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about zeda and zeda beings
Zeda beings are human humanoid beingsangel angelic lightbeings been known to be in three forms physical form, non physical form and angel angelic light form, no they are not shapeshifters, they are angel angelic lightbeings from the angel angelic light realms. They are known as angels of light, they are cosmic light beings, angelic light beings, light beings, children of the radiant light, they are cosmic angelic light beings. it is believed that venusians, lyrans, sirians, angean;s vegans and angelic beings originated from zeda, zeda galaxy, and zeda universe,. Zeda is far beyond this sun, outside this galaxies, and very far far far far from this universe, it is located in the 6th or 9th or higher dimension at the edge of this universe. Zeda was the first planet, galaxy and universe to be made first before this 3rd dimension realm univerese, and earth and zeda, zeda galaxy and zeda universe is made from pure radiant light, its not the same as this 3rd dimension realm universe nor the same as the planet here and not the same as earth. Its pure light and planets in and from zeda is pure light, and energy that can be in two forms of physical and non physical, the human humanoid beings are not like what you see here on this planet nor in this 3rd dimension universe, they are made from pure light, they are angelic, known as angels of light, but they can be in two forms physicall and non physical forms. Beings from zeda do have healing comforting abilities, telepath/empath abilities, they do have astral travel, astral projection abilities, awareness abilities, cosmic sleep abilities, and angelic abilities. They have been known to astral travel, astral project, they also have been known to travel from different realms of any dimensions, and universes and yes even planets, they can survive on any planet surfaces, even gas giants, amazing. They are known as amazing beings. Beings from zeda are in galactic confederation, ashtar galactic command, starseed, cosmic light volunteers, they are here in this realm and here on this planet for a purpose, to spread positive vibes, bring healing comforting love, harmony, balance, peace, radiant light, guidence and wisdom. They do work with other cosmic light beings, starseeds, indigo's, angels, and galactic confederation. They even try their best to work with humans by giving only guidence and wisdom on the right path of positive light, but they do not interfere with daily lives of society on this planet nor this realm unless they are asked upon to help, give guidence, wisdom and healing comforting love. Beings from zeda are very radiant, glowing, comforting and beautiful, they have been known to be called angels for they are angelic. They bring smiles to all faces, warm all hearts, bring joy to all hearts, they have the most beautiful radiant light that shines so brightly from their hearts. Yes they do work with angels, zeda has been known to be called heaven like universe, planets, and galaxies, mainly its known as the radiant light, beings from here are called children of the radiant light. They also worked very closely with archangels, higher beings also. They do have channelings and telepath with commander ashtar, jesus, sananda and all cosmic spiritual beings, cosmic, galactic and light beings. Beings from zeda and zeda beings will be called upon with all cosmic light beings and assist all cosmic light beings to guide all souls, non physical bodies through the cosmic gateway stargate portal and transition into the next dimension, assist this planet into the transition of the next dimension. They will be called upon back to their universe, galaxies and planets name zeda they are originally from and any beings from zeda will be called back home when the time comes.
Just to let everyone know
zeta is from this realm dimension universe and these beings are greyish whiteish humanoid beings, they are located between orion, pleiades and sirian sectors, systems, star systems and constillations
zeda is from and located in the 6th or 9th higher dimension realm univerese and are not from this 3rd and 4th dimension realm universe, these beings are human humanoid cosmic angelic light beings, universe, galaxies and planets are located very far far from this sun, realm dimension universe, in the 9th dimension realm universe at the edge of the universe, was the first made, made from pure radiant light and radiant energy and first before this realm dimension universe and earth, they are known as angels of the light, but can be in two forms, non physical and physical forms.
