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In The Name of Peace By Matt Kahn


Matt Kahn encourages us in his transmission to join him in prayer to help heal the root causes of all the conflict in the world and to rise above the polarization and fear that arises in taking sides in the the conflicts.


He will go into detail on how we can use his 3 step process to clear all the conflicts. The karmic patterns in the example of the 3 step process below is just one of the root causes - so let yourself merge with the Divine Energy he is bringing up for us in each of the root causes he will share in the video.

Matt's 3 step process we can use to help clear all the conflicts:


1. May I allow the karmic patterns of conflict in the world to be faced & felt completely along with the Healing Love of Mother/God.

2. May I allow the karmic patterns of the world be faced & felt completely & let go now.

3. May I allow the karmic patterns of the world to be forgiven completely & let go now.


Video - In The Name of Peace -















Ring of Fire Eclipse Is Active By Melanie Beckler



Something that has become abundantly clear to me, is that change happens in an instant.

And yet, there can be a whole process leading up to that moment of shift.  

True transformation is something that becomes most profound when cultivated over time.

Because of this, of the best ways to support spiritual growth, expansion and transformation is with consistent meditation and spiritual practice.

Along with this, there are time periods with special energetic characteristics that support growth and transformation.

These unique and powerful points in time, or "time windows" create openings to deepen spiritual connection, accelerate transformation and support making a quantum leap or powerful paradigm shift.

The Annular "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse October 14th is one of these powerful time windows for accelerated transformation.

During the Eclipse there will be an alignment of the Sun and Moon. But since the Moon is smaller than the Sun, the Sun appears as a bright ring around the dark moon ... Hence the name "Ring of Fire".

The light of the sun and the dark of the moon merge.

This creates an opportunity for integrating the shadow. For alchemizing your light and your darkness into love of the Divine Heart.

This energy creates an impulse to bring greater harmony into your life.

With awareness, intention and focus, this Eclipse energy can support you in making strides towards aligning your personality self with Soul Truth.

Embodying the Fullness, Light and Brilliance of your Soul.

I just released a brand new video with more about this powerful Solar Eclipse Energy and how to make the most of it for you here:

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse New Moon Oct 14th - 5 Things you Need To Know >> 

With love and bright blessings,


P.S. I will be releasing a new session to listen to amidst the Eclipse energy ...

I'll be in touch with more about that here soon.

Until then, here is an Eclipse Meditation from a couple years back channeled with Archangel Michael, Metatron, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Haniel connect to support you in releasing all that no longer serves and reconnecting with the core truth of you and your inner Divine Presence.

Click Here to Listen now or download:

Video - Energy Reset & Reset Into Higher Light









Anchoring Into Your Full Divine Presence By Steven Hutchinson



🌈💙 I open to the connection & receive & anchor my Full Divine Presence
🌈💙 I open to and receive the blessings and goodness and protection of the Universe
🌈💙 I open to and receive and anchor high vibrational energies of Divine Love, Divine Beauty, Divine Healing, Divine Abundance, Divine Happiness, Divine Joy, and Divine Bliss.
🌈💙 I open up to and receive and anchor Divine Freedom within me.
🌈💙 I open up to and anchor the joy of living
🌈💙 I open to receive and anchor Divine Love & Bliss with every life experience I have.
🌈💙 I open to to receive and anchor my Divine Truth & Life Purpose.
🌈💙 I offer myself as a channel of Divine Light and Wisdom and help anchor it on earth
🌈💙 Any time I experience fears and doubts I bring my awareness into the Divine Love & Peace & Presence of my Divine Self within my heart
🌈💙 I fully trust the divine guidance of Mother/God and allow Her to use me as an instrument of divine light and wisdom
🌈💙 I celebrate and appreciate each day living in my Full Divine Presence
🌈💙 I am willing to embody Divine Unity here and now
🌈💙 I ask to be guided in my action, for the good of all and all that IS
🌈💙I am One with God's Love in every human being and live in divine service to all.
🌈💙 May the divine light, love, power and wisdom of Mother/God and Mother/Earth and each person's Soul be awakened and anchored in each person and manifest Peace on Earth!

