Connect With & Embody Your Highest Divine Self By Melanie Beckler...And...Choose What Resonates With You Vs Right & Wrong By Ann Albers...And... Law Of The Circle & Of The Triangle By Ronna Herman

Connect With & Embody Your Highest Divine Self

By Melanie Beckler

Embody Your Higher Self


Your Higher Self is the True You. It is the higher Divine aspect of you that is fully connected to the All, and as a result of this expanded awareness and presence is able to clearly guide and support you in living your most vibrant life.

Whether you are aware of the presence of your higher self, or not, they are always looking out for what is best for you. Your higher self guides and supports you in becoming aware of your innate connection and oneness with the Divine and All That Is.

In this article, you're not only going to learn how to connect with your Higher Self, you will also experience this direct connection so you can embody the higher light frequencies of wisdom, love, that are in direct alignment with your core truth.

How to Connect with Your Higher Self


How to Connect With Your Higher Self...But What Is Your Highest Self?

Your Higher Self is the higher dimensional aspect of you. It is the part of you in complete alignment with your Divine I Am Core existing outside of the realm of duality and illusion, outside above the 3D. . It is the higher part of you that is fully aware of your oneness with the All…  With Source, the Divine, the Infinite.

It is the part of you that is aware of the specific purpose and mission you as a soul incarnated here in the physical, to experience, and because of this awareness is able to guide and support you in anchoring this higher purpose into your physical life.


Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher Self

There are really so many benefits of connecting with your Higher Self including that this connection empowers you to perceive from a Higher Divine perspective, to clearly know your best steps, and to simply observe your present situation from the lenses of Divine Love, from Higher Knowing and Divine Truth.


There are in terms of your multidimensional nature, different aspects of your Higher Self across different dimensions.

But today, we're going to focus on connecting with your Highest Divine Self, your Highest Divine Light and that part of you that is one with Divine I AM, All That Is, and that can best support and guide and assist you in your life.


Reconnect with your Higher Self

You have an innate link with your Higher Self. To reconnect with it, it's about clearing your mind, silencing your thoughts, and tuning into a relaxed, present point of awareness, being fully here and now.

When you're relaxed, you're then able to consciously call in light around you in a way you can feel, perceive and experience.

You're then able to call forth your Highest Divine Self to lower down and to move in all around you… To embody through you.

Remember that you can do this! As you relax and allow this Higher Self embodiment is able to naturally happen…

Here is a simple practice to align with your Higher Self.

Video - "How To Connect With Your Higher Self" By Melanie Beckler


Spiritual Growth and Embodying Your  Higher Self

Ultimately, spiritual growth is the process of embodying your Highest Divine self more and more as you go about your everyday life.  And practices like what we’re about to dive into will help you to consciously call forth that experience, to create a tangible and real shift in the moment.

So let's go ahead and do this now!

10 Steps To Practice In Connecting With Your Higher Self


  1. Sit and close your eyes and just begin to direct your attention inward.
  2. Breathe in. And as you inhale, imagine that you are breathing divine golden light in from all around.
  3. Let it fill your abdomen, the central column along your core.
  4. And as you exhale… let go… breathe in Divine light. And as you exhale, release and let go of all that no longer serves.
  5. You can then think or say, “I now call in my team of guides, angels and Ascended Masters of the Highest Christed Light, support me and now tuning into, connecting with, and embodying my Highest Divine Light.”
  6. Now allow your awareness to focus within, focused on your heart, allowing your heart to glow with brilliant Divine light, allowing your mind to be clear and calm, to glow with Divine light and to radiate golden light around you.
  7. And then tuning into your abdomen. Allow your abdomen to light up with golden light shining around you. Breathe… relax…
  8. Become aware of the presence of your team of guides and angels that are all around, loving you, supporting you, blessing you with divine light, love and healing frequency. Breathe the light in.
  9. Exhale, and let go and now become aware from above, from off in the distance… an incredible light enters in… the light of your Higher Self, the light of the Highest Divine Truth of You moving towards you, moving down and all around.
  10. You can imagine that the light of your Highest Divine self begins to connect with you through thousands of strands of light that connect you from where you are in the physical with the Highest Divine Light and Truth of You as the strands of light connect with you.


Feel your vibration lift, feel your energy, relax and open to receive the frequency transmission of love to receive your Highest Self. Allow your Higher Divine Self, your light, your truth, wisdom, bliss, power to anchor down all around you.


