I found this useful link about Divine Healing Codes that any one can use to treat illnesses (physical, mental, emotional), improve their ability to communicate with spiritual beings, spiritual awakening, ascension, protection and much more.

The codes in the spiritual section are awesome!

Using them is easy. It says in the beginning how to use them. You can get creative and try different ways of using them. See how it works for you. Those of you who are sensitive to energy, may be able to feel the energy in them. You will get better at them as you use them more and more. Also, people with a higher level of vibration will get better results with them.

Do go through the info given before the codes start. The list of codes is not as long as it appears. Many codes are repeated, and that too more than once.

Check them out :

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Thank you for sharing! Namaste

Thank you for your suggestion!  I owe it to you.
Stay Blessed

Thanks very much for the post.  That website is amazing, and the frequencies coming from the codes and other tools there seem truly credible and helpful  !!!

Many Blessings !!

You are most welcome drakke1!

The webpage says :
"In all three methods, Archangel Raphael and Divine Mother will actually BE present and provide the power from where themselves for the code to work. "

Wow , thank you so much, I am a massage therpst, this is amust to have,,,,Namastes!!

Thank you for your Work!
Please visit www.quantumK.co.uk - more CODES
Its all free!! :))

Thanks a lot Silviu! I will share this link with more people. I didn't see the codes on your website. I think the codes are embedded in the videos.

Yes they are embedded ! the free Healing Experience is very powerful !

If you go to the Manual Section, at the bottom you will find Kinesiology Scan List and Explanatory . They are in there!!! Also i recomend you download the *whole* Quantum K System into your Mind , and print it , the power its in the Physical manual. INCREDIBLE!!!  Access to full "Quantum K" 687 955 898 998 . "In the name of the light" 444 555 444 744 . Please check "in the name of the Light" and see what you get. Please contact me at SilvaRayLight@gmail.com . We have much to do!!!! By the way i have shared your codes with somebody in Australia and it works very well!!

Oh man That is awesome! I would have totally missed the codes.

How do I download the 'whole' Quantum K System into my Mind and print it?
By using 687 955 898 998 or how else?
Is the pdf manual energized?
Or do you mean if I take a print out of the manual, it will have energy? Sorry I didn't understand that part.

THANKS for sharing! And good to know that it is working for that person.

I may have confused you a little bit...sorry about that :)
The code 687 955 898 998 is Access to full "Quantum K" .
Step 1 . Go to www.quantumk.co.uk
Step 3 Go to Manual - Dowload all PDFS including Kinesionology Scan Lists and Explanatory and PRINT THEM ON PAPER ! i recommend printing on both sides!
Step 4 READ THE WHOLE MANUAL! that way it will be downloaded into your mind!
Step 5 Follow all instructions in the manual! It will take a bit of time to get that all done but i promisse its all worth it. The manual itself has ENERGY - GOD ENERGY that is! :)
Example : If you just hold the manual in your lap, or under your feet (with or without sox :D ) it has a effect on you! Think QUANTUM ! Use your Intention and say "My intention is to draw uppon the intent of the Quantum K system"
Your Lightbody reads the information and takes it all in !
The system itself is done with the INTENT to heal! to bypass all your ego filters / resistance and DO THE WORK!

By using the CODE 687 955 898 998 , you have Full access to the program without Reading it (go to Kinesiology scan list and its on the first page)! Write the code on your hand and you will know what i`m talking about!
Its always good to study the material yourself so to increase your knowledge !

"the part where i said -download it into your mind using the code- is a message to your innate to do that! :)) its a little shortcut so to speak!

Simple terms - PRINT - READ - USE IT!

Hope i made it a bit more clearer for everybody !
Get in touch with Andrew Kemp through his website if you have questions regarding the system!

Also i`m not guarantying that it will work "just like that" . Work the program and it will work on you!

Thanks A Lot Razvan! That was awesome! Your explanation was Very helpful. Thanks again for sharing this info! I am sure it will benefit many. I would never have thought of those steps if you had not mentioned them.

Very happy to hear!!

Let me know how you get on!


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