A very special thank you to all the Lightworkers I have known in my life

Amoraea Dreamseed (my first encounter with New Age)
Radiance Herbs and Massage, Olympia, Washington (my first encounter with Reiki)
Robert Rogers of Zeropoint Healers (my first encounter with chakra healing and Lightbody work)
Steve Murray
John Gilbert
Kathy McConnell
Stephen Lovering
Ole Gabrielsen
Tami MacDowell
John Armitage / Haridas Baba
Joshua David Stone
Michele Gilmore
Maria Smedts
Yamile Jana
Hana Nahas
Mariah Windsong
El on Messengers of Spirit
Jeremy Starke
Jens Soeborg
Rosemary Alexandra

Friends on the Attuneshare, Lightworkers Healing Federation, Ashtar Command, Bring Heaven, Insights from the Masters and Messengers of Spirit ning networks

and countless others unnamed who have contributed their Love and Light.

Thank you all for sharing your ascension journey with me. Know that we will meet again in the City of Light. All things happen for a reason. Some of you have wondered about my whereabouts or have been confused. Do not be confused, it is all in the Divine plan. Sanat Kumara directed an extension of my incarnation on September 10, 2009 to expand the Love and Light beyond the borders of Lightworkers that have already been touched. It was directed that I work in secret during this time of creation. You will notice my contributions to the Master Plan through videos on YouTube, books on Amazon, documents on Scribd and in the formation of the ashram "City of Shamballa." This was a consequence of me deciding to undergo the Eighth level of Initiation, The Great Transition.

A few of you have been tasked with carrying the fire to greater expansion. You are in the Halls of Amenti
and members of the Order of Melchizedek. You know who you are. You have not been guided by me, as this has been for the purpose of watching you blossom into Lightcarriers and Lightgivers yourselves. Although this has been difficult for me, the resurrection process required it. Out of Love, no contact was kept, as you have now become the teachers and now it is your time to step into the role of expanding the Light as far as you can send it. There are no limits in this creation. If you build it, they will come. All of humanity needs the Love and Light you carry, it is time for you to do all that you can to radiate the Love to the far reaches of the Earth. The 2012 date was a date planned by the Mayan calendar. It is based upon a plan. There is nothing that says it is a fact. The date of rapture and bliss can happen sooner than 2012, unite your Lights, unite your Love, and it will be. Kindle the fires in all and you will be rewarded with a fire that goes beyond words.

Know that I deeply love all of you with my heart and soul.

With deepest gratitude to you all and know that all of your actions have been recorded in the archives. May you all be blessed eternally with the Love of All That Is.

In Loving Service,

Chris / Qan Melchizedek

Saint Germain Ashram


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Chris - I am sure you have given back as much as you have ever received.



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Fellow Lightworkers,

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Cho Ku Rei! Cho Ku Rei! Cho Ku Rei!


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