So what were the events that triggered you to start your spiritual journey?

Did you have a feeling there was something more out there, but didn't know what it was, or where to look?

Did you see signs from other entities, guides, or your higher self?

What about synchronicities, did you receive these to help you attract the tools you needed?

And what are the tools that helped you - which books, movies, sites, channels, workshops did you find that really resonated with you?

Did you face resistance from yourself or your friends/family - how did you overcome this?

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Since I was a child I was always fascinated with the movies about humans with incredible power and experiences. I always longed for it and was actually broken hearted knowing that according to this mass illusion world, it is considered as IMPOSSIBLE.

It is the "message to humanity" that I've read that had me to start seeking more of the truth - about the real world, because I never knew that it is possible.

currently, I'm reprogramming myself from all those lies being taught and embedded to me since childhood. my family is not religious, we are spiritual, so there is no problem at all, but the way of thinking of my parents are still from the old.
My journey into spirituality started way back in 1985 when I attended one SUFI dance ceremony with my grandfather. After his ascension, I got busy with my studies. In 1990 I met my guru, MEHRAJ BABAJI, who made me his student and started guiding me with his noble messages. In 1992 I got attuned to REIKI, than became REIKI MASTER in 1995 as a part of my spiritual journey. MAITIRI, MUDHITA, KARUNA was attained under my guru's guidance. Than mu guruji ascended. Now I am percieving it with his spiritual guidance which is always with me. Now I practise my healings with poor people and do my meditations.
Like most of the people I was born in a family with a precise religious orientation.
I have always had a profound Love for God, but I did not share the encasement of the religious patterns,
and later on in life I moved to Egypt where I expanded my religious horizons embracing the Islamic religion.
My family were open enough to accept, but not to agree.
The Egyptian Cultures of the Pharaohs, the Pyramids, the Light and especially the SUN has always fascinated me, since I was a little child.
And I will never forget the enourmous sense of devotion and respect I felt when I was in front of the Giza
Pyramids for the first time: I was almost crying and I got a fever, and I could not enter the Pyramids I was
feeling I was violating a sacred place and did not agree to go in like hundreds of tourists do everyday.

Coming from a Christian family ... then knowing Islam ... I was feeling so rich and fortunate to see those 2 cultures and religions ... and in the deep of my Heart ... there was the intimate convinction that the Truth is One ... and my path was becoming more and more Spiritual.

My mother had always told me how deep were my questions when I was only 3 or 4 years.
But religions never gave me the replies I was looking for and my thirst got satisfied when I joined
in Italy my country The Gnosis and Anthropology Studies with a group of people who had embraced the
School of Samae Aun Weor (Colombia).
There started my Spiritual Journey and my first discoveries and when I started learning I felt these things
had been inside me since forever.

I would like to be able to say that since then I never stopped, but unfortunately my path was interrupted by my return to Egypt.
Now finally in the States after years of darkness, I am going back to my path ... it is not easy ... when you raise your level of consciousness and then you stop, starting again is like walking on a stony road with barefeet .... but it is the only way possible in this life .... the only Water that I feel to drink,

so after writing this long piece I want to thank all the people who are offering their advise and light for those who need it like me,

with Much Love and Gratitude,
Lu welcome to our journey into deep within.
Thank you Tahir, I literally loved all the Sufi materials I came accross with.
It is not easy to meet a sincere and genuine group as you did; wishing you all the good
for the kindness you have in helping the poor ....

Lu welcome to our journey into deep within.
it's not easy to specify this , but for myself , i think real journey started just when i understand, who Jesus Christ is , and believed on him , and he changed me.

then i go deeper with practicing yoga &...

God Bless You All
Om Jai Ram


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