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Chapter 4 Protection

Protection is a crucial topic for many people at this time. So we are living in a world which is in transformation and there are many beautiful and lightful lovely things and situation in this world and there are also negative things in this world and a lot of work to do to realign this world and humanity to divinity and creating paradise on Earth.

So while we are here now we may and most will face negativity in many different manners negative entities, negative elementals, ego based people and behavior, “black” negative magic, negative technologies and negative feelings, thoughts and actions of others. So I write about cleansing now I write about protecting yourself properly!

But what to do?

1) Ask for protection every day. So you can do it like this: I ask the Heavenly Hosts and Archangel Michael to protect me (and me family, friends, the lightworkes...) and I ask Elohim Arcturus and the Arcturains to protect me (and me family, friends, the lightworkes...) especially from negative extraterrestrials (they have immensely strong lightships in the orbit and knows exactly how to deal with negative et!) and I ask the Ascended Masters in Shamballah to protect me (and me family, friends, the lightworkes…).

You can add others ask Ganesha, Shiva, other Gods and Goddesses, also the Asthar Command (a kind of galactic police force) and Ascended Beings, your Guardian Angels just ask your divine folks. Divine Beings will protect you.

2) Here I first time but surely not last time talk about attunements in my driving on the fast lane series because I found attunements most effective for protection! I give a list which I have choose and good experiences with but there are many good attunemnts out there for protection!

The Way of Archangel Michael — By Me Bernd Zimmermann gives you very strong protection powers and permanent protection by Archangel Michael by anchoring his Light into you and gives you the abilities to call upon the heavenly hosts and other Angel Legions in an easy, powerful and effective way, also awakens your supernatural stamina and most negative entities do not even want to anger someone who is emitting the light of Archangel Michael. It is without charge only here in the City of Shamablla.

Amplified Tachyon Mirror Body Deflector- By Mariah Windsong — Book Attune to Divinity available in the City of Shamballa.

Copper Body Protector — Helps against electronic smog, harmful electronic fields and things like this and also offers extra physique protection. Is an energy function of the Attunement Copper Elemental Spirit Empowerment By Mariah Windsong — Book Attune to Divinity —  available in the City of Shamballa.

 Multiple protection field! From my Divine Energization Energy System. It create a many layer layers of divine Energies which protects you in many kinds and cases. You can energize an Object so it create multiple protection field for you when you wear it. For example a pedant, or a jacket any part of your cloth and jewelry or also a watch or what ever you like to wear can be turned into such object and protects you all day as long you wear it even without your conscious focus. You can also do this for you're blanket for protection at night. It is a kind of magical, divine, christed extraterrestrial technology :). You can also activate Multiple protection field for you without creating an object.

Room Protection From my Divine Energization Energy System, protects your house, flat, room, tent and what is inside.

Iron Body Protector 2015 (which needs Iron Body Protector and Iron Body Protector 2013) by Hari Winsaro. Strong protection System, as I know not available at the city of shamballa and it must be paid for but a really easy and great protection system.

The Multidimensional Protection system for Spiritual and the message of Kabal. Bay Sukhendu Mandal here on the City of Shamballah

There are ways to reduce the amounts of need of protection greatly!

At the end of all any attack against you is you're karma! It is strongly advisable to reduce you're Karma (for many reasons) that will reduce the amount of attacks against you.

If you have problems with a special person ask the Holy Spirit to undo mistakes you done to him/her in this and all previous incarnations. That often brings great relief but not necessary ends all problems because you cannot undo his/hers mistakes only yours.

Cut negative Cords to others because these cords are like loopholes in you're defense system! If you are directly connected with cords to some other or a place it is much more difficult to defend from negative energies which comes from him/her/it which are often unconscious by him/her but may affect you're health in a negative way.

One way to do this: I call forth Archangel Michael and I request that he cuts all chords of negativity which are binding me to people and situations which are not in my soul and spirits true desire. I ask that all these chords be cut forgive any and all concerned and I call forth the violet flame of Saint Germain to transmute all negativity.

Also, two attunements are great for that!

Personal Imprint Remover which removes you're negative imprints on others and cleans up after you. By Mariah Windsong — Book Attune to Divinity —  available in the City of Shamballa.

Kundalini Awakening — Helps to awaken you're Kundalini and also gives you the ability to complete Karma with others! The function is named kundalini karma completion is very advisable.

All this Cut Chords with Archangel Michael, Personal Imprint Remover and kundalini karma completion are things to do often. Maybe one time a day for a while and then one time a week or so.

3) Calling forth protection! Calling forth to Dwahl Kuhl for his Golden Orb, to Tooth for his Cristaline Ankh, to the Arcturians for the Arcturain Protection, To Archangel Michael for his Blue Flamed Amor Shield, to Sanat Kumara for his Sun Shield.

Call forth you're Mighty I AM Presence and ask that you take on you're clothes and Armory on every level.

Just have a few good protection techniques ready and activate them daily and then in times of need or before world service work call in more protection.

If you find yourself in danger, immediately call in the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, Arcturains and Devas to protect you! Call 111 (one one one) Rescue Orb. (Mentally or out loud) and do what ever you have to do in the physical world.

The next chapter will be about Dispensations.

Be blessed!
Mechwa Melchizedek Arkterion

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  • I Love The Fast Lane, it is All I Know:)

    • So we driving on :) I love the fast lane too. Every time I tried to slow down I realized immediatly that this is not my Way to drive! When I drive fast and on my unique way it feels so right and I feel everything goes in the proper direction. So I drive in my platin-golden Merkabah into the morning of the new Golden Age:)

  • Many of the passed away souls including ancestors (they could affect us negatively) are stuck in this earthly plane without any guidance & lot of distress with a lot of negativity, sometimes they are trapped & even used for negative things by those doing black magic etc. A good way to help ancestors is offer them ascension by using Sukhendu's Ascension code. To use this lie down, close eyes and say the code ANCESTRAL HEALING & may be rest for 30 mins

    Other way to clear karma with all of ancestors is by using this

    which may be used once a month or as per inner guidance

  • i would like to add few wonderful tools and attunements for protection

    1. Heaven on earth seal of protection (dr Joshua David Stone, Beyond ascension)

    2. from Hari Winarso JAVA COURSE very powerful attunements for protection on all levels

    3. I am invincible, I am indestructible from Lavinia

  • Thank you including some of these info which were shared to me atleast year back. Golden dome of protection which i request daily from Archangel Michael another is sword of protection to place around all directions. The main thing is karma & good way is using Bernds fast lane chapter 1 undoing mistakes 2nd prayer heart fully daily for at least few weeks.


    The Way of Archangel Michael 10 levels attunement which i completed is a very good thing & mainly it helped with me to withstand such influences. Its also provides lot of good qualities helps in both spiritual & worldly aspect especially aligning with truth.  .Kundalini Reiki has also helped with stabilizing emotions & total well being

    Like the entities & such beings, also passed away souls could affect us negatively, sometimes clearing karma with them might not get desired.good result. If we can clear some/many of their negativity & karma, then chances even lessens that they could affect us. There are functions in Way of Arch Michael like Archangel Michael clearing activate, Redemption of Seraphim  Micheal ,Fire of Seraphim Micheal Cleanse etc can used for this. Even in meditation try requesting Archangel Micheal, Metatron & other archangels ascended masters etc for releasing their negativity & karma. Other good way especially for passed away souls is after above such process requesting divine beings to help them permanently transition to heavenly realms, by which they wont affect anyone in our world. This may not work for some/many of negative beings but definitely can try. This is purification ritual video by Chrish Comish

  • Thank you for this post and all the advices. :)

This reply was deleted.