I Activate the Full Power and Resonance of My Divine Being ... And...Experience Divine Peace Amidst Life's Storms By Ann Albers ... And ... The Secret To Trusting Your Intuition By Shanta Gabriel

I Activate the Full Power and Resonance of My Divine Being By Steve Nobel

"I Am a Free Sovereign Being. I Activate the Full Power and Resonance of My Being. I am a vast Being of Light, not limited by time or space. I am connected to the great Web of Life. My consciousness is spacious,I am expanding beyond all limits. I Am a Free Sovereign Being. I own my power; I own my light.

In this time of ascension, I am called to move beyond all chaos on the earth-plane. I do this through recognising my true nature as expansive light.

I am done wasting my time with beings or situations that are bound by limitation and suffering those who do not choose to live in the light.

I Am a Free Sovereign Being. I own my power; I own my light. I have grown within the limits of this world but now I am done with all limitations.

I am waking up from the illusions and deceptions of this 3D World. All limits are illusionary. I am remembering my true nature, my true nature is light, my true nature in spaciousness, I remember my true connection to God/Goddess All That All. With every breath I remember my true nature as expansive light, as expansive love, as expansive joy. I Am a Free Sovereign Being.

I own my power; I own my light. In each and every situation I ask my Higher Self and all higher frequency beings working with me to assist me in remembering my connection to the light.

As a free sovereign being I ask for a divine dispensation to dissolve anything in my energy fields that is working against my awakening, against my authentic being, against my soul mission. I Am a Free Sovereign Being.

I own my light. I own my power. I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Freedom. My mind is fluid light. Every thought is infused with the light and bliss of my soul. All beliefs are being upgraded in the light of love. All stories are being upgraded into higher frequencies of possibility. My mind is soaring beyond all limits imposed by the matrix.

I dissolve all old limiting agreements and rules. I no longer play the binding game of limitation. I Am a Free Sovereign Being. I own my power; I own my light. I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Freedom.

My heart is fluid expansive light, my heart is expanding beyond all bindings. I dissolve anything binding my heart to conflict or drama, limitation in any form. Love does not seek to bind another. I release all bindings from my blood family and my soul family. I grant my heart the gift of freedom.

I release all old energies within my heart that generates any sense of limitation. I Am a Free Sovereign Being. I own my power; I own my light. I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Freedom.

My body is the sacred temple of the bright flame of my Spirit. As the ascension process unfolds more of my light is downloaded into the body. My hormonal system is being upgraded to hold this increase in light. My digestive system is being upgraded to hold this increase in light. My nervous system is being upgraded to hold this increase in light. My reproductive system is being upgraded to hold this increase in light. I Am a Free Sovereign Being. I own my power; I own my light. I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Freedom.

My chakra system is now being upgraded to hold more light. In my base I am safe, secure and stable, I am deeply rooted within myself, I have a right to be here, I am connected to my body. My body is holy ground.

In my sacral I own my creativity, my emotional power and my sexual energy, I have a right to feel pleasure, I allow myself to feel pleasure. I love all aspects of my physical body. Life is joy. Life is flow. In my solar plexus I own my power, my courage, my boldness, my tenacity, I have a right to be powerful,

I am the architect and the script writer of my life. In my heart I forgive myself and others, I feel at one with the kingdoms of nature, I have a right to be here, to love and be loved, I am balanced, I am part of a great network of Starseeds across the planet.

In my throat I activate the full resonance of my voice, I have a voice that needs to be heard, I am authentic, I live with integrity, I communicate my thoughts and feelings easily. I share my wisdom and insights with others. I am truth.

In my third eye I have a right to see deeply into the nature of my reality, I am connected to my inner guidance, I am connected to the higher wisdom within my Higher Self, I am a clear and pure channel for inspiration. In my crown I am one with the Universe, I have a right to know and experience my true nature as a Divine Child of the universe. I am one with my Infinite Multidimensional Self. I am Infinity. I Am a Free Sovereign Being. I activate the full power and resonance of my being."

Video - "Affirmations: I Am a Free Sovereign Being. I Activate the Full Power and Resonance of My Being" By Steve Nobel - https://youtu.be/DlBRvyg83D0


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In a talk about compassion, a former teacher of mine once said that practice prepares the mind, but suffering prepares the heart.

