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Sam Garrett & Jack Weaver:
Greetings family, I am so happy to share the official music video with you all for my good friend Jack Weaver's new single, "Pachamama" on this Earth Day 2023 (you can find the song on all your favorite platforms here -
Here is Jack's story behind the song: 'Pachamama is an honouring to our Divine Mother, the Earth, who continually supports and nourishes us. I give thanks to her Nature and the abundance she offers us.
I was inspired to write Pachamama whilst living at The Shanti Space. It was a time when my wife and I were initiating our project and working on our permaculture garden. During this time we spent much time in connection with nature and the seasons that came. We had become guardians of a magical place that has a deep connection to nature and this song came to me whilst barefooted tending to the land.
I am beyond blessed to be collaborating with my dear brother Sam Garrett in this song. This feels fitting as he has played an instrumental part in inspiring me to step into being a musician and begin to share my music.
Nature is the cure for our stressed and destructive culture and we must come back into connection and alignment with her. Her wisdom is within the ebbs and flows of her cycles. We sing to her beauty, We sing to the Elements, We sing to her cycles.
It is a song channelled from the Heart of Nature at The Shanti Space through my Heart and to share with all of yours! May it inspire us all to love and care for our Mother and our deep feminine nature.
With much love to you all and gratitude, Jack Weaver'

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