Divine Doors Are Opening For You Now ... By Archangel Uriel & Melanie Beckler

Divine Doors Are Opening For You Now ... By Archangel Uriel & Melanie Beckler

Archangel Uriel is a spiritual being of immense light and power, with an incredibly high vibrational frequency.

Uriel is an Archangel of Wisdom, Illumination, Light and of the Sun.

I'll never forget the first time I channeled Archangel Uriel…

It was like my crown chakra exploded open to even conceive of a being with such incredible light and radiance.

And then when Uriel connected it was like I had been completely transformed into pure Divine light.

Now that I've learned more about Archangel Uriel, I know this really isn't far from the truth because Uriel radiates the purest light of the Divine at all times, and is committed to helping humanity to reach the highest level of illumination.

Archangel Uriel Is The Archangel of Illumination

In many senses Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of illumination and is humanity's link to the spiritual realms and Uriel can show you how to find your inner power, raise your vibration and accelerate your shift and into the higher realms of consciousness.


archangel uriel


Archangel Uriel can also help you to learn to listen to your body's inner wisdom, along with opening your channels to directly receive divine guidance.

Heal Every Aspect of Your Life

Additionally things like the realm of ideas, creativity, insights, judgment, magic, alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power, the cosmic universal flow and the Earth's environment are all within Uriel's rule.

Really, Archangel Uriel can help you to heal every aspect of your life by purifying your mental and emotional understanding…

And transforming lower vibrational energies into an awakened and enlightened spiritual understanding.

Uriel is a spiritual being who unconditionally serves humanity by sharing the light and striving to bring about illumination for all souls.

Uriel is bringing forth her powerful message and frequency at this time because humanity has expressed a willingness to embrace a Shift in Consciousness.

Video - "A Message Meant To Find  You Right Now" - By Melanie Beckler

Archangel Uriel's Message .....

"Doors are opening for you...
Are you willing to step through?
To take down the walls that have been built up around your heart?
So a new level of Soul Truth can embody through you?
There's an opportunity now...
For transcending old patterns and conditioned responses...
Letting go of layers you've built up on the journey to where you are now.
Letting go so you can open to a new experience of Divine Mind...
A new perception of the inherent wonder...
A new experience of openness, grace and ease...
Made possible by becoming in sync with the Force of Love inherent in All...
And indeed present in this moment right here and now.
When you allow the old layers of who you were to peel away...
You can embrace the core of Love and Bliss that is your underlying Truth.
You can let this inner Truth of your Divine Presence, joy, and knowingness lead...
Walking in Love and Peace...
And through this, these are the qualities of the Divine you will create and meet...
~ Archangel Uriel
With so much love,
Video - "Angelic Light Transmission Smoothing The Emotional & Mental Body" By Steve Nobel - https://youtu.be/-OKCqY3sboY

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