Perhaps the final step in the healing of all wounds is the discovery of the capacity for compassion, an intuitive knowing that no one is singled out in their suffering, that all living beings are vulnerable to loss, attachment, and limitation.

It is only in the presence of compassion that we can show our wounds without diminishing our wholeness. For those who have compassion, woundedness is not a place of judgment but a place of genuine meeting.

R. N. Remen

Artwork “Astraea” by Anandi Sun Dancer. Original mounted and framed works as well as prints available at http://www.anandisundancer.com/

Experience Divine Peace Amidst Life's Storms By Ann Albers &

The Angels

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you are feeling the world’s unrest. It manifests in anxiety, crankiness, intolerance, impatience, fear, or a multitude of other feelings that can be summed up in one word – unsettled. You feel unsettled because you are sensitive and your world is unsettled.

It is a time when all of you are starting to feel, at deeper levels, that indeed you are all One. Within each and every one of you, the energies that comprise your world exist – not in your physical body, but in the part of your eternal spirit that reaches into infinity. You can either contribute your Peace and Love into the mass consciousness, or you can be drawn into its chaos.

Imagine you are a wave upon the ocean. At the surface you contend with all the waves around you, whether cooperative or destructive. If you were to sink a little deeper into the ocean you would feel the deeper currents of the other waves, some weaker, some stronger. If you were to go even deeper, you would only feel the deep peace of the ocean itself. The nearer you are to the surface, the more unsettled and affected by the other waves you would be.

Likewise when you look at the surface of your world, you see and feel chaos. There is an intense clashing now between what you call the forces of light and darkness, or as we’d rather say, those in truth, and those in illusion. There are multitudes of angry souls, and as well, multitudes working to be the love and the peace in the world. On your earth, when opposing forces such as hot and cold fronts collide, storms transpire. Likewise, there are many storms upon your earth right now – shootings, political unrest, etc. You feel these storms in your bodies and minds.

However, there is good news. Just as the peaceful depth of the ocean is always there, whether or not it is a sunny day or whether there is a hurricane going on at the surface, so too, the Peace and the Presence of the Divine exists within your depth, waiting for you to sink into it, to relax in its embrace, and to come to the surface more refreshed and more able to withstand the storms of life. The more you take time to connect with Love, in any form, the more you become a contribution to the world and the more you tip the balance in the mass consciousness towards the light.

Take time in silence. Feel the love in your hearts. Breathe deeply and ask the Divine and your angels to rise up within you and fill you with this love. In this space, you become a spring, a fountain of love that pours forth into and blesses your world. In connection with the energy of Love, dear ones, you become the lights of the world. Then and only then will the storms of life pass you by, while you, like the center of the hurricanes, remain in peace.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Angelic Healing Light Temple Meditation" By Steve Nobel



Message From Ann Albers .....

Hi Everyone

I continue to receive emails from sensitive souls who feel “off,” irritable, anxious and so forth. People are having weird physical issues, and chaotic life circumstances. I am no exception.

Before the earthquakes, I felt shaky. Before the volcanoes, I felt volatile. Before the shootings, I was crying for no apparent reason, knowing I was feeling the planet grieving in the not too distant future. I was so busy praying, sending energy to the planet and helping others, that I forgot to take time to dive deep, reconnect with my own heart, and sit in the Presence of God for my own upliftmet. As a result, I let the chaos of the world trigger my own.

Within days, my big computer crashed, I broke out in a raging infection, my vacuum died, and various and sundry other bits of chaos broke loose. My blissful life suddenly felt quite stunningly crazy. I had a few days of being quite fearful until I faced the fears head on and once again rooted my soul deeply in the Divne.

When at long last I settled my mind and was able to to sit in silence with God and the angels, I felt immense love and guidance pouring into me. I saw the purpose of every bit of so-called chaos. I embrace everything that had erupted in my life and knew it was actually serving my soul, contributing to my greater good, and moving me ever closer to an easier and more peaceful life for myself. Right as the newsletter on focus came out, I was learning to focus even more strongly on the good in everything. It worked. Things are resolving beautifully.