Video - Sacral Chakra & Emotional Healing With Emmanuel Dagher














Liberate Your Soul By Kristen - Awakened Soul


Click on this link to watch the live transmission of Kristen:

Below is the transcript:


Hello, happy Friday, October, the 13th day of beautiful eclipse as it moves through. And, ah, we are powerfully moving through eclipses of our own being right now that is supporting us to be more present with our hearts, more present with our minds, more present with our soul.


 And we were in some conversation before all of you came in. And just that sense of connecting and shifting a lot of the ideas or agreements or contracts or all the things that we've come in with in this life, all of those that are rewrite, being rewritten right now, being recho, and, and also allowing everything to be okay, right? All is well, no matter what it is. That's showing up all as well. 


And we're choosing these paths. We're choosing these paths of knowing and embodiment. And, and I'm just really excited for everything that is coming alive right now. So, I'd love to hear in the chat if you wanna share anything that's alive for you.


You know what you're moving through, no matter what it is. Uh, because this is our time to be present. This is our time to give the gift to ourselves, to say yes to ourselves in that way, to where we can be so present.


We're so willing to open up in love. We're so willing to open up into presence, that it allows that authentic expression, that authentic expression of our words, our feelings, our voice, our, our bodies, our everything to where the soul lands.


The soul is just so present. We're so full of this energy that we get to breathe with it and feel the harmony. Feel that joy, feel, feel that flow. And that's why I opened this up today because I did, uh, create a six week journey to deepen this process, deepen this embodiment, and, and really hone those skills of the ability to have that deep listening, have that deep connection, have that deep knowing, so that, you know, we're not in hesitation. We're not in the doubt, we're not in the confusion anymore of who we are and what this body and what this mind, and what this heart and what this soul is one. You know, we're liberating all of this. 


We're liberating ourselves from what we have come in this earth through and onto, and allowing ourselves to liberate even the consciousness of earth as we liberate ourselves. So, we're gonna talk a bit more.


Video - Liberate Your Soul! Meditation/Activation/Discussion



I'm gonna share some more information. I wanna lead us through a nice meditation, and if you have questions, I'd love to hear your questions, uh, about this journey that, uh, I'm opening up for everyone to embark on together, so that we do this together.


We are doing this together. We're co-creating this new way of being in our lives and our, in our experiences on this planet, uh, so powerfully right now. So what I'd like to do is just open up with a short meditation, just to open up our hearts and unity and connection together. 


And then we'll, we'll go in and we'll be here for maybe about an hour, maybe a little less, maybe a little more, depending on what opens up in the field with everybody. So let's just take a breath in.


Oh, and yeah, right now, as we take a breath in, I'm just noticing and feeling and sensing those places within us that are moving so powerfully right now that are opening up, or maybe things that are closing and we're transitioning out of, and we're stepping into a new experience with this breath.


Just acknowledging that space of transition or that knowing or that embodiment or transformation that you're in right now. So all of the energy that you may be holding or feeling or feeling that's in the body flowing. Just saying hi to it with your breath, just saying, ah, yes. Hello. I feel you. 


I sense you. I hear you. I know you in whatever way it is for you. Ah, just taking deep breaths in, just filling the belly and on each exhale, if you wish to, just letting it flow out. Mm.


Yeah. And I'm just calling in energy from around us and through us. That is our pure soul energy to surround each one of us to surround this group as a whole, that allows our breaths to become more gentle and easeful and open through the body.


And we breathe through the heart, taking some breaths through the heart space, welcoming in a bright light. And whatever that light wants to be for you right here, right now, whatever color, whatever vibration that allows and welcomes the highest sense of your being into this moment, the most aligned, the most open, and brilliant and fluid, and welcoming and soothing, whatever energy it is that you need, just breathing that and welcoming that through your heart.


Just to become more present with how you're feeling, with what's coming through in this moment for you. Breathing and welcoming that light through your heart and letting it fill your whole heart, above the heart, below the heart, all sides of the heart, through the center of the heart. Ah.