Your Highest Divine Light, anchoring through clear mind, open heart and through willingness. Your abdomen will center, your Highest Self anchoring through you.


Keeping your mind clear, focused on your breath, present in this moment now, you can then receive guidance from your Higher Self as well as a profound frequency shift from changing your state of embodiment through awareness.


In addition to being aware of yourself as a physical being, a personality self, present in the physical world, you can retain awareness of the Higher Divine Truth of you and your Higher Self, which has so many benefits in your life!

Video - "Ascension Gift - The Journey of 2021" By Natalie Glasson


Ask Your Higher Self For Help


Now you may feel inspired to adjust your posture a bit so that you begin to sit in a position more conducive to embodying your Highest Divine Light, to allow your higher light to circulate through your being, embodying the Divine Truth of You.


Higher Self, what guidance do you have for me now?”

What do I most need to know now and receive?


Your higher self may simply respond by sending a feeling of love, a blessing of frequency, or you may get guidance as to the next step you can take to more fully embody your divine truth and to progress on your unique soul path and mission in this life.


Ask Your Higher Self For Overcoming Obstacles


If there is a challenge or a struggle you're currently facing, you can bring that into your awareness, bringing that to your Highest Divine Self, to receive that Higher Self guidance and perspective about the situation, about what you can do, about how you can respond or simply about how you can observe it in a new way.


Allow yourself as your Highest Self to simply observe your life, your personality, your challenges, blessings, experiences through neutrality, not judging which is in duality, but simply observing, which is the perspective of your Higher Self, which is able to view things from above, to, from outside of time and space. Offer you clear guidance and assistance in the here and now.


Love Anchors Your Higher Divine Light


Feel that Divine Higher Self embodiment, the higher light and love circulating through your energy and through your entire being. And when you are ready, when you're complete, you can place your hands over your heart and just think or say,

I love you. I love you.”

Through love, anchor your higher divine light into this present moment in time through you.

I lovingly call forth God's Infinite Blessings of Each of Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Violet Flame Blessings, & Blessings of Each of Your Soul's Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect For Each of You Every Day !

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Awakening The Christ Within" By Gabriel Gonsalves

Choose What Resonates With You Vs Right & Wrong

By Ann Albers & The Angels

Happy New Year! It's 2021 – a year of embracing the diversity in the One!

As we move out of the old, outdated 3D paradigm of absolute right/wrong into the new 5D paradigm of resonance, the angels talk about how we can live and let live, love and let love, and navigate the differing opinions on how to solve the world's problems while maintaining our own peace, and integrity. Let us enjoy the unmasking of our souls!

Love you all!
♥ Ann

The Angels Message .....

One soul at a time, you are coming to the realization that you live in a vibrational reality in which unmasking yourself means a lot more than simply removing a piece of cloth from your face.

You unmask yourself by sharing the truth of yourself with the world. You can unmask yourself by wearing a face mask if that is what makes you feel safe and comfy. You can unmask yourself by removing the cloth, when laws permit if that is what feels right to you. You can unmask your sadness and loneliness by being honest about it and reaching out for help. You can unmask your joy by inspiring and sharing it with others. You can unmask your fears and upsets by expressing pent up rage, or you can unmask your deeper Self by expressing love in even the smallest of ways.

As part of your "unmasking" we ask you to rephrase some often-asked questions. Instead of asking, "What is the right thing to do? What is the right belief? What is the truth?" ask yourself, "What resonates with me? What feels right to me, right now? What is my truth – for me?"

You can never presume to know what is right for another soul's path and their growth, but you will always know, in each moment, what is right for you. The resonant choice simply feels good in the here and now. When you focus upon a choice that resonates with you without worrying about what anyone else thinks, your entire body will begin to relax.

When your thoughts and your choices are aligned with your soul, you will feel peace, joy, and a rightness and lightness in your being. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, thinking, or believing. What resonates with you, defines what is right for you.

For example, some of you will resonate with taking the new vaccine. You will feel good about it and protected by it, and it will work well for you. Others of you will not resonate with the vaccine and will choose to ensure your well-being in ways that do resonate.