Somehow chaos doesn’t seem chaotic when you see the Divine order within it. Everything turns to good if we allow for it. Even the world's chaos brings a greater love to the planet. With every tragedy, suddenly the masses awaken and realize the need to be kinder. People appreciate their families more. They realize we are all one human family. They love more. The fragility and gift of life becomes more apparent.

Spending time in silence, breathing deeply and asking Love to rise up from within works. It calmed me in my own storms and allowed me to be the peace for others in spite of my own life circumstances. It allowed me to hear my guidance clearly and made space for the angels in the heavens to bring me angels on earth who helped solve every single challenge that came my way. Instead of feeling chaotic and unloved, I saw the Divine order and felt moreloved.

We can find peace amidst the storms of life. It isn’t so easy these days, but it is doable and it sure feels better than dancing with the world’s whirling energies.

Here are a few pointers this week to help you both feel and be that peace, love, and grace in the world.

1. Guided Meditation - Don’t Give Up on Love

Listen to this 8 minute channeled discourse/meditation from Dr. Peebles, the angel who comes through my friend Summer Bacon, who is one of the clearest trance mediums of our time. He guides us to feel God’s love and then share it with the world. You will feel amazing after doing it.  

It is free to listen to or download here.

2. Slow down

There’s a tendency when the world or our lives are in chaos to speed up, get busy, try to control as much as we can. However, this just lends to the frenzy.

Better to take more time in silence, reading, resting, meditating.  

Rather than reacting respond to life by slowing down when you are anxious or upset, taking a breath, putting your hands on your heart and feeling deeply. Then ask yourself, "What next?"  Trust the first answer. Your life will be guided in grace.

3. Connect

It is a time when loving connections are more important than ever. Connect with God first. Sit. Breathe. Receive.

Connect with yourself. Take time to slow down and feel your own heart. What do you need? What do you want to create? How can you nurture yourself.

Then when you feel inspired, connect with others.

Share your heart more deeply, ore often. Converse with strangers. Spend time with loving family and friends when you are motivated to do so. Volunteer if you feel inclined. Seek out activities you enjoy to meet like minded people

If you don't feel social, connect on the inner planes. Pray for the world – both those you love and those you disagree with. Dear God uplift us all. Give us peace. Help us all feel your love.

More than ever it is time to realize we are one family on this earth and we need each other. Sometimes the most unlikely people have great advice. Sometimes a stranger smiles at you or you at them, and you change each other’s day.

Small connections, big connections, physical connections, and spiritual connections... They all matter. They are all, the angels remind us, connections with our Deeper Essential Self.

So while peace may elude this world at the moment, it need not elude us. It takes effort at times, but it is always there, deep within, waiting for us to embrace it. As we do so, the angels and the Divine can embrace and change us even more deeply in our hearts, our homes, and our lives.

Love you all!
Have a peaceful week,

Visit Ann's Message Archives - https://www.visionsofheaven.com/category/messages-from-ann-albers


Video - "Deep Insight Meditation" By Steve Nobel - https://youtu.be/1Eyd18_K8Rk

The Secret To Trusting Your Intuition By Shanta Gabriel & Archangel Gabriel

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.
Shanta Gabriel
Shanta's Message .....
In fact, much of my life at this point seems to be focused on looking beyond the 3D world we have been familiar with and more about learning to live in the higher frequencies in the expansive of 5D world we have moved into.

I find it to be a really interesting time to be alive right now. I am so curious about the shifting frequencies and the magical beauty inherent in the way the Divine Flow of Love is working through all that we are experiencing. It feels like being Home in a way that life in the world all these years has never been.

I love that my Higher Self is available to me in a new way. Many people are agreeing with this assessment. The Light Fields of energy are pliable and malleable enough for us to be able to co-create a life that can bring us fulfillment of our greatest dreams. I am able to have deeper communication with my heart without taking as much time to raise my frequency. I find I am already living in the higher frequencies that give me access to my guidance system.

It is living in the world with these new frequencies that seems to be the trickiest part for my physical body, especially my nervous system. Life responds differently in the higher dimensions. When my actions do not create the same results they used to before 2012, that tells me I have to pay attention and make some new action choices. It turns out that when I do this, everything is much easier. Even more radically, it seems as though Love is a greater component in all activity than ever before.

