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Are Your Thoughts Aligning With What You Wish To Manifest?

By Mother Mary Through Octavia Vasile


Dear beings of light,

I am always here with you. I have never left your side, and I never will.

Your reality is shifting now, and it is essential to recognize that everything is perfectly fine. You are cherished beyond your comprehension.

Take a moment to close your eyes and envision the radiant light that I am sending to you. Allow it to envelop you in a bubble of light, expanding into your living space and beyond. Let it illuminate not only you but also your loved ones and all of humanity.

During this time, many of you may experience fear. There is nothing inherently wrong with this; fear has been accumulated over many years and generations.


Understand that fear is not inherently negative; it is merely a stored vibration within your being. Free yourself from its grip by acknowledging its presence, observing it, and giving it space to exist. Do not run from it or heed its whispers.


Treat fear as you would a lost child in need of comfort. Gaze deeply into its essence, allowing it to dissolve. Refuse to be swayed by fear; instead, follow the path illuminated by love.


Are Your Thoughts Aligning With What You Wish To Manifest? Ask yourself, "Is this guidance rooted in love or fear?" and choose to follow only that which emanates from love.

Consider whether a thought aligns with your desires and intentions for creation. Disregard thought patterns that do not resonate with the reality you wish to manifest.

If you are reading this message, understand that you are one of the Prime Creators. You have incarnated on Earth at this pivotal time to co-create a new reality. Your Prime Creator codes are being fully reactivated. You are the visionaries ushering in a new era.

Release attachments to outdated beliefs and follow the guidance of your heart.

Embrace a new divine love, a new divine trust, and a new fifth-dimensional reality.

Let go, let go, let go. Be as you are."

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