies and imprints with light and love. I now forgive, release and balance everything concerning money or any other channel of abundance.

Clear and purify any anxiety, fear or co-dependency around money in my base chakra. Dissolve all cords or threads that connect me to any being group or place that vibrates with scarcity.

Clear and heal all experiences within this lifetime that have created any limiting story or belief around money or wealth that is not of the highest frequency of light and possibility. Release all unconscious resistance to abundance and wealth.

Close and seal any lower frequency openings in my energy fields that drain my energy and any form of abundance. Clear all limiting stories, meanings and beliefs from this lifetime within all levels of my Akashic Soul Records. Clear and purify any interference from lower astral forces that seek to keep my reality in scarcity.

I have no further need to grow through these forces opposing my spiritual light and power. Clear and purify all lower frequencies and interfering energies affecting my bank accounts. Clear all my virtual platforms of blocks to abundance and seal all openings to lower frequency dimensions on all virtual financial platforms. Neutralise any interference that seeks to drain, divert or harvest my light in any way.

Thank You God for manifesting all of this, or better ! And So It Manifests !

Video - "Higher Light Decree: 5D Abundance" By Steve Nobel -

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