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Hidden worlds


I have been on a spiritual path for around 20 years ...

I have become a medium and psychic from the training...

My problems is that while I succeeded I also failed because I become open to walkins...

The walkins were like deceased spirits or ghosts...

Even the dark side was trying to knock me around...

Does anyone here have a recovery story for such a backfire??!!!??



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  • Hey,

    Im thankful for all the help ...

    Im now seeing a psychologist now that specializes in hearing voices ...



  • Hello,

    I achieved domination over my negative thinking today...

    My mind focused on the angels and god, repelling the devil from being in my mind ...

    It was quite amazing...

    Thanks for the help,


  • Hello!

    Thanks for replies ...

    I'm being told by my psychologist that I'm schizophrenic and anxious ...

    Instead of being a channel and psychic ...

    The revelations of the good and bad forces of the world really knocked me around ...

    A door opened after opening my third eye, and I felt snakes or cobras up my spine after doing yoga, master said it was kundalini...

    What do you think?!?

    I'm unsure because different people say different things ...

    I have been put on medication because of what my third eye chooses to see...

    What do you think, psychic or psychotic?!?



    • Hello James,

      In times of rapid spiritual growth it is not rare that things feels strange especially in term of kundalini awakening. The opening and activating of the third eye center also deals with the unification of duality and in these terms you are may experience duality quite intense at the moment. You can definitively recover from it. Many who goes trough awakening processes face challenges.

      People tell you different things because there are on different states of consciousness and see the world from different perspectives.

      My advice is to do not use breathing techniques or such things to raise your kundalinie more and focusing on integration, grounding and calming down.

      You can simply ask Archangel Sandalphone and Archangel Khamael for grounding:

      Just say:I call forth Archangel Sandalphone and Archangel Khamael please ground me for an hour.

      This helps greatly to integrate spiritual energies and can be done as often as you like and you also can ask for more or less time grounding but I advise doing not more than two hours in the beginning. You can do your daily routines or meditating while being grounded.

  • Hello James.

    Love and the power of GOD is much stronger then every illusion of seperaiton. Their is the point of realizition that you are all of this also the darkside and that the dark side are the unheald parts of you being which are in the illusion of seperation. In truth they are oure brothers and sisters too. They have not realize what we have realize but they are created by the same Source, and we have to love them too. But to love them does not mean that you have to give them permission to hurt you or to drain your energy or what ever negative they do!

    Protection is required in this world which is a free will area. You need proper protection! So my advice is to use powerful protection every day! Also, many circumstances are your own karma which tells you lessons so reducing your karma is the next imported step. Next step is to learn a technique or to remove negative alien implants, negative energies and negative elemental also ghosts from your fields because that's your private area and if you do not want them there some needs a little more than a "please go away". You can find many protective and clearing techniques here on the cityofshamballah website.

    Just look around you will find something.

    My opinion is that Armageddon is canceled ;-). This prophecies were written thousands of years ago, things have changed for the better. There was the possibility that only a few survive if humanity could not learn their lessons fast enough, but we were fast enough! After the harmonica convergenz in 1987 and some other major events there is clarity that Armageddon is not needed.

    • Hello!

      Thanks very much ... amazing insight friend!

      Thank you,


  • Hello,

    I also became a prophet and visionary from biblical studies, talking in voices and apparitions...

    I believe in Christ but I'm not sure on religion and the theories on Armageddon and rapture!?!?

    What do you believe?



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