It is a bit wild when I realize that it's taken more than 70 years to finally have the world that I thought I was being born into. When I did not have a body, it seemed like a great idea to "be ahead of my time." However, the reality of life when nobody understood anything I said and even thought I was more than a bit crazy, was grueling to say the least. The freedom of the time we are living in now is remarkable and I love having more people to play with in the Beauty of the higher frequencies. This teaching has become a component to all my private sessions, so that Hope, creative solutions and expanded perceptions can be brought into daily life.

Divine Presence:

Thank you for guiding me through this time with so much Clarity, Grace and Ease. Thank you for helping me to see what steps I need to take to be in harmony with my Soul's wisdom and learn to work with the Angelic Dimensions to create new life on every level.

As I learn to navigate the new frequencies, please care for my physical body and my nervous system. Help me to be more conscious of the times when I am over-stimulated and need to slow down, be quieter and take deeper breaths.

Thank you for guiding my decisions and all of my actions so they are in alignment with my Soul's journey. I ask to be in Harmony with the power of my intentions for this new time. Thank you for helping me learn to be more receptive to my guidance.

For all these blessings and for the beautiful life I have been given, I say thank you. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

Video - "Experience Your Infinite Love & Light Self" By Melanie Beckler



Archangel Gabriel's Message .....

You are here on this planet to develop yourself fully. When the ancient philosophers stated "Know Thyself," they were talking about the power of Self-awareness. This means not just one's consciousness of the physical, or even of the mental and emotional selves. To truly know oneself means having real discernment of who you are as a multi-dimensional being.  

You have the power within you to know planes of reality beyond the three-dimensional world in which you live. In fact, developing an awareness of these other states of consciousness creates a link to the joy and love so many are seeking. The deeper qualities you truly desire in life are beyond the physical plane. They exist in the expanded state of consciousness that is your bond with God, the Source of your very being. To commune within yourself is to find these qualities. It requires a willingness to see beyond your outer self, and to take the time necessary to create conscious awareness of the love and light within you.


As you sit quietly and breathe balanced breaths deeply and slowly, there are immediate results in mind, body and spirit. Imagine that you are sitting in a pillar of golden light joining Heaven to Earth through you. This allows you to enlarge your consciousness raising your vibrational frequencies to match your dreams. When you add prayer asking for what you want in your life, you allow the grace of the Angels to work for you.  

On this free-will plane of existence, you need to ask for their assistance or they will not interfere. This does not necessarily mean a formal prayer. Asking can be as simple as saying the words for the qualities you want in your life, such as Love, Peace and Freedom. Meditating on these qualities can literally change your life and create a more abundant, joy-filled existence. It allows you to tap into your Higher Self and your guardian Angels, so you are communicating with the deepest levels of your being.  

From this place, the answers you receive will be from a level of Divine Order, and all that follows will be for the highest good of all concerned. You will receive intuition and know the actions and words that will best assist you with the challenges you face. Once you begin to act on your intuitive guidance, you will start to trust yourself. Life will feel easier. You won't need to continue looking to others for the answers. With every fiber of your being you will know what is truth in your life.

Trusting in yourself does not mean you are alone, for you are never alone. At all times, you have with you Angels to assist you. Some have been with you for eons of time. Working in harmony with the Light of God, they know you at the deepest level of your Soul. It is comforting to know that you are always wrapped in their wings of pure love and cared for beyond your capacity to understand.  

It is this link within the self that most people are seeking. They hunger for knowledge of the love that is within them. It is readily available through prayer and taking time to sit and breathe in a conscious manner. So give yourself the gift of sitting in light and love every day for five minutes. It is a simple thing that will provide you with wondrous joy.  

The Angels are ready now to lead you into the light of your true Self. Create a conscious relationship with your Higher Power and find the joy you so desire to have. Ask for assistance from the Angels. Begin to do this every day and miracles will surely occur, for miracles are your birthright and the natural state of your being. Know that you deserve to have your life filled with Love, Joy and Miracles. Learn to communicate within and trust in your own truth. This is the way you will live to your fullest potential and fulfill your highest destiny on Earth.

The Angels love you and bless you with all that is good. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
August 11, 2019

Video - "Journey Into Mother Mary Temple of The Immaculate Heart" By Patricia

Cota-Robles - https://youtu.be/lChrmADqz90


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