As One Unit

Remember how we started? First there was Adam, one soul.
Adam was a good soul, wanting only to give to the Creator.
But he misjudged his ability to give to the Creator, and that
mistake cost him—and, consequently, us—heavily. He broke. His
soul shattered into 600,000 pieces, which still today continue to

break, hence the billions of people inhabiting our world. All of
them are tiny fragments of the original soul.
The beauty of it is that each of us is both a particular
soul and a piece in the puzzle of Adam ha Rishon. Within us
are all the pieces of that
first soul, just as every cell
in our body contains all
the genetic information to
create a whole new identical
body or a part of a hologram
contains the entire
But to realize that we
are one soul, we have to
want to feel this way. This
simple rule runs throughout Kabbalah and spirituality: no
coercion. In other words, you don’t get what you don’t want
to get.
The cells in our bodies don’t “think” about how they work
together. They just function as one unit. We wouldn’t make it
past the first week of pregnancy if it hadn’t been this way. Indeed,
biology provides a perfect model for what Kabbalah describes as
the common soul.
When a baby grows in its mother’s womb, the minute
cells begin to differentiate, a beautiful thing happens—they
begin to communicate and cooperate with one another. The
more differentiated they become, the more they are forced to
cooperate. A liver cell can’t do what a kidney cell does, so the
kidney cleans up the toxins that the liver can’t, and the liver
creates the new cells that the kidney can’t. This way, they are
different but cooperating, and every part of the body benefits
as a result.

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