From Natalie Glasson's 12-12-12 Devotional Heart Chakra Workshop From glastonbury

Transcription & Video By Steven Hutchinson

Now let's focus on our heart chakra.....let's focus on unity & devotion.  Allow yourself now to breath deeply....allow yourself to become expansive & unlimited in your breath. And as you breathe deeply, we are entering into a deep meditatative state. Allow now the energy of your mind & 3rd eye chakra to merge into your heart chakra. Recognize that your heart chakra is vibrating with a smiling energy of Love.
As you allow yourself to remain focused on your heart chakra, imagine that you are looking outward from your heart chakra.  Now imagine extending from your heart chakra Divine steps of Love, of acceptance of yourself as a being of unconditional Love. Imagine now waking up these steps of Love.....feel your feet becoming more radiate with Love as you walk up these steps......feel your vibrations becoming more loving.
As you reach the top of these steps, visualize a crystal cave that totally supports the expansion of Divine Love within you. Imagine yourself entering this beautiful crystal cave & seeing a giant ball of Golden Liquid Light in the center of this crystal cave. You are connecting into this Universal Divine energy, and Lord Melchizedek is present & sends a beam of Light from his heart chakra to your heart chakra. Imagine & feel a beam of Golden White transmitting the energy of the Christ Consciousness.... an energy of Pure Divine Love.
With this heart to heart connection with Lord Melchizedek - you hear Him ask you to place your hands within the Golden Light. Feel your hands being energized completely with the Love of the Universal Logus. Now place your hands on your heart chakra & breathe in all of the energy in your hands from Lord Melchizedek & the Golden Light of Love.... breathe in this Divine Crystal energy of Love into every corner & part of your heart chakra. Feel your heart chakra overflowing with this Golden Love of Christ Consciousness.
Now let yourself become aware of a beautiful Being within your heart chakra...and this is not Lord Melchizedek. This is your true Divine Self - your Master Being of Love....and you are in this beautiful crystal cave merged with your Divine Self.... embodying now all the Love your Divne Self has mastered & integrated with the Creator. And just allow your self to sense & feel what this means to you - to be embodying an aspect of yourself within your heart chakra that has already achieved mastery of Love. So allow this energy to radiate brightly now throughout your whole body.... to radiate now throughout your blood..... throughout your auric field.
And now lets say out loud 3 times, I have now acheived all levels of Love Mastery". And breathe in this feeling of 'knowingness'....let your sense of knowingness expand throughout your whole 4-body system.
Relax now & just breathe deeply.....breathe all the energy you are experiencing thru your feet & into the earth. You are an embodiment of Love this moment. Your.
Realize nwo that there is a need to allow your heart chakra to express Unconditional Love & Christ Consciousness. This means allowing this Love to be active in your reality.... allowing your personality to be devoted to the expression of Love.... allowing your devotion to your heart chakra & the Love of the Creator be continually expressed in your daily life. With Love & Blessings to you - I Am Archangel Metatron.
I Am Master Jesus, & I bow my head at your feet. It is a great pleasure to be with you & with so many beautiful Beings helping you now. I come forward now to share an exercise with you. It is thru Love & Joy that we can connect more fully with the energy of the Creator. I now create a Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness Love, the active energy of Love within your Being, & with your permission, this Golden Christ energy is dissolving instanly everything within you that is not of God's Light ....all attachments... all lower aspects of the ego... all negative enery - all of this is now dissoved.  Take a few moments & allow yourself to feel this... to feel this wave of Love flowing thru you....and then flowing thru everyone close to you.... and flowing to every human being....and flowing throughout Gaia - dissolving all negative energy in this Golden wave of Love. Imagine & feel this with your whole being.
And with love & acceptance of yourself,  now bring your hands to your heart chakra & feel & imagine a spiraling vortex of energy with all the energy of 12-12-12.... & allow this energy to build & magnify in your heart chakra along with all of the Love & energy you have received today. And allow this vortex to become larger & larger....all the 12-12-12 energy integrated with every single person's energy of Love. You may lower your hands and continue imagining this vortex of spiralling energy continue to expand throughout the earth...and we direct all of this energy to the heart chakra of Mother Earth.... so Mother Earth is experiencing along with us all of the healing & cleansing that has occurred today.
And I encourage you to be active with the Christ Love.... to always be allowing the energy of the Chist Love to be flowing & manifesting thru you as you go about your day, bringing yourself all all everyone you interact with beautiful Divine Blessings in every moment. So we congradulate you & we celebrate you & your devotion.... and we Love you Unconditionally always.. And we thank you.

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