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Driving on the fast lane Part 2

Driving on the fast lane Part 2

Before I come to attunements and initiations and dispensations in my later chapters in this series I continue with techniques which can easily be done without being attuned and have tremendous effects!

I thought about how much I include in one chapter and I decided to do less in one chapter and do more chapters so you get new chapters earlier.

Again these techniques are also described here on the city of shamballa and in Dr. Stones books. So I give no real new information but write about the techniques I found very useful!

1: At first visiting and anchoring of the ascension seats into you and your home!
There are many ascension seats out there to visit! There are many of them and already good articles about them here on the Shamballa network.

Just say I call forth Master (Name of Master for example Saint Germain) and ask to be taken to his Ashram and spend (say how many hours, or this night or this day) time there and also sit on the ascension seat there.

This really speeds up your development and also earthly abilities which are related to the master and his Ashram.

Now there is an ability which relay set you on the fast lane is to call forth the masters and ask that there Ashrams are permanently anchored into you and your home! Before you can do this you have to spend some time in the Ashram like described above. Imagen that your home and you are always connected and “in” many Ashrams of the Masters and always learn an evolve there all day 24/7/365! That is easily possible! You can anchor as many Ashrams in you and your home as you like but be a little respectfully and ask for some ashrams you feel familiar with first wait a bit of time and then add more.

Lay or sit comftable when you have an hour or at least a half hour:
Just say or think: I call forth (Name of Master) and the Spiritual Hierarchy ask that the ashram of (Name) is permanently anchored into me and my home (Flat, house, tippi, tent what ever ;-))

You can ask more than one anchoring in one session.

I will advise visiting and anchor the ashrams of Master El Moriya, Kuthumi, Dwahl Kuhl (Light Synthesis Ashrahm), Serapis Bays, Paul the Ventian, Hilarion, Sananda, Saint Germain, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Abundetia, Kuan Yin. Shamballa etc... → This are ashrams of the planetary level which are well suited for every sincere seeker.

After a while you can ask to go to higher ashrams and anchor them on the solar, galactic and universal level. Please inform you about the ashrams and move up the ladder step by step solar ,to galactic, to universal, multiversal, source before visiting and try it with care because some of them especially the higher ones have very high frequencies, which are not suitable for every level of development!

With clear words do not ask to be taken to a galactic or universal ashram if are a beginner in energetic work and you not have visited planetary ones. This is a safety instruction!

Helios and Vesta, Melchoir, Lenduce, The great white Lodge on Sirius, Melchizedeks you can also visit my Ashram on the higher planes just ask to be taken to Mechwas Ashram on the multiuniversal level and so on there are very many just read here in the Forum about ascension seats and ashrams or read Dr. Stones Books.

With the anchoring into your home the light frequencies of your home will strongly rise! You are creating a Ashram of the masters in material world. This beloved brother and sister is a example for creating heaven on earth. Miracle things can happen.

2: Clearing is especially important in this time frame on earth! Here are some clearing techniques by Dr. Stone which are to use Daily and have great effects!

Arcturian help! My beloved brothers and sisters the Arcturians are great help to earth and provides some very good clearing techniques.

At first call forth Lord Arcturus (which is an Elohim, which are creator Gods) and the Arcturians and ask that the liquid crystal technology is brought through your bodies and chakras to deactivate all negativity in you.

After 30 minutes, in this time you can other things, lay or sit comfortable than again call forth Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians and ask that the Golden Cylinder is lowered down around your bodies and extract all negative energies, negative extraterrestrial implants, negative elementals, astral beings, astral smudge and other negativity out of you.

Then wait 5 to 10 minutes and let them do the extractions.

After that then again call forth Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians and ask that the prana wind clearing device is brought in miniaturized form into all your chakras and is activated. This will clear all your meridian and chakras.

Then wait 5 to 10 minutes and let them work.

You can wait longer if you want a deeper session.
This sequence is a very profound clearing which will accelerate you're spiritual development strongly and also increase your well-being even possessions and things like that maybe extracted and you will definitely have less energetic parasites and things like that which drains your energy or made you fell bad etc.. after that. This is good to use often.