Ooh. Yeah. And as we do this, we just say thank you, thank you, thank you to our light heart, our heartlight for brilliantly shining through the body, brilliantly shining through every cell, the body brilliantly shining and supporting us in this moment, being us in this moment. Good. Yeah.


So just breathing it through the whole body, welcoming this light as the light of every cell of your body to come alive to open. And as we do this, we'll just center into the body again, welcoming this to be a strong center, a pillar of light from the top of the head down through the root of the body, welcoming our energy to center, welcoming our awareness to center, welcoming all of our awareness and connection to ourself, to center so it can flow down into the earth, into the center of earth, letting it flow down into the heart of earth, this beautiful, brilliant light to meet the beautiful, brilliant light of the rhythm and light and crystal and consciousness of earth that is aligned with the highest aspect of our ourself, of our soul, of our being present, grounded. 


And as we breathe this light back up, we'll breathe it all the way up through the body, the center of the body, and as it comes up, just welcoming it to harmonize, balance, and integrate any energies that are moving through our bodies at this time.


I'm letting it flow above the head and around the body, all sides of the body, just welcoming it cascade all around the body, like a waterfall of harmony, a waterfall of our wisdom, a waterfall of our presence.


And as it's flowing around the whole of the body and energy body, we're just gonna ask for any and all energies and cords that are no longer needed from anybody, any place, anything, just to release and go to their appropriate place.


Beautiful. Just breathing into your hearts, breathing into your body. Breathing into your space. Ah, good. And again, just saying hello to yourself, bringing yourself into your heart again, saying hello to yourself, saying hello to you, and having gratitude for your body, your life, your soul, your connection into this moment.


Beautiful. Thank you. Ah, and as we align our hearts all together here, all of our souls, all of our hearts, all of our support and collective connection of unity within this space, of all of us here together in this moment, that radiates through each one of us, that radiates through the space around us, and lets it flow through the crystalline earth below us and around us, that all receives the beauty and the connection that we're all c creating right now, in this moment through our hearts, that all that we share and all that we create today, Hmm. Yeah. Supports us, strengthens us Hmm. As soul as we liberate ourselves more and more. 


Thank you. Hmm. Hmm. Yeah. So welcome into this space. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. Ah, so as we are feeling this right now, as we're connecting into this deeper space of presence and connection into the body and into this moment and into ourselves, and feeling maybe this softness, this expansion, this connection, who wants more of that in your daily life? In everything that you do?


Yes. Yes, Yes. We are choosing, we are choosing to create this divine presence, this greater expansion. We're choosing this. And that's what this time is all about, is to continue to say yes, to continue to say yes, to continue to say yes to our hearts, to our connection, to, to the information of our soul that is calling forth through our bodies, through our minds, through our hearts, through the reflection of the things that are around us, and showing up in our, you know, what we're creating, right?


And this earth is saying yes to it. And we're shaking off, we're literally shaking off lifetimes of, you know, imbalances that we've taken on imbalances on this planet. And it's, we're re, you know, we're shifting. We're doing a 180, you know, we're doing a 180 right now from all that had, we've been bound to, to liberate, to liberate, to liberate and come into this place of presence and love and harmony and authenticity. And we've all been on this journey in one way or another for so many years. 


Video - Ignite Your Soul Light -



For myself, if we wanna go galactic for a second, for myself, from the moment that I came out of source, I have this memory and this knowing and this visual, like I've experienced it, that's what my role was. I floated around the universes as this light, as this consciousness to support harmony and balance before I came into an actual body, or a form through any star system or planet or physical experience. 


And I did that for quite some time to really be engaged with what harmony is, to really be engaged with what balance is, to really be engaged in understanding all the different pockets of reality where we're working with that duality of harmony and non harmony or balance and non balance, to recognize the harmony within the polarity, right?


And to really bring that centered connection of pureness into both sides of balance, both sides of harmony. And then as I came into bodies and into forms and chose these things, I chose very imbalanced experiences from extreme to extreme, right? From like, where everything is hunky dorian flowing to, whoa.


You know, like complete suppression, oppression, rage, you know, all the things that we might see on the whole other side, right? And harmony and polarity sounds lovely. Absolutely. And so in this lifetime, I came in to say, oh, wow, okay, where's that place in between?