We know this stirs up a lot of concerns for those of you on various sides of the highly charged issues upon your earth. You fear that if others do what they want vs. what you feel they should, then they could harm you. We will reassure you time and again that no one, and nothing is in charge of your vibration and your vibration alone will dictate your experience of reality.

So how to navigate seemingly disparate realities? Go within. Create from within as we have been teaching you. Imagine what you want to experience in life, then enjoy your days. Live and let live. Wait for your guidance. The Creator of universes lives in all things and all beings, and can easily orchestrate a harmonious dance of reality, even with all the diverse desires, beliefs, and concerns.

For example, some of you will embrace the vaccine and feel all others should do the same in order to end the pandemic. You can be upset and angry at those who choose not to take it. You can become self-righteous and vengeful and hope they get sick, all the while making yourself sick with stress. A far kinder approach would be to unmask your soul's deeper wishes by going into your inner world and imagining a life a life where all are healthy, happy, harmonious, and free. In creating this focus, you will be guided and this will become your personal experience of reality.

Others of you will oppose the vaccine and be very upset if you feel you have to take it for work, travel, or some other activity you wish to enjoy. You can choose to be angry and indignant and feel victimized. You can take it and self-righteously, unconsciously, create adverse reactions just to say, "I told you so." A far kinder approach would be to unmask your soul's deeper wishes by going into your inner world and imagining a life without you taking the vaccine where all are happy, healthy, harmonious, and free. Or you can go into your inner world and imagine taking the vaccine but allowing everything non-resonant to pass right through you. In creating this focus, you will be guided and this will become your personal experience of reality.

No matter what you choose, choose to love the reality that resonates with you – the one you are creating inwardly and focusing upon. Then wait with faith and trust for the 5D guidance to steer you in your 3D world.

You are, dear ones, are truly #inittogether, each with your own unique, beautiful, and precious and perfect expressions of love. You were never all meant to agree. You were never meant to impose your will upon another not to allow others to impose their will upon you. You were intended instead to live and let live, love and let love, and to live in a vibration of love, starting with love and acceptance for self and spiraling out eventually to embrace all of creation.

Love, after all, is the vibration that lifts you above problems and into solutions that fit your individual lives, beliefs, and perspectives. Love raises you above discord and into harmony, above illness and into well-being. As you choose to live in love and express love in the smallest moments of appreciation or kindness you raise yourself into a cooperative dance with life – one in which you fit exactly as you are, and one in which you allow others to do the same.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Shine Your Innermost Light" By Melanie Beckler


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! Are you ready? It sounds like we're all going to be working this year to stop judging, start discerning, live and let live, and let ourselves be ourselves, no matter what anyone else is doing.

One of the reasons I rarely share my personal views on many global subjects is because I do not want you to choose what I choose, simply because I choose it. I want you to be you, whatever that means to you.

I want you to embrace the political views that resonate with you, to take the approaches to well-being that resonate with you, and to behave in ways that make you feel good. I share what works for me only in the hope that it gives you food for thought, and helps you more clearly examine and define your path and what resonates with you on your own personal journey.

After years of working with angels, I'm clear that my way is not "the right way," nor could it ever possibly be the only way. It's simply right for me. It resonates with me, and with many of you, but not all and that's how it should be.

Some of you wrote me last year with the kindest expressions of love, both with and without agreement. Others wrote with sincere desire to sort out your own truths. Still other expressions felt like daggers twisting in my gut when the hatred, anger, and fear that some aimed at me caught me unaware many times last year.

There were many times when I was inspired to serve tirelessly, and honestly a few times where I fought an internal battle to even care about continuing this work because it hurt to be used as an emotional punching bag.

What has saved me, time and again, was the angel wisdom that everyone has a right to their expressions, and I, like everyone else, have the right to decide which energies I take in.

Many of you grappled with similar concerns last year. In addition to the global challenges, many of you lost long-term friends over political differences. You were on the receiving end of angry family members who were so scared that they came unglued over the different perspectives on how to live safely amidst a pandemic.

You were trying to be compassionate even when others weren't so kind. You did your best. I did my best. We all did our best. Given the intensity of the challenges last year, I think that's something to be proud of.

Collectively, we are learning a new way of being. We are learning to give up the outdated paradigm of an ultimate right/wrong way to handle anything. We are learning to pay attention to our own energy more and to do only what resonates with us.