Call forth the prana wind devices like described above after every core fear removal this will boost the clearing effect significantly.

Also, a very good clearing is to call forth Melchizedek, Mahatma and Metatron and ask for the platinum net to clear you and your house and what ever you want. This can be done by laying down or just while doing other things just as you like this moment. This net can remove very much negativity.

Of course there are very many techniques, atunnments and so on out there for clearing and many of them works well! The ones I described I found very effective, and they need no attunement so any one who knows them can immediately uses them! That's great! You also can ask these clearings for animals, pets, children's (older ones should give permission) and other humans but here you should ask their permission in most circumstances. I will write about permissions in a later chapter.

Be blessed and I wish you all the best!

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  • Thank you very much. :)

  • Hello V.K.

    thank you for you're question. At first yes I ask for anchoring of the ashram not only the ascension seat. The Ashram is the whole place while the ascension seat is only a part of the Ashram. We have anchored Babajis Ashram into our home you can do this too just call Babaji and ask him for that. You can also ask Sai Baba. If you ask for this anchoring the masters will take care that it is done proper for you and it will not harm anybody. Please know that anchoring Ashrams from Masters into you and your home will bring change and do change things. So for sure you can do other things but it makes changes accelerate spiritual development and also make a touche of the masters home to you and you're Home your Ashram. So for example Babaji is a Master which has a focus on working (good working earthly and spiritual not working to exhaustion in a senseless job) so maybe you get some focus on this when you anchor his Ashram. It will affect other people if they are spiritual or not but always in a positive way because that are divine light beings which are anchored in to you're home. Do not worry that an Ashram is too high for others in this case! The master will take care for this. While you are allowed to travel wherever you want to in your spiritual body (or better to say you need no permission from the masters for that) you can reach places which are too high for you now but when you ask the masters to anchor there ashrams than they will take care that this is for the highest joyful good for all involved.

    Yes Archangels have such places too. In my room (not our whole house, I live in a small community) is anchored and directly connected with Archangel Meatatrons Ashram and Archangel Michaels Ashram. So they are different to Asrhamns of the Ascendet Master but I also call them Ashrams, but they are more like “places” far beyond the lower D dimensions. They are very strong in comparison to the Ascended Masters Ashrams from my feeling and knowing.

  • Bernd, i have a few questions and some concerns. I know of a few ascension seats but i don't know to whom they belong but if i understand you anchor the ashram 24/7/365 and not the ascension seat. I am thinking that probably all the well known Ascended Masters have ashrams but we don't know if they are all on the planetary level so that we start with these. I wrote this because i wanted to visit Babaji's and Sai Baba's. When you ask from the Masters to anchor their ashram into you and into your home, you can do other things too, right? It doesn't interfere with other things? And, i don't know how this can affect the other people who live or visit the house, because they are not very spiritual. And, i was wondering if something like this can be done with places that belong to Archangels, i don't know if you call them ashrams too, that you wrote before that they have ascension seats. 

  •  Yes I fully agree with AMBA in this manner you can also do it for others. I would also say for people which are already initiates, adepts, masters and on an energetic way, so they understand something about these things it is also nice to ask them personally but if you do it like Amba said you can do no harm so it is ok.

    So for example I would not ask that Melchizedek Ashram is anchored into you without asking you personally for permission because I know that you could make a decision about that yourself. So in case of people which have no Idea about such things you cannot ask them on this level because of this then just do it like AMBA said.

  • Thank you Amba, sometimes i add that request  while i also forget that at times.

  • yes, you can request , but when you are asking their higherselves to connect you need to add FOR YOUR HIGHEST AND GRATEST GOOD IN THIS that way you will not interfere with their free will....their higher selves will alow or decline.....
  • Thank you, did one connection with ashram for myself & home. One thing im bit unsure may be even few others may have is , could we request for permanent ashram connection for others like for our loved ones, without asking their conscious permission & just visualize asking their higher self to receive this if they are ready on a soul level. Many of them may not know such things & its importance. In past i did creating connection with sun for my family by asking their higher self, i guess some of them received too, bcos i felt some energy shift during the process for few secs/mins.  

This reply was deleted.