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  • In the words of Carla Ruckert, "The time grows very short. It is not that we shall be annihilated by a planetary catastrophe in 2012. Life will go on as always. We will be harvested only when we naturally die. However, as third density [of choice] comes to its close, third-density light is waning [the time to choose is waning]. Fourth-density light [love and understanding] is growing. And that new light is far too intense for third-density people like us to use easily for spiritual work. Yes we can try to make use of it to make that choice of service to others and to collect ourselves into our open hearts after 2012. But the amount of truth in fourth-density light will make it very hard for us humans, veiled from the vision of our basic perfection, to forgive, forget and fall in love with ourselves. As that strong light sends its dawning rays into our world, we will find it more and more difficult to believe we can make our choice of polarity and stick to it....We have until the end of 2012 to make maximum use of the last 3rd density and to choose our polarity. It is urgent that we wake up, make our choice for love and become Players. The time is now."
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