Christine's & The Pleiadian's Messages & Broadcast For February 2021

Christine's & The Pleiadian's Messages & Broadcast For February 2021

Christine's & The Pleiadian's Messages February 2021
Hello, I find myself consciously choosing to let go as I take alternate steps in my life, as I align to the higher Framework that is now active on Earth. My guidance is to allow everything to fall away and to celebrate the unknown. I am willing to allow the higher order of light to be my guide moment to moment, as I witness an internal process of change within me.
I choose to allow the unfolding of me to become manifest and there is nothing that I wish to hold onto. I do think that the higher vibration energy within the Framework is supporting me to shift in a radical way, different than I have ever experienced before. For me the fluidity of the light is beauty in motion. The energy and experience of these openings of consciousness within me brings joy, peace and total acceptance of where I find myself.
I have let go of personal desire and feel myself freefalling within a pure space of consciousness, which allows me to be greeted within alternate realities of my higher self.
This is our time to flourish on a higher component of Self. Remember to allow moments of being human and then choosing moments of opening up through your Heart to receive yourself.
Don’t get too caught up in the 3rd dimensional drama, remember the alternate reality which simultaneously exists. Bring balance to your experiences through choosing the conscious connection within your Heart!
Love and blessings, Christine
Pleiadian Message February 2021
Beloved ones we greet you, All of you on Earth are entering a next phase of passage. You are being awakened through a higher more expanded multidimensional Framework of light consciousness that was anchored on the planet during the sacred Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Within the collective Universe there was a pure vibrational frequency, heralding in the ‘Age of Aquarius.’
At the time of this grand conjunction a new sacred higher order of light was birthed on Earth. A metamorphic process has been set in motion within you designed to realign you to the higher vibration of Truth within your Heart. These changes are designed to accelerate your awakening to your self-realization process, reopening a doorway within your multidimensional Heart to enable you to come Home.
This higher order Framework of light is impacting your Hearts and repositioning your DNA strands. Your hearts are being realigned to the sacred vibrations of love that are a component of your Higher Self.
This is a unique journey for you to emerge and stabilize beyond the illusion of time. There is a call going out to each one of you who exist in human form to consciously create a higher balance of light consciousness on planet earth. Together as a community of hearts you can forge a balance of pure light within Earth, stabilizing through your pure frequency of love that you each hold within your hearts.
You are destined to return to your higher selves in this lifetime, the energy framework from the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is bringing to each one of you to a higher potential for self-realization now.
The wheel has turned for you, for Earth as you entered this new ‘Age of Aquarius’. Each one of you will be individually impacted within your day-to-day lives as you align to this higher Framework order of light. Witness the unfolding of a higher flow within your day and celebrate!
Let go and trust the unknown path, which in Truth is familiar to your Homecoming. We salute you in Love.
The Pleiadians
Infinite Blessings with God's Infinity Energies of Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flame & New Earth Ascension Blueprint & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect For Each of You in every moment !
Steven Hutchinson
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