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Are we becoming cyborgs?

In only a matter of time humans will become cyborgs, thoughts? Let's review some technologies that make this happen in varying degrees: Nanobots for surgeries Cyberprosthetics Google glasses (future contacts maybe too) Implanted rfid and gps Rfid chips on bank cards and passports, even student ids Smartphones Drones Thermal imaging cameras Gps trackers I'm sure there is more In the end possible timelines are borg planet or oblivion movie control center In the end a computer virus could destroy computer earth Mark of the beast? Or helpful? You decide Know above all spirit and divine supersede all, that is why it is important to stay connected to spirit, we dont want to become the borg do we? What are your thoughts?

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  • why not, spiritual beings we are, show really beyond the words, and our light will be and we will be, of the luminous hearts.


  • Dear Chris,

    my name is Heike, I am a healer, a shaman and medium based in Frankfurt, Germany. One of the healing systems, I received lately by Virgin Mary is able to cure, as she said "the atom of shame, located in the Solar Plexus Chakra". If we consider the wish to maximize ones abilities by cyborg technologies as an effort to avoid a confrontation with the shame of "not being perfect", we could heal this notion by sending these rays to the collective subconsciousness of the earth:

    First it should be the pink-golden ray.

    Second the white-golden ray

    Third the purple-golden ray.

    This combination, send out with the wish that the collective mental form of shame may transform itself and establish the initial light of  live in every cell of those who feel ashamed, will help healing our past and thereby heal our future.

    Sending love and hope,



  • spiritual soul,spiritual cyborg in mother/father Source,spiritual hologram is me. soon.

  • I started to weird out about this when Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity came out a while back. He said 2015 was the year for non-biological intelligence to overtake the sophistication of biological intelligence and merge with it. I don't see it happening that soon, but eventually, if nothing changes too drastically, it is a potential.

     I'm not convinced that knowing how the brain works and creating sophisticated artificial intelligence programs is going to allow a human consciousness to inhabit a robotic body. The brain and the mind are not the same thing (not to mention Soul and Spirit!). We really need to know all the aspects of what being human is before we start re-designing our bodies! We may leave behind something integral and limit our potential.

    However, as our message boards and blog posts here are filled with the idea that our bodies are changing to a crystalline base, let's not forget that Silicone is crystalline! Oneness and Unity Consciousness are kind of a positive way of describing 'The Borg'. Its horrific in Star Trek, but isn't it a mark of progress to be more of a collective and less of an individual?

    I'm through worrying about it, though. I'm sure my heart will guide me right when the time comes. Unless I replace it! (Heart 2.0)

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