From Celestial Stardust to Cosmic Love By Harold W. Becker ... And ... All Energies Move Us Forward ... And ... A Message From The Universe Via Matt Kahn

From Celestial Stardust to Cosmic Love By Harold W. Becker

The building blocks of life are an intrinsic part of our universe, from the tiniest grains of stardust to the cosmos of billions of galaxies each containing trillions of stars. The very seeds of organic existence emanate from the farthest reaches of time and space, coalescing in myriad ways as nebulae, stars, planets, galaxies, and other innumerable, unfathomable magnificent creations; including us.

The atoms that conspire to make a star are the same that inhabit our own bodies and link us forever together in a universal dance. We are truly a part of it all and even grander than we presently realize.

Consider the magnitude of forces that have come together over eons of time and space so that life as we know it could be possible on our planet. The sheer enormity of the vast interplaying aspects that lay the foundation for this particular moment is beyond miraculous. Cycling, recycling, revolving, evolving, and expanding in boundless forms, the heartbeat and rhythms of the heavens beat within each of us.

With each breath, our bodies mirror the cosmos in magnitude and complexity with its own trillions of cells made of inestimable numbers of atoms all interacting, energizing and vitalizing our physical life. Our bodies, composed from the elements of celestial stardust and eternally connected to our cosmic heritage, are only a temporary, corporeal instrument we inhabit as multi-dimensional beings on this precious home we call earth. The starlit heavens may be the source of our physical origins; however, something more extraordinary is animating our lives.

As conscious beings aware of our surroundings and ourselves, we add a unique quantum element to the material nature of life – the unifying and permeating attribute of love. We have the capacity to interact with life unlike anything else and we intuitively understand that there are immeasurable potentials awaiting us each moment.

Graced with the gift of imagination, we have the ability to use the same building blocks of life and manifest our own forms through our thoughts and feelings. Yet beyond all of this is our capacity to be self-aware of the inherent presence of love within us.

Just as the rays from our sun-star ignite and nourish life on our planet, we nurture one another by sharing our compassion and kindness. This is why we are here and why life itself conspired countless ages ago to ensure that one day we would arrive to embody the fullness of who we are as beings of cosmic love.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker

Video - "Experience & Embody The Levels & Dimensions Of Your Christ Consciousness"

Messages of Love - The Law of Resonance

By the Law of Resonance the transparent of Christ opens that space into the pure and perfect expression of unity, of the perfection of Love as the reality of all things, including the world that sees duality. In truth, there is only one thing: GOD, the Love I Am, in its fullness and its perfection, shining as your heart into the world.

I Am the call and you, beloved ones, are the response, answering the call of those who need to perceive the truth, who then answer the call of those whose lives touch theirs as well, until everywhere Love is singing and the world of judgment is gone.

I Am with you. I Am in you. You are the heart of Me and you are so magnificent in your beauty, so brilliant in your Light and your limitless consciousness, so filled with the power of the Spirit that nothing can stop you from being the transparent heart of God.

By the

All Energies Move Us Forward In A Field Of Invisible Display By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

No event is wrong or right - all serve a place of divine proportion. For all that is expected, births the unexpected. Everything leads to evolution no matter where the path begins and ends. It is by walking upon your own makings and marks thru time that you will understand your abilities.

As you walk into the wholeness and the holiness of the expression of who you once knew yourself to be, you will find that the lines that divide and separate your being begin to fade.  You will find that the expression of self that you know as the beginning and the ending of this life no longer are divided mechanisms. They have become streamlined.  Issuing decrees of cleansing and clearing.

Open the gate to all that keeps  separated in thoughts, and longings. Open the gate to a future in which you are totally in health, in love, in joy, in beauty, in youth.

For it is only your belief systems that decay the body. It is only your belief systems that keep you from moving forward in leaps and bounds. It is your canyon that seems endless in a sky that seems cloistered.

Open the gate and set free all that has once served you so that it can learn to fly,  to swim, to tunnel deep into the earth. Open the gate to everything that your parents, your teachers, and your lovers told you that you could not be, you could not accomplish, you could not experience.

