Driving on the fast lane Part 3

So I was asked if the chapters depends on another and that you have to do first then second and so on. The answer is no! There are techniques which can be used any time and are not depending on another. Sometimes in attunements and initiations you have to take them on the right order first, second, third, master degree but this is not the case for my chapters about the fast lane to ascension. Just take the techniques into your toolbox and use them whenever want or it feels so.

Driving on the fast lane is not in a step by step manner first that than that. These are just tools and techniques which can be used every time you feel to do!

1: Attitude

So all I write here is from my perspective. If your perspective is different this totally OK. I just want to share my experiences and thoughts not to proclaim the total truth.

This is not about energetic techniques but about the attitude about things in life and there are some attitudes which will greatly enhance you’re ascension process and reduce drama in your life:

At first all things you meet in your life are you! You are creating your reality so from the ultimate perspective you have created that all. At the end of the day and beyond the veils of illusion you are GOD and a God or Goddess and have created all this so:

Do not be judgmental all you see what is not in alignment with Source, joy and abundance is created by the negative Ego which is no more than fear which gained some unholy half-life. If you experience something that is fearful and makes you angry and/or feel miserable or triggers you that is not the outside world it is you're own ego your own negative fear based structures! This is based on a divine law which is in place for this super creational frame of being.

Now end to give your power to that and fell like a victim to that! You are a creator God, you have chosen this! You can choose something else! Something more joyful, more in alignment to Source. Take your power back and say I am responsible for that I will work on my self until this negative structure I see in the world will be dissolved in my self, and so I and the World is healed from it.

Healed thous not necessarily mean that it is like you are imagine it as healed from an unhealed perspective. Just call in divine assistance and use all your powers, attunements, gifts, abilities to heal your self.

You also can do much healing work for the world but always think that the healing you do to others must also be done to you!

In the light of what you are, negativity and ego must vanish! It is like putting on the lights in a dark room, light just flow in the darkness and the darkness is gone! Yes maybe if you put the lights on you may see somethings in the room which you not like about yourself. Do not judge yourself, for what this should be good for?

People often have the tendency to think about negativity and try to explain it or to legitimate it because of what ever. If something is negative this is waste of time and energy and also when you think or feel about it you give it energy so it can manifest. Just call in your healing energies, transformation and other techniques and transform or remove that negativity.

Another thinking is that problems and mistakes are needed for learning something. Yes, you can learn by problems and mistakes, try and error and fear but this is a lousy teacher. You can learn by grace and love much faster and better than ever by fear and problems. So you do not need problems and this kind of lessons for learning as soon as you choose to learn by grace and love.

Love is always stronger than fear! Some people think there is a war between good and evil so this is only true if you look at it from a very limited perspective. Everything is God! Some choose to not be in alignment with divine will and that is not what is wishful for joy, love and abundance on earth but nevertheless they are also God there is nothing which is not God.

Mahaavatar Babaji said: There is no sinner without a future and there is no saint without a past.

To fight against God is to fight against your self, to act out of fear and ego is weakness not strength.

Do really think that a few fearful beings on one planet are able to do any harm anything eternal? That would be a misunderstanding of what light beings are and what eternal is. It is absolutely impossible to destroy something eternal because it is beyond the form which can be destroyed. The core of your being is eternal. You can not be destroyed and there was never the danger that this could be.

This what called “evil” or better to say light less (of course this is also illusion) is not here because the light full is not strong enough, nothing can be further from the truth but because they are respecting our free will which was given to us by God.

To really archive ascension in an integrated manner you will have to work for it and go trough processes. There is no way around that. It is work. Make you no illusions you will have times of hard work to archive ascension fast in this life time. This is the best work you can do for yourself and the world! You can now do development and initiations which in the past takes centuries in years and if you really speed it up in months or even weeks! Think about that and what this means: this is a lot of change and if you press the turbo button do not be surprised that over light speed of development can be quite intense. But nevertheless do it! :-) Becoming a full fledged integrated ascended Master in one lifetime is absolutely possible in these days. Maybe not the easiest thing in the world but definitely possible.

Just ask for help: Just ask for help if you want some. Ask the ascended masters, any member of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Angels, Archangel and Elohim, christed extraterrestrials and deities and of course GOD. Just ask for help they are joyful about helping and being asked for that. When you ask you give them permission to help and that alone can do much.

Never put anyone on a pedestal! Not Humans, not Gurus or Teachers, not Ascended Masters nor Elohim, Gods or what ever. Be aware that someone may have realized more of God but that does not mean he or she is more God than you! Looking up to others in a negative way like “ohh this master is sooo advanced and know all the truth an is always right I must follow him to archive ascension…..” is not a proper perspective. One aspect of being a master is to have sovereignty! Realize that each way is unique and that you are created in the Image of God. So you are not lesser than any high being you are not lesser than Archangel Metatron or Melchizedek, just less Godrealized that is a big difference to being inferior to someone. Teachers and help from others is good but you have to remain on your own way because there is no other way to go for you.

God helps them who helps them self.

Money is a wonderful thing! Think about it if you are wealthy what wonderful things you can do for yourself and for service on the planet. There is a tendency to think money is evil. It is not. Yes there some issues about institutions and the actually system which are dealing with money but never mind that! If your inner believing and alignment about money is positive and in abundance you will create wealth for you! Many light workers are souls which are advanced and come from “places” where you can easily manifest anything you want to. Then you are in the material world and needs money… this is not pleasant for many souls so but this is a fact about living in a material world.

This must be accepted. Humanity will evolve beyond money but this may take centuries, so we have an actual situation in which we need money to make physical things come true. There are many negative beliefs about money in most people. Do much clearing work for this it will set you on the fast lane! Worrying about finances which and lack is a core fear for physical living is not proper for creating a joyful life. When you are in abundance you can create many wonderful things. The poverty on earth is a mass consciousness believe of lack. Every one who do clearing this for them self and better also in mass scale (maybe with the 22 platinum key) does great good for all.

I have cleared so much but my reality is not so well… : Have patience as you evolve you're manifesting becomes faster and faster and faster. Physical reality is often the slowest to change but it will change too for the better!

Some think that Earth is no good place and wish they are back in their home worlds, galaxies or dimensions of being. Yes Earth is sometimes a tough place in this time frame but the waiting line for souls to incarnate as a human on Earth is very large. You can do here wonderful service work, development, experience and so on. Imagine that souls stand till beyond the Planet Jupiter in the waiting line to get an incarnation here on earth as a Human! You are blessed with a great opportunity.

Always realize the golden middle! This is a truth which is famous in Buddhism and I found it really true and helpful! Know that the golden middle is not make compromise but to realize the truth of being.

Do not fear paradox because on dual level life is paradox. Things are true even when you cannot wrap your rational mind around it.

Problems which are created by thinking with the rational mind can not be solved with the rational mind. Do not even try this! It is enormous waste of energy and time. Just learn the mental flush or another mental clearing technique and use them. You can solve things in minutes or seconds which would remain without for decades.

Your rational mind is not a problem by itself. It is wonderful when you go to the grocery store to buy something or call a handyman for what ever. It is a tool. Do not let this tool be the king of your life! It is a very lousy king but a good tool for some all day situations. To try to explain the universe with you're rational mind alone is like to try to illuminate the whole Grand canyon at night with a small flashlight.

Transcendence duality until you reach oneness after that you come back into duality but you retain the oneness perspective!

So I am sure there is more to write about this topic, so I may do his in later chapters.

Best wishes

Frederik Bernd Zimmermann

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