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Your personality self may not be at peace, but your higher self always is. So today, we are inviting the higher selves of every single person on the planet to step forward and light a candle for peace.
Take a moment to close your eyes, ground yourself, and take a deep, peaceful breath. Set your intention for world peace. Just relax and allow each breath to take you deeper into a centered space.
In a centered space, open your heart. Literally feel the petals of your heart center open and feel the beautiful center of your heart radiating.
Now, call forth Archangel Metatron, who is in charge of the ascension of our planet. Call that energy forth from the glowing depths of your heart chakra. Archangel Metatron is with you now. You may see, sense, or trust that his golden-orange light is right with you.
Ask for a divine dispensation that the higher self of every single person on the planet oversights them for an instant. And in a blinding instant, the shimmering, glorious higher self of everyone surrenders into the Divine Peace & Love in their heart.
I Accept the Energies of Divine Peace & Love into my Whole Being, and I surrender to the Divine Peace & Love & Freedom of my Divine Self. I accept this Divine Grace & Blessings for myself and for every human being.

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