Experience the flowing of your being, without end and without beginning. Let go of all self-imposed limitations. Let go of all excuses that you have worn as mementos.  Unleash the potential that you have kept sequestered, growing root-bound in containers of old thinking that limit you. Open to see all that is happening in a single moment in any place in time.

When God, the Almighty One, the Prime Creator desires, that desire is enough to make birth it. Your desires have great potential within them. God but desires an outcome and it is made so. 

Watch your words and world more closely and you will see what we speak is not an alienated truth, nor a diluted truth, but an expanded truth. Let go of the way you define yourself and allow your soul to re-define you in a way that serves the soul’s path. We are the Pleiadian Council of Light be brave enough to run barefoot into your future.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - PO box 217 - Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 -

Video - "Infinite Love & Gratitude From Our Father/Mother God & The Company of Heaven" By Patricia Cota-Robles -

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A Message From The Universe Via Matt Kahn


When tuning into Source, here is what the Universe wanted me to share with you today:

“As the golden rays of summer sunshine fill up the spaces created by our spring cleaning, we rejoice in the radiance that brings deeper moments of self-reflection, inner renewal, and inspired direction. We may not yet know exactly where we are headed, but going backwards is no longer an option. Instead, we bask in the joy of knowing within the depths of our hearts, we have been chosen for the mission of this lifetime and we are fulfilling it, whether we see the effects of our light or not. We are always doing exactly as we are guided to do, going precisely where we are guided to be, and responding from the level of consciousness that opens inner doorways into even higher realms of freedom, magnificence, and perfection. Not because we are doing things right versus wrong, but because we committed to evolving our consciousness within the grace of our human bodies. 

Perhaps these channeled words are urging us to stop exactly where we are and to make the choice to rejoice — all that has been overcome and all the blessings on their way. Can we take a moment and revel in the absolute miracle of being a soul in physical form? To be given a chance to manifest our infinite capacity through the majestic beauty, individual characteristics, and unique attributes of who we’ve come to be. 

"Please tune into the energy encoded in these words and allow this moment to help you break open and set you free. It’s all here to be revealed. We just need an opportunity to let it all in."

When we make the choice to rejoice, the human condition is given permission to transform into the gift of life that is here to be received. As empaths and energetically sensitive souls, we know one of our main growing edges is opening up to receive more often, instead of always putting other goals or people first. As a building block to being a better receiver, we are only able to perceive greater gifts to receive, once we rejoice in the celebration of there being gifts to open and take in. Whether we sense miracles on the horizon, or stand in a darkened tunnels with no light in sight, simply by making the choice to rejoice, we anchor the vibration of gratitude, which expands our energy fields, elevates our vibration, and allows our hearts to feel safe enough to remain open. 

From this space, life can shift away from bringing us outcomes and circumstances to confirm our most limiting beliefs and begin delivering us the synchronicities, resources, relationships, insights, and guidance that shows us the Divine plan we are always fulfilling that we cannot veer away from or ever get wrong. 

Let us come together as a community of energetically-sensitive heart centered beings to rejoice in the arrival of 5D consciousness. It may not yet be apparent in the climate of current events or visible in the actions in others, but Mother Earth is already 5D, and those of us already attuned to her sacred calling are waking up in astounding numbers and at record speed. We’ve done the work, continue to hunker down and dive deeply, and now, we shift into welcoming the arrival of a Truth we’ve been contemplating for lifetimes, by rejoicing in celebration for the light that we are. 

"Today, the Universe asks us to help uplift the vibration of humanity to alleviate our own inner suffering and wipe away the despair of others by taking the time to be grateful with renewed enthusiasm and relentless joy."

If this sounds like too big of a leap, then just start with a smile. 

Whether toward another or as a gift for yourself, smile as a way of confirming, “no matter how hard its been, life has a bigger plan for me and my smile confirms it’s coming to me now.”

All For Love,
Matt Kahn

Video - "The Apathy Of Options" By Matt Kahn

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