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Feel self attunements

For self attunements, are you meant to feel the attunement working? today I attune myself to full spectrum light , after I thought to myself I wanted the attunement, I laid down, but I didn't feel anything. If I didn't feel anything could the attunement still be working?

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  • yes
  • The more attunements you get, the more likely you are to feel the energy. Also make sure you are in a quiet place without distractions. Sometimes energy is subtle.

    • I am unable to see your attunement page Chris
  • I never felt the attunements neither until one day, just one day I put my hands over another's to send energy and suddenly my hands lit up like the feeling of both heat and little bugs running down my fingers lol. Now I feel it all the way down from my elbows all the way to my fingers when I send energy to others but I STILL do not yet feel it when receiving it other than in my hands and top of the head "sometimes" but KNOW that it's working and KNOW you don't have to feel it for it to work. As time goes on, the more you practice you WILL feel the energy. As I said I went about a year before I could feel anything. More so, I think it has to do with the bodies way of allowing the extremely subtle sensations to be felt by the extremely subtle energies. The more sensitive your body gets to subtle feelings the more you will feel it. Just takes time, patience and practice. Who knows it might just be spontaneous like mine was however I'm talking about reiki and I'm not familiar with the full spectrum.
    I been doing this for a long time and believe me when I say YOU are NOT alone in feeling.. well, not feeling energies, many people over the years, maybe 1 out of 8 people won't feel the attunements I send nor the healing/distant healing because they simply either havent reached a specific vibration or just the body getting used to subtle touches/energy. Practice by placing your hands side by side palms facing eachother at about 10 inches or 12 inches length(eyes closed) bringing your palms closer together slowly. There should be a point where you feel resistance and or will feel energy sensations in the hands. You may think your hands are touching OR close to touching BUT when you open your eyes they are still far apart. It's quite a fun way to practice feeling energy. Hope all that made sense.
  • Patricia,

    The attunement still works even when you do not feel it strongly. Make sure you are relaxed in a quiet place free of distractions and ask for the attunement 3 times, this allows your higher self to bypass any conscious mind doubts and deliver the attunement. I used to always lie down when I asked for the attunements and I felt them better. Every person has their own way to receive attunements. Many times, the more we receive attunements, the more we get attuned to sensing energies. Good luck on your journey.



  • When ever i called attunement, or took healing in India i never felt anything. I asked many healer in india. That why i don't feel anything as others feel. Like some feel heat in palms tingling, I got only 2 replies 1) you don't have faith in reiki, if i did not had faith in reiki then why i will waste my hsrd earned money for attunement or healing. 2) second reply i got you didn't have faith on healer, if i don't have faith on someone then why i will go meet & waste my money.

    • Are you sure you don't feel anything at all, I mean I don't doubt you but not everyone feels the same thing. Maybe your reaction was not what you were expecting? When I have reiki treatments I actually feel quite unwell the next day and I was told that was the reiki working on negativity. So maybe it works in some different ways for you?

    • It works but according  to me you can feel it if u have more karmic blockages,issues,diseases ....after attunement  all raise up and if you areable to understand  that what is going on in our life after attunement  , you will have to believe that life is on right path, ...i had so bad karmic experiences  and  reiki help me more......

      You have to take healing like free healing sessions by fb or youtube ...feel it.feel the sadhna sadhnayou can sence more what happen with will work.....after you will realise whatis reiki.thank you

    • Feeling the energy is an ability and i know people that can't feel the energy but are great reiki healers.I can feel their energy so i know that they are sending healing to me. So don't worry. You probably have other abilities that you could use. 

  • Maybe,your ability to feel energy it's not fully developed yet. There are people out there that can't feel energy at all, so don't worry about that. Pay attention to what you feel after the attunement, if you have any ascension symptoms, that is more possible to feel it, especially if you do a strong one. When someone else is giving you an attunement,they are stronger because they are possibly giving you some energy from the other attunements that they have done but when you ask God or your Higher Self you only getting what you asked. The good with the self attunements is that you are sure that you are not getting negative energies from other people. 

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