We are learning to trust our internal guidance – for ourselves – without requiring anyone else's agreement. We are learning to withdraw our attention and energy from situations and people who insist that we must agree with them, rather than engaging in the impossible age-old dance of attempting to please everyone.

We are learning to discern rather than judge, and to live and let live at a deeper level than ever before.

This requires faith and trust in a higher power that guides us all in a perfectly orchestrated dance defined by our very own desires. It requires faith that if you do what resonates with you, you are safe, protected, loved, and guided. It requires a trust that you are worthy of your own dreams, and a belief that the universe can deliver them far more elegantly and peacefully than we could figure them out on our own.

My wish for you this year is that you trust your own heart, that you accept your own thoughts, feelings, and desires without the need for others to agree, and that you find peace in the knowing that in God's eyes you are perfect exactly as you are, even as we continue our eternal expansion.

It is time to dive heart-first into a new year with faith and trust that what resonates with us is exactly what our soul is guiding us to do.

Here are a few pointers to help you explore the idea of resonance:

1. Practice with simple decisions

Think of different foods you might have for you next meal, or simple options for a decision whose outcome isn't terribly important to you. Tune into your body. As you think of each option see which one your body resonates with. Which one makes you feel happy? Which decision lights you up? Which feels better?

Practice looking at various things and various people, even if only on TV or the Internet, and notice how your body feels, and how your mind feels. Do you feel discordant or resonant? Practice choosing things, people, and situations that resonate with you, rather than over-analyzing who or what should. Notice how you feel as you make these heart centered, resonant choices.

2. Practice shifting your focus

Sometimes we can't physically remove ourselves from a situation or person that doesn't resonate with us so the only choice we have is to choose a more resonant focus. Say you're stuck in a job you don't like for the time being, even as you're creating a new one.

You can choose to focus on whatever you can in the current job that does resonate with you. Choose to focus on the future job you are creating, that really does resonate with you. Do your best to use your mind as a tuner and tune into the aspects of the situation that do resonate. In this fashion, you'll draw kinder and more resonant situations to you in all areas of life.

3. Accept yourself. Accept others.

"Live and let live" is a motto the angels love. We often forget to apply it to all the various aspects of ourselves! At times we all get tired, cranky, fearful, or sad. We want to feel better, but sometimes we don't. At these times let love resonate with you. Accept yourself. Sweet talk yourself. Give yourself a hug and say, "It's OK to be human honey."

Love always resonates and as we give it to ourselves, we more quickly shift out of those other non-resonant states of being. The more you accept and love yourself, the more you can allow others to be who they choose to be as well.

I suspect it will be a year of exploring a deeper, more soulful definition of freedom than ever before – the freedom to choose thoughts, feelings, and actions that resonate with us, and the freedom to release those that don't.

May we all focus on the realities that resonate with our individual perspectives, trusting the Creator of universes to sort it all out and guide us in a dance of health, harmony, and above all... Love! Happy New Now!

Love you all!

Visit Ann's Message Archives -

I lovingly call forth God's Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Violet Flame Blessings, & Blessings of Your Soul's Peace, Joy,, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in every moment !

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Rising Sun Meditation" By Steve Nobel -





Via Ronna Herman





            Beloved masters, you have been living in an unreal world: a world of illusion whereby the truth has been distorted, altered and even deleted in order to take away your God-given powers and keep you captive in a “reality” of fear, struggle and deprivation.

             The Creator’s master plan for this Universe is stored away within your Sacred Mind, and the key to the wisdom of the Ages and the ability to once again become a master co-creator on the Earth plane is stored within your Sacred Heart. That is why we have emphasized so often the importance of removing the protective shield you placed over your Solar Heart Center eons ago so that you would not feel so much emotional distress. 

            What you were not aware of is that by doing so your radiance was greatly diminished,  for the inflow and outflow of Divine Creator Light from your Sacred Heart Center was also greatly decreased.  As a result, you could no longer activate the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light with pure loving intent from within your Sacred Heart. 

Thereafter, you had only the half-spectrum Primal Life Force Substance to work with.  Your Three-fold Flame could no longer blaze forth; therefore, your cocreative abilities to manifest were also diminished, and thus began the struggle to tap into and use your Divinely bestowed attributes and talents.

            You are in an era of great reversal, rectification and expansion, whereby you are being given an opportunity to harmonize all the negativity you have personally created along with the inequities that were forced upon you.

