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Galactic Crystalline Light DNA Activation
By Anrita Melchizedek

Beloved hearts, through the evolution of our Star DNA, we are becoming a Galactic Civilization, our future Selves, living in each Now moment as the Light of God We Are, awakening, remembering, and coming together as One Heart to accomplish all we need to in Unity and Love.


The acceleration of our Soul’s Forward Evolution is upon us, with more and more Souls awakening and remembering that All is Love and Love is All There Is. In our convergence as the Light Tribe, it is our ability to expand our bandwidth to the higher dimensional fields of consciousness, to continuously ascend from one moment to the next and with an open heart, to step up with the many roles we fulfil with greater levels of grace and ease, support and all that is needed. Each Now moment envisaged, experienced and felt through the guidance of our Soul and the Unified Field of Light.


This shift in consciousness that activates the Light Codes from deep, deep within, that connects us deeper to Gaia, and the desire to spend “time” with our Selves, our Souls, is pre-determined through our ability to activate our dormant DNA and become our Light Bodies (Soul Bodies).


Our DNA contains our Divine Blueprint, sacred, holy and unique to each one of us, with encoded information regarding our physical and spiritual lineage. 85% of this information is dormant, and for many, this has not yet been activated and for others, only partially so. This is commonly called our ‘junk’ DNA.


Although everything, in some ways, activates our dormant DNA and takes us into greater levels of remembrance of our Divinity, we can accelerate our frequency and activate our so called “junk DNA”. Sound, color, sacred geometry, fractal geometry, chakra activations, axiatonal alignment and more, raises our frequency and vibration and activates the DNA as we expand our Light from within in deepening levels of Soul Embodiment.  


Additionally, the more Light we hold, and the more we can “go in”, the faster the spin of the sub-atomic particles as we enter into Zero Point, where all slows down, as we shift from carbon based realities to silica and then crystalline consciousness. This process is both physical and energetic as we become our Light Bodies and live our Heaven on Earth, in co-creation and community, in that which we call New Earth.


This process of our Soul’s Forward Evolution is greatly enhanced through our Galactic Heritage as Starseeds. Indeed, this process of Soul Embodiment, of becoming our Higher Selves upon this sacred earth, takes us from Starseed, to Soul Seed to Star Being and then Source Light, where we are creating our realities in each Now moment as our Galactic Selves. Where each Now moment is experienced multidimensionally and through Quantum Consciousness as we express telepathically, energetically and vibrationally in all we do, are, and achieve.


In this Galactic Crystalline Light DNA Activation Masterclass, we are offered 12 Templates that will assist us to embody our Soul Light, activate our Galactic DNA and become our Light Bodies as Star Beings in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life.


Additionally, our Galactic Higher Selves step forward to assist us, through amplifying our frequencies and activating the Light Codes from within. They offer to us a Quantum Starlight Streaming Recalibration Chamber of Light (QSSRC).


What the Quantum Starlight Streaming Recalibration Chamber of Light (QSSRC) does, is re-calibrate the Star Fields and Light Codes within our Body, Energy Field and Hologram through Photonic Light to the memory and experience of Oneness. Essentially, we deepen into Zero Point through the Divine Connection to our Higher Selves and Beloved I Am Presence and Mother/Father God.


Through this Light Chamber, a three-dimensional Light Grid, that activates around the body and energy field and within each cell in the body, we expand our loving hearts, as we accelerate our ascension process and align to our original Divine Blueprint, with greater levels of grace and ease. We are further taken deeper into Soul embodiment, Divine Love and our reconnection to our Soul and Star Families as we move through the Galactic Crystalline Light DNA Activation process.


Video - "Galactic Crystalline Light DNA Activation"



These 12 Templates are as follows:


First Template: A Return to Consciousness. Frequency Expansions and Upgrades and the deepening of our relationship and connection to our Higher Selves/Soul Light.


Second Template: 4-D Density Clearing and Expanding Beyond the Old and into the New. Heaven and Hell archetypes and choices made along the various timelines.


Third Template: Heart Chakra Activation and Expansion as we deepen into Caring, Sharing and Stepping Up.


Fourth Template: Akashic Record Clearing of Past Lives, Contracts, Vows, and Ancestral Wounds.


Fifth Template: Pineal Gland Activation and Consciousness Expansion.


Sixth Template: Kundalini Activation and connecting into the 144 Unity Grid and Gaia as the Divine Earth Mother.


Sixth Template: Chakra Clearing, Alignment and Golden Sun Christed Light Activation.


Seventh Template: Creating the Stargate of the Loving Heart and Three-Fold Flame Activation.


Eight Template: Sacred Geometry and Merkaba Activation.

Ninth Template: Activating the Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points of Sound and Color Frequencies.


Tenth Template: Galactic DNA Activation. Merging with and embodying our Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Antarian, Lyran, Venusian and other Galactic Higher Selves as we shift dimensionally in frequency, energy and light.


Eleventh Template: Activating of the Solar Crystalline Plasma Light Body.


Twelfth Template: Soul Embodiment. Being the Star Beings. Creating our future in each Now moment as we Map Multidimensionally whilst changing and programming the Universal Akasha as Co-Creators to the Divine and to this Sacred Earth.


Beloved hearts, if you are ready to…

live multidimensionally as the Light of God You Are, with full access to all your gifts as a natural part of your beingness and unique life path and purpose, connect quantumly on the inner planes and at a Soul level with others, embody your Soul and Higher Selves and feel the Innocence and Purity You Are, clear, expand and transcend all that is no longer needing to be experienced, step up in World Service and share your Light with others,

activate your Galactic DNA, and expand your frequency and energy and light …

then join us in this beautiful Masterclass with Invocations, Affirmations, DNA Upgrades, Light Body Upgrades and Galactic Activations and so much more.



Join Here:


Video - "What Does The Return Of Our Mother god Mean?















12/12 Heart Light Expansion Meditation By Melanie Beckler


Melanie Beckler:


1212 represents the call to awaken higher consciousness so you can activate your crystalline energy, expand your consciousness, and tap into profound soul insights and self-healing. 12-12 also opens a Gateway of Divine Light and energy leading towards the Solstice on 12-21!


Let's join together as one on 12-12 to meditate and claim the incredible opportunity now for rising up, awakening to a new level and expanding your heart light so you can tune into and embody the highest Truth of Your Light.


Join us here on YouTube at 8 AM PST on December 12th for the group meditation, (but you can still benefit from the broadcast by meditating with the video at a later time or day) !


With love and bright blessings,




Video - "12/12 Heart Light Expansion" -















Steve Nobel:
Dear Starseed,
It is important to release all attachments while on this path of awakening. Do not confuse love with attachment. Love and be free and grant that freedom to all you meet.
You can love, commit to someone and at a certain point that feeling of commitment may end. You may walk with someone for a shirt time, a season, a year, many years or a lifetime.
Attachment comes from neediness which in turn is generated by a lack of love when growing up. No-one is perfect and your parents may not have loved you perfectly. Everyone is doing the best they can.
Many Starseeds are born into 3D families that are not able to love to the degree a Starseed being may desire. Expand any limit to love you may have picked up in your family of birth. Love without grasping.
Love can come from any direction in your reality. Love may meet you in unexpected places. Stay loving, stay free!
Whatever you choose to be or do today I wish you a joyful loving day.
Love Steve
Video - "Parental Selves Upgrade Meditation"
Video - "Stepping Into The Great Mystery Of Your Creation"


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