Lots of attunements are available here under Events, Premium Access

This forum post is for you to share your experiences receiving the attunements.

Also, what have you done with the energies after being attuned?

Have you healed yourself? others? Have you used the energies to heal society? To protect people/places?

I would like to hear your feedback/experiences. 

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I have taken quite a few attunements from the City of Shamballa. I enjoyed them very much, had clear reactions when I took them.

I feel that they have helped me along my spiritual path, because I have learned so much since last year, when I 'awakened". I believe I am in the process of healing myself, I experience a lot of releasing old thoughtforms, old grieve.

I also use the attunements to heal people and animals where I can and share my new insights into life.

I also found some great friends here on City of Shamballa and am very glad and grateful that I found this awesom community! Thank you Chris for all your work!!

much Love and Light


Thanks for the feedback Louise

Blessings to you,


Hi my name is Rachel, I heard from websites and youtube, that you get long distance reiki attunement's?

I have been a reiki level 1 sense 2008. It is 2013 now.

I am wondering, well could you give me a long distant Reiki 2 usui attunement?

It never hurts to ask. :)


Here is a video created by Chris Comish, who also started this social network, that should provide you with the attunement you asked for. There may be other people on this site that would be willing to give distant attunements to you for different Reiki modalities, but this video will most likely work for you. I have found Chris's healing and attunement videos to be very helpful and effective. I hope you do too!


This is my seat. I AM the center of 32 stones. I spend a lot of time here lately. Can you feel the energy?

I have taken my first Reiki Attunement level 1 and I am practicing the healing for 21 days and finding it really good it helps me. 

I feel calmer and more in touch with life and see things differentlily

I am in some starnge situation.

I never feel anything or any diferences in anything when doing attunments yet somehow feel that they were all succesfull.

I can use reiki and heal people with reiki yet i dont feel anything at all. people i have helped report changes in their life yet i didnt felt anything like i didnt do anything att all.

Lately i have started seeing things seeing were problem is and solve it with just intention but again i dont feel anything like no energy is going out of me yet poeple report i have helped them.

it took me quite some time to develope sensitivity in my hands. it will work. keep practicing on other peoples hands. for example have them hold the hands out facing up at about stomach height. get your hands and hold them above their hands just about 1-2 inches from touching. this can ignite it. its EXACTLY what caused mine. I am an empath and still couldnt feel it in my hands but now i do. just hang in there it WILL happen.


I found many attunements that are available to receive on this site very useful. I enjoyed the experience of all of the ones I have taken time with. Some of them I haven't used much since the time I 'did' them, but many I used for months and some for years now. I really like the Gold Reiki, Multi Flames, Imara Reiki, Shamballah MDH (and the combined version with the Shamballa 1024), Wound Healer Reiki (Amba has made many wonderful attunements available to us!), and the attunements to various beings like Melchizedek, Mahatma, Metatron, and the Elohim empowerments. Synergy within has also been useful to me in my relationship with my girlfriend. Any of the attunements founded by Ole Gabrielson or Mariah Windsong I would recommend trying out if you feel led to!

As for how I use these attunements, other than the initial energetic experience (or meditation), it is mainly to use in self healing. I alternate between the intention to use certain healing systems; meaning sometimes I ask for many different types of energy to flow through me and back into myself channeled through my hands or through stones or crystals that I use to direct energy with, and sometimes I ask for each one at a time and then move through a list of 'Reiki's' that I feel may be relative to the experience. 

I try to use energy healing to help my girlfriend with her anxiety, depression, and physical issues, however it is a slow process of her accepting it as a help to her. I try not to force the issue, but when she is in need of immediate assistance for something, she is more likely to be open to any kind of help. She usually would rather a massage than Reiki, so I say "How about both?"

I also like to make short videos and musical pieces to transmit the healing energies I have become acquainted with through these attainments. To me this is an effective way to share energy with people that I have never met and I feel that these attunements have help given me the inspiration and faith to do these things that many people seem to find helpful!

Thanks to Chris and all the many others who have contributed to this experience in large and small ways!


I've taken care of myself and the environment and communities, places where I have moved and sometimes remote.

Shamballa on is very effective.

Thank you

Love and Light



I have just joined this group and look for guidance towards the attunements. Are there any initiatory or free attunements available ? thx


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Fellow Lightworkers,

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Cho Ku Rei! Cho Ku Rei! Cho Ku Rei!


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