We have explained that when you, the StarSeed, began your journey out into the great void and the unmanifested Universe, elaborate plans for the pathway back into the refined realms of Light were made and put-on hold until the appropriate time and certain conditions were met.

            That time has arrived, and the plan was activated in the early 1980's of Earth time. As you are aware, every phase of life for humanity and the Earth has radically changed in the last thirty years.  Beloveds, be aware that what has occurred in the recent past is only the beginning of even greater changes, and we are endeavoring to give you techniques, advanced information and teachings, along with every opportunity to traverse the waves of change with ease and grace.

            We have explained briefly, in several ways, how you refracted into smaller Facets your Divine White Fire Seed Atom of God Consciousness to prepare you for you journey into the denser, reduced-frequency, lower-Dimensional realms of existence.

When you answered the Clarion Call and agreed to be a part of the experiment in duality and polarity within the Sub-Universal experience, we have also discussed how each Fragment of your Divinity then separated into two Sparks of Light, one with feminine attributes and the other with masculine characteristics.

             Each one of those profound separations was accomplished within a small Pyramid of Light created expressly for that purpose. The master plan was fail-proof;  for each time you divided your Essence, you left an etheric replica waiting for the time of reunification within one of the small pyramids of Light. These Personal Pyramids are scattered throughout the Universe in every Dimension and many of the Sub-Dimensions. 

            Our Father/Mother God, the Elohim / Builders of Form, and the Archangels have created living Pyramids of Light within every level of Creation so that you could gain access to the building blocks of life. These life-giving forms give access to the frequencies of Light which are necessary components of transformation so that you, as human Beings, can return to  a state of higher consciousness–your Divine state.

              You are now in the process of reclaiming all the multiple Facets of your Soul Self within the Third and Fourth Dimensions so that you may move forward to a greater, more dynamic and expansive version of your Higher Self within a Fifth-Dimensional environment.

To assist you in accomplishing this, your Diamond Core God Cell and your personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel contain a full measure of the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness for this Sub-universal experience. They were designed so that when you were ready to begin the return journey into the higher levels of consciousness, you would have access to your own FULL SPECTRUM DIVINITY.

Your task is to activate these Rays, to incorporate the God qualities and attributes they contain, and then to use these qualities and attributes for the greatest good. 

There is still much confusion as to what the Soul is, how it functions, and where it resides. It is vital that you understand the intricate process of reconnecting with the many Facets of your Higher Self. 

It is also important that you gain clarity about the more in-depth teachings we have given you regarding the multiple Higher Self Fragments (you have many, not just one) and the process for incorporating these multiple Facets of Self

The information we have given to assist you in reclaiming your cocreative abilities is a microcosmic duplication of the creative process throughout the Omniverse. 

First, you must gain the ability to draw forth the Full Spectrum Metatronic Light / Life Force of this Universe called Adamantine Particles, which is radiated forth into the River of Life from the Heart Core of our Father/Mother God.  It becomes accessible when your Energetic Signature is attuned to the mid-Fourth-Dimensional level and higher.

            In order to take advantage of this Divine gift, you must understand and apply the Universal Laws of Manifestation, and you must activate the Adamantine Particles of Light with your pure intention before this Essence of Light can be activated and flow forth out into the world.

To speed up the process, it is important that you have created your own personal Creator Wheel / Flower of Life circle around you, and you have filled it with your carefully planned grand design for the future. Thereafter, via the Infinity Breath, your focused intention and deliberate actions, the process of manifestation in the material world is greatly accelerated.


            The ebb and flow of Creation is never-ending. There is a Still Point pause while the Seed Thoughts are being formed and coalesced, and the Essence of Life is activated within the mind and heart of the Creator and at every level of Creation, down to you, a human cocreator on planet Earth.

This is accomplished by infusing and activating the Seed Thoughts with unconditional love. The Seed Thoughts are then breathed out into the void to be manifested in the world of form.

This process continues through each great cycle until it is time for the return and reunion process to begin. All Creation is in the process of being incorporated into the grand Creator Circle of Divine Light in anticipation of the next great Still Point pause, and the next momentous cycle of expansion. This process is repeated over and over again at every level of Creation within this Universe. 

            You are in the midst of a cosmic reunion process, my brave friends, and you will evolve in due time, in one way or another. You must be aware that this transformation process is a long and complex cycle; however, it can be a grand journey if you will take advantage of the wisdom teachings and the tools we are offering to you.