Where's that place in between? Where's that place where we're experiencing what we might call, you know, negativity or, or challenge or suffering or struggle and say, wait, where's the harmony within that?


And then where's the harmony within the places that are just flowing? And where do those two meet? And how do we stand in that place that meets, how do we really be in that connection with the self and the place where those two meet and allow all of that power, all of that wisdom, all of that connection of our soul that knows all of these things as one to live that.


And so, I chose a lot of extremes in this life to come into a place now where it's like, oh, presence. That's how we allow and surrender and be in that witnessing of all of those things at once, is that deep place of presence, right?


Where we're really listening, we're really connecting in each moment of what we're feeling, what we're observing, what's coming in from outside of us, what's coming from inside of us, and letting those two meet in that deep place of presence and listening, so that we're right here, right now. Not in the past, not in the future, but right here.


And so what does that feel like? You know, for those of you who maybe put a few words in chat, what is it like when you, when you're in that moment, right? When you're in that moment where, you know, you're in that place of presence, where you're in that place of deep listening, where you're in that place of connection with yourself so fully, ah, that everything just is, and we're, we're in that powerful place of connection, right? 


We're so much, we're receiving so much in that moment. And that's what, as I'm observing this world and what's coming through everyone right now, and just how much embodiment is happening, and everyone is like saying yes, right? To ourselves more and more.


That's where the birthing of this liberate your soul, six week, six week journey came alive. 'cause it was like, wow, that's what people are really experiencing, right? Is that place, that knowing where we want to come into that deeper sense of presence, that deeper sense of connection with our ourself, where we're not holding on to all of the stuff that has bound us.


So we're not, so we can be in that authenticity. We can let ourselves just be and flow and accept this moment as it is, right? Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So, oh, so the, this six week journey is designed, is completely designed from what I've noticed and witnessed from all you beautiful people showing up consistently to connect into this space of unity.


You know, to connect in this space of yourself and transmute all the things that we've been carrying, to love them, to embrace them as part of ourselves, as well as knowing that we're shifting into a new way of being and allowing that love, that pure love and that place to bring us into this harmony. That's what, that's what really inspired me. You say, okay, people are wanting to feel this.


And so each week is designed to just drive, bring us deeper, to tune us deeper into that space within, so that all, all the things that we have been living through, all the ideas, the beliefs, the programs, all the experiences that keep bringing us into the external, keep bringing us into that external place of maybe validation or wanting connection from the external that we get to go, wait, no, we're gonna drop in so deeply into this moment of our heart, of our knowing, of our listening, of our hearing of this body, of this energy, of the soul that we're turning on, all the d n A, we're turning on all that knowing. We're turning on the heart, we're turning on all that cellular wisdom, right? To say yes. 


To bring ourselves into that moment where our voice is free, our bodies are free, we're fluid, right. To be in this space, moment to moment, moment to moment, moment to moment. Who wants that? Who wants this?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So much energy. Exactly. Flow, ease, effortless. Accept this moment authentic creating just happens with joy. Absolutely. I've experienced this less that. Yes. The desire to live it consistently. Absolutely.


To be free and present. Absolutely. And that's what, that's what this is designed to do. Because of the path that I've lived, right to where I lived, either in the past or I lived in the future, and I was so uncomfortable with the past, and I was so nervous about the future that I just spun. I just spun.


And I couldn't sit in the moment and really allow myself to feel. And I was judging the past and going, whoa, I don't know how, you know, to create that future. I don't know how to be that future. I can s I sense, you know, some of us really sense, whoa, what's, what we're, what's we're, we can see, and that we know of ourselves, we can feel it within us, and we know that that's what we really wanna be experiencing, creating, but we think it's out there somewhere in the future, right? 


And that's what I was doing. I was projecting this whole idea of myself out there into the future, but not connecting into it in the moment because I was so engaged with all of that, that I thought I was from the past, right?


So I had to unravel all of that. I unraveled all of that, right? To be like, whoa. Mm-hmm. If I wanna be that, I gotta choose it right here, right now, right? I gotta choose it right here, right now, and say yes to it right now. And it was intense.


