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Lots of attunements are available here under Events, Premium Access

This forum post is for you to share your experiences receiving the attunements.

Also, what have you done with the energies after being attuned?

Have you healed yourself? others? Have you used the energies to heal society? To protect people/places?

I would like to hear your feedback/experiences. 

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  • Today I was able to enter this page, but it has taken several months that I could not enter
  • Thanks Chris for the Alpha Omega Healing attunement, I was going through a breakup and job loss, was too stressed and depressed but Alpha Omega healing really helped me a lot.

    Thanks Chris for the all the help and suggestions you had given,



  • Respected masers

    I cannot create chi ball as i dont feel the sensation of hands .I done done reiki level to iii and kundalini reiki as weei a karuna reiki.l to ii

    But still i do not feel the seation whicl making a chi ball for myself.
  • AMBA , this is an attunement post LOL MY BAD! what attunements are people looking for. I have about 25 modalitites but I dont know if the site allows it due to the fact they have a premium service that handles that ***I THINK*** but im still veerrrry new). Ive done healing and attunements for free since i was a little kid (before i had attunements since the energies i work with are more of a balance of earth energies and divine energies. it has taken a while to figure this out. i am 34 now and i started figuring this out when i was 23yrs old but was healing at age 5, i always thought it was normal to heal so at school when someone had a headache i would tell them sit here in front of me and ill put my hands on their shoulders, sometimes they freaked out over the sensation of (bubbles or tingles) and others were blissed out each one had no more headache or when they fell on the playground the teachers were so used to it they just let me do my thing lol. ...AMBA Please let me know if i am allowed to give healings and or attunements? I volunteer for the international "DISTANT HEALING NETWORK. If someone wants to start with a simple kundalinia reiki, celestine reiki or Usui Shiki Ryoho. kuldalini has 9 seperate extras that go with the attunement. to call on for example if the healing feels slow you just want to call on diamond reiki which is an etheric diamond put in your crown and filters the energy as it moves throught to be extremely high vibration. I havent used all the kundalinia reiki benefits in a long time. when you first become attuned by whomever it is, the best way to feel the energy or have the other person(a friend) using your hands (both of you) test out the energy, hold your hands flat but facing palms up. the friend who wants to feel it will have their flat palms facing down. hold them about 2-3 inches away from each others hands and you shall feel an electric sensation for the both of you or a sensation of carbonation such as the bubbles in soda.. one thing I try teaching people is when getting the attunement is last but not least. you can be very attuned and still have problems not knowing what the energy feels like or what to expect. feeling the energy which will cause doubt within you. best thing you can do is what ive done with quite a few other people and that is before attuning them I put our hands(both each) close together until i feel the natural auric resistance. once he or she feels the exact feeling of the energy (no you dont have to be attunemed to feel the energy just the same when someone goes in for a treatment they feel the energy and continue on their way out. Once familiarized, the attunement can happen and their will be no question as to what the energy feels like, its not really a feeling you can explain unless tingles are brought up, other than tingles its almost impossible to figure out how to explain, whatever you do, what i do, MAKE SURE you send energy to the hands before anything as the hands are the most sensitive and can always feel the energy. if they still cant feel it even after the attunement, give it time as it took me a full 1.5 years before i felt the pure lightening hands is what i called it. the girl had a demonic entiti(IES) attached to her, they would side right next to me on her bed while she was in the shower and the bed would push down as if someone is sitting there but their was no one there. One night i or we both niticed when they were all 6 standing in the cornders getting closer to the bed, their was a blue being (female) who was protecting me from them. they were coming for me and it was a trip. my poin is, her body hurt sooo bad, these things were breaking her down every day 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. she couldnt even get out of bed at the age of 28 she hurt sooo bad. well when we touched hands she activated my hibiki or feeling in the hands. it was like lightning and was so amazing we sat there and did this for 6-7 hours until she didnt need any more energy. the next 3-4 days she told me she was running up and down the street and had NO PAIN at ALL for those 3-4 days. which didnt suprise me. it put this thing at bay for a few days if i knew then what i know now I would have totally banished that SOB for good. it was reeking havoc on her body and i sure hope she is doing okay right now. I might just ask her high self if it is okay to do a treatment. id feel better. Sorry for the large post. i just wanted to be sure and clear on what i meant with explaining things as well as asking for permission to attune others OR better yet, provide a healing session **IF THEY ASK**. and that goes for both. I wrote a message on healing wands earlier and now im wroting this LOL i just maybe writing too much LOL

  • I would like to start with the energies i was born with to heal either by hand, I can heal directly through my heart chakra, if im sitting someone next to someone and my elbow is almost certainly touching them and they ask me why is their left arm tingling and warm each time my right elbow accidentally touched their arm, boy it sure wasnt my intention to shoot energy out of my elbow to the nearest chakra point causing her to fall alseep LOL. My oint is, if you ever see anyone under desitree and very nervious abiut being at the doctors or anywhere else like the hospital, simply sit next to them and simply let the energy flow out from the chakra and onto or near the elbow and allow it to do its work. its a VEERRY subtle way to helo someone.

  • can we read out any of the 45 reiki attunement then go to sleep ?


  • What ispremium access ?
    • Veronica, premium access is when you pay membership for premium access

  • hii iam new here in this group,, can explain me the duaration for receive any attunement?? love and light

    Iam Mariano from timor Leste

    • all attunements are sent in the chi-ball of light and you can call them down whenever you time limited....

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