Zeda beings are known as angels of light, angelic beings, they are humanoid, but made from pure radiant light. You can see glowing radiant bright goldish whitish energy and radiant light eminating from them, all over them and shining outward within their hearts. Angea, venus and all planets is zeda and are zeda, zeda is and are angea, venus and zeda is all planets in 9th and 10th dimension and also 6th and 7th dimension. Zeda are child like beings with angelic appearance, they are very sensitive, but very sweet, compassion and gentle, and yes they are very vulnerable, but they do know how to protect and guard themselves from any harm and any negitive with and from their positive energies and pure love. If you are sharp enough you can see the bluish and greenish with golden circle tint in their eyes and if you do see this, this means they are positive and angelic beings. They do assist and work with all angels, archangels, cosmic light beings, higher beings, and galactic beings. There are different angel and angelic beings, all and any beings from zeda are known as cosmic light and angel angelic beings, they are angel light beings, they are beings of light and from universe of light. Zeda is made from pure radiant light, the galaxy is not what you see in this realm, noooooooooo, its whole galaxy and whole universe, zeda is known as universe of radiant light. Venusians, angea, siria, lyria, vegans, angelic beings and asyurans and andromedans are from zeda, and zeda universe of light. It is said that zeda maybe ancient of venus. Any beings from this universe of light and from zeda are scattered and colonized through out the entire universe, other universe, realms, dimensions if different forms, human forms, angelic forms, and cosmic galactic light forms and many different forms. Yes they are also here on this planet, they can live on either this planets surface, underground and inside this planet. They can only tolorate comfortable and weather and temperatures, no more than 90 degree's farenhiet, they do not tolorate real cold, very cold, very hot and real hot weather and temperatures. Their energies is so strong, comforting, and positive that keeps all and any negitive away and yes does affect all electronical, communication systems and equipment which cannot be helped but they do their very best to control and ground their energies to have flow from crown through their feet. When they do touch any electronical and communication systems and equipments, they do feel strong energy surge, and tingling surge which this cannot be helped also. their energies can be felt from many many thousands of miles, even billions of miles. Beings from zeda are known as cosmic transimitters, cosmic attena's sending cosmic transmittion in deep space, other realms, dimensions, universe and inside this planet, you can even hear the comforting humming sound eminating from them and their energies. They are such glowing radiant angel angelic and cosmic light beings that give comforting healing love, they do give wisdom, guidence and protection guard against harm and negitive, sometimes they are blunt, but they are very cautious, and careful of what they say and do with love, care, compassion and respect, they have the most beautiful glowing smile that will bring awwwwww and smile to all faces. They are angels of light, their energies does blend with each other so beautifully and with other angels and angelic beings. They can be in two forms, physical and non physical, but they are light beings, angelic beings, angels and cosmic light beings usually in two forms. You can also hear the most beautiful angelic voice and songs from them and they can speak without moving their mouths, and when they are in non physical form and their energies become beautiful as rainbows and blend, it is the most beautiful, radiant and comforting and brings you to sense of awwwwwwww, its hard to describe the words, it is beautiful. These beings and planets, universe, galaxy and zeda is made from pure radiant light and they are known as angels of light. They do work and assist galactic confederation, ashtar galactic command, starseeds, and indigo's and yes even angels and archangels, they have very much telepath, channelings and connections within these groups, galactic command, confederation, starseeds and indigo's and yes even commander ashtar and all galactic cosmic beings, light beings, higher beings for they are angels, angelic beings and light beings with all angels and archangels and light beings. They are known as children of light, what beautiful beings they are with no egos, no negitive, no selifsh, no attitudes, no anger, only pure love, pure radiant light, positive vibes, unconditional love and comforting energies. Zeda beings are angel angelic lightbeings, yes even angel angelic angels and are known as complex beings from complex doorway of light from light doorway and light realms in the angel and angelic realms.
more pics of beings from zeda, angel angelic beings, light beings, cosmic light beings and angels and beings of light, universe of light from zeda
Pics of zeda zeda beings from zeda universe known as universe of angel angelic light from angel angelic light realms

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  • Can you please tell me how you know this. I had a dream about this place or I Astral traveled there. I'm not sure which one. But it was home for me. I can't find any literature on it, but this.

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