It's an intense process, isn't it? When we go, whoa, all right, I gotta look at, I'm gonna look at this part of myself. I'm gonna look at the choices I'm making here. I'm gonna look at how I'm behaving over here, how I'm hiding out, or how I'm, you know, feeling the judgment and the discomfort and the hate and the struggle and the suffer, all that. It was like, whew, we've all done that too, right? 


Taken those moments to look at those things, to feel those things to say, is that, is that really who I am? Is that really who I wanna continue to be? And so much, so many of us are shifting from that, right? And choosing this liberated self, choosing more of that authenticity, choosing more of this vibration that's inspiring and creative and active and full and fun and joyful. 


And it's not that joyful where we're ecstatic and like going. It's that deep sense within us, that stable and strong, and allows us to have that presence. That's the joy I am talking. I'm talking about that deep joy that's so ever present, that it's so fulfilling. That's the word that came through a group session, um, on Wednesday when we were really deeply tuning into a group process of supporting each other and our present experience. 


And it was so beautiful because it was like, what is it that is really calling us? It's that fulfillment, that deep inner fulfillment of us for us, not for something outside of us, not for our partners or our children, or the groups that we may work with or projects we're working on, or our, and for friends. What are, you know, whatever it is, it's for us.


We feel so fulfilled in ourselves and so whole in ourselves that then everything else, we know how to move and engage with the rest of our external world from that place of deep harmony, joy, and peace and fulfillment, because we are that, right? And that was the path I chose. That was the path that was like, okay, no matter what this is, this is what's true. This is what's real, right? And it's, it's that continual unwinding to connect into that space.


So we will, uh, uh, just take a moment here and take a breath, take a breath into our bodies. Again, just with deep gratitude. With deep gratitude for ourselves, deep gratitude for the brilliance that's coming alive in our hearts and our bodies and our space.


The deep gratitude that we're aligning to, the deep presence and authenticity that we're aligning to in every moment of our life. Ah, so I thank you. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you for being here today.



Video - Let Your Sacred Heart Always Guide You










I Am One With The Holy Breath of God By Steven Hutchinson
Inspired By Patricia Cota-Robles & My Divine Self


I AM Fully Present with my Divine Self & merge my I Am Presence with the I Am Presence of every human being, and humanity’s Collective I AM Presences now merge into One Luminous I AM Presence which is cradling Mother Earth & our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies within the Divinity of the Unified 3-Fold Heart Flame of Every Person on Earth. Each person's 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies pulsates now in the Heart of Mother Earth, and pulsates in the Unified Heart Flame of all Humanity in our collective I AM Presences. 
My greatly expanded Heart Flame in MY Luminous I AM Presence is now merging into One Glorious Immortal Threefold Flame of each person on earth. And our Unified & greatly expanded Heart flames now bathes Mother Earth and sustains her in the vibrational frequencies of her NEW Solar Reality. Our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies are pulsating within the scintillating Flame of the Immaculate Concept that is blazing in the Crystalline Lotus Blossom in the newly Ascended Heart of Mother Earth. Each person's I Am Presence is now Fully Present with the Holy Breath of God Sustaining each person & Mother Earth in our NEW 5th Dimensional Solar Reality!
Breath by Breath, I AM Consciously aware that Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth are now Breathing in unison with me as I affirm:
I AM Fully Present with my Divine Self & breathe through my newly merged Immortal Victorious Threefold Heart Flame the highest frequencies of God’s Prana that I AM capable of assimilating. This upgraded Divine Prana now manifests into my spiritual brain centers & into my physical brain structure - Restoring, Renewing and Resurrecting every facet of my brain to its full Divine Potential.
We All Ascend now with each of our 5th Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies & Humanity’s Collective I AM Presences into the very Heart of Father/Mother/God. Instantaneously, and with my Holy In-Breath, I absorb what is Divinely Perfect of the Infinite Light in the Heart of God, and this Infinite Light descends with my Out-Breath back through the Crown Chakras of my Luminous I AM Presence & Humanity’s Collective I AM Presences and our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies into our newly merged Threefold Heart Flames, & into Mother Earth’s Crystalline Grid System of Comprehensive Divine Love - Blessing every person on earth & every facet of Life belonging to or serving Mother Earth.  I AM now Consciously aware that with every IN-BREATH and OUT-BREATH my Father/Mother/God’s Infinite Light and Comprehensive Divine Love are now Creating the foundation for the tangible manifestation of the patterns of perfection for Mother Earth’s NEW 5th DIMENSIONAL SOLAR REALITY.
I Am Fully Present with my Divine Self as I continue this Living Breathing Activity of Light day by day as my I AM Presence takes control and perpetually Consecrates my thoughts, feelings, words and actions to manifesting and sustaining the patterns of perfection for Mother Earth’s NEW SOLAR REALITY, & this is done with Loving Gratitude for the Gift of Life from Mother/God & Mother/Earth, and the selfless service I bring with the Legions of Light serving the ascension of Earth, Humanity, & the Elemental Kingdom.  And so it is Beloved I AM Presence! Beloved I Am All That I AM !
Practicing this powerful mindfulness breathing every day, or your own version of it, will immensely help the ascension of Mother Earth and All of Her Beings - including Yourself !
Vlog 341 - The Consecration of My Earthly Bodies By The Cosmic I AM -




















