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about attunements


I want to ask 

if I received the attunement and after that read the manual, in that case, I received it in a good way? I mean the attunement is completed?

or should I receive it after reading the manual?

especially if there's symbols in the attunement

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  • Yes before and after. You can receive the attunement again a second time after reading the manual. Just ask for the attunement again and it will be delivered by your higher self. The manual helps you understand the energies and how to heal self/others. All is well and all will be well. No worries brother. 

  • ok , thanks

  • Good Eve brother ,you can if your higher self ask that then follow this don't go with anybody ..But some attunements have some guidance or symbol so just read main main heading before attu so that your doubt will clear.

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