The LAW OF THE CIRCLE states that every new creative endeavor must begin from within the Still Point of Will and Power, the Core Essence of the Creator and each cocreator.   


Video - Metatron's Cube * Metatron Hexahedron Healing * Sacred Geometry


The LAW OF THE TRIANGLE  is another important component of Creation. You are familiar with the Trinity concept from your Bible: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which in actuality is the Masculine Facet of God, the First Ray of Divine Will and Power. 

The Holy Spirit is the Mother Aspect of God whose Cosmic Womb has been infused with the Seed Thoughts – Adamantine Particles – from the mind of the Father God.

The Seed Thoughts are activated with the Second Ray of Love/ Wisdom from within the Heart Core of the Mother God, and then radiated forth out into the Universe via the River of Life, to be used by the Suns (Paradise Sons and Daughters) through the qualities, attributes and aspects of  the Third Ray to create  worlds and wondrous things without end. 

The pyramidal form, either three or four-sided, is the method whereby you access and gain entrance into the higher Dimensions of Light. The higher realms function within a three-fold balance, a Trinity of power, the Sacred Fire of Creation. The four-sided pyramid is representative of duality within the Third- and Fourth-Dimensional realms of existence.

The Power of the Trinity has been a driving force throughout this Universe.  AA Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and I, Archangel Michael, have been given the privilege to form a Trinity of Consciousness within this Universal level. We bear and RAY-DIATE the Divine Light * Divine Wisdom * Divine Will aspects and qualities of our Father/Mother God out into this Universe.

The Trinity of Consciousness is an important component of the creative process, for you must use the attributes, qualities and aspects of all three powerful God Rays if you wish to become a successful, proficient cocreator of form at any level of Creation.

            You, the StarSeed, have joined with many groups, large and small, throughout the Universe, and you have accepted special assignments which were to be carried out as a group in various locations and at specific times. We have mentioned before that you have been encoded with time or event triggers −  Memory Seed Atoms − within your Diamond Core God Cell, which have been or will be activated at the designated time, or when a specific part of the Grand Plan is to be initiated.

You have been a part of many Trinity Cell Seed Atoms, which consisted of special assignments of the highest order. These Triads are usually composed of close Soul companions, or Souls who have had many special assignments together in the past and will also come together in the future.  Groups of three, nine and twelve are joining together more and more often during these times of reunion, and this will occur even more often in the future.    


            Are you ready to expand your vision beyond your private little world or microcosmic reality? Are you ready and willing to accept the truth that you affect everyone and everything within this Universe, to one degree or another, and that everyone on Earth and in every other realm also affect you? 

We ask each of you, Are you ready to use the wondrous gifts that are your Divine Birthright? What will be your legacy to humanity and the world?” 

                 Reach for the stars, beloveds, for there is no limit to what you can manifest when your visions are in harmony with the Divine Plan for the greatest good of all.  Call on us and we will assist you in bolstering your resolve.  Know that we are ever near to inspire, guide and protect you, and to radiate to you the love of our Father/Mother God. I AM Archangel Michael.









             If you are willing, before you fall asleep, go into your personal pyramid of Light. Lie on your crystal table, where there is an Etheric Replica of your Soul/Higher Self.

Envision a stream of Light flowing from your Personal Pyramid upward into the World Pyramid. Follow that stream of Light and envision another Etheric Replica of your Soul Self in your personal crystal chair within the World Pyramid.

These Etheric Replicas of yourself will, henceforth, remain in place so that the flow of Creator Light can flow freely back and forth between the different Pyramids you have created.

There will also be a smaller stream of Light that will radiate a small fraction of the Sixth-Dimensional frequencies into your Personal Pyramid.

There is also a stream of Light, which flows from your Personal Pyramid of Light down into your physical vessel, so that you are constantly receiving a flow of Creator Light / Adamantine Particles.

You will also be sharing the Light you have activated with your loving intention, your sacred breathing techniques and your affirmations. This is true tithing, dear friends. What greater gift could we give than to share our God Light with others?


I Lovingly call forth Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of Your Souls Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Violet Flame Blessings, & Blessings of Your Soul's Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You Every Day ! Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Soul Alignment Meditation With Archangels Michael & Metatron" By Melanie Beckler




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