Embracing Inner Stillness With Archangel Zadkiel Through

Linda Robinson

Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Amethyst and Zadkiel, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss embracing inner stillness.

You are living in a time of great opportunity for progression on your ascension path.

Much higher vibrational energy is incoming. Being clear on what you want is very important before adding emotional energy to your thoughts.

Because manifestation of this energy occurs more rapidly, being clear on what you want is very important.

You want to be certain that your desires originate within your own heart center and are not influenced by outside conditions. The energy from the desires of others is in the vibrations around you. What others want for themselves may be different from what makes your heart sing. You want to have clarity about what is right for you.

Embracing inner stillness is one approach to this clarity.

When you turn inward, you are focusing on your own wishes and what is right for you. You want to focus on your own mission and the part you play in lifting humanity to a higher level of consciousness.

You have a unique role to play in this process. Having a clear energy field can help you identify what is right for you.

To begin this process, you may wish to clear your energy field with the Violet Flame. See it flowing through your energy field and the area surrounding you. It feels cool and refreshing. This helps to remove energies and influences that are not part of you. It is setting the stage for you to have clarity about your path.

As you continue to have the Violet Flame remove any impurities, you may feel your energy shift as this occurs. The Violet Flame is simply preparing the space around you for you to have clarity.


Video - Healing With Saint Germaine & The Violet Flame


Now that you have cleared your energy, set your intention to turn inward and focus on inner stillness. You may wish to pause and feel the peacefulness that comes with this intention. You are removing outside influences and focusing on what is right for you.

Let your attention rest on your heart center. This is where your Divine Spark resides. It is the core of who you are. It is the point of inner stillness.

As you rest peacefully in your heart center, your point of inner stillness, you may wish to focus on your breath. Feel it flowing gently in and out. There is no rush. Simply let it flow at your own pace.

As you allow this process to continue, the more centered and relaxed you will be. You will tune out the outer noise and relax even more into your inner stillness.

In your inner stillness, you are connected with the Divine. You are able to receive answers to your questions in a pure way because you have removed outside influences.

You can ask your questions and receive answers in a pure way.

Outer concerns may seem less important and not call to your attention as intensely. You are able to view them lovingly and objectively.

As you continue to sit in your inner stillness, you become even more centered and peaceful. You are aware of yourself as a Soul and Divine Being of Light.

Your connection with the Divine is strong. The stillness increases your awareness of the Oneness of Creation. You may feel connected to all of humanity. You see similarities with others rather than differences.

As this awareness increases, you may feel yourself drawn to the concept of highest good for all and your part in this great plan.

You are aware that this connection resides in your inner stillness and that you experience it each time you go within. This lifts you to even higher levels of inner peace on your ascension path.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are embracing inner stillness and have a desire for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Amethyst and Zadkiel,

…and we surround you with Love.

And so it is.


Video - Being Fully Present With Your Love & Bliss With The Pleiadians



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