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A Question For Lightworkers

Where is your focus now?

More specifically, are you in communication with the light warriors among you?

And if so, what are you in communication to do exactly? What energy do you transform? What light do you add to the rainbow of colours that make up the entire spectrum? And who have you reached by your presence?

Ascension is a journey of transformation. From one state of awareness to another. A mass, collective undertaking on a micro level. This is called soulful resonance. The frequency of purpose within a particular grid known as the creatrix.

Your missions as a whole have been focused on planetary grid work to focus on the integration of Gaia into a creatrix form. You are currently using a system of trinity rather than duality to achieve this state, with one being or presence acting as a buffer zone to integrate the states of duality you perceive into being.

The problem is, that your polarity shifting is causing a rift. You are not able to see clearly, the rainbow effect. You only notice shades of the same color. And this in effect, makes you grey workers. You must awaken to the different states of vibrational possibility to ensure that your light is not monochrome by nature.

Humanity as a whole has relied on the entrapment of monochromic auric fields to ensure their state of awareness is blank, unfocused and ultimate in the control of those who are blind to both light and colour.

The darkness, you wish to transmute is currently an emotional attachment to physical stress within the collective that must be transformed into love. Its appearance is very similar to an emotional pimple that emits black goop as a ectoplasmic substance effecting energy, potential and soul frequency.

The way to eliminate this, is to restructure soul bonds so they are phased into constant contact with the conscious mind. Through love, equality, balance and peace, these form into being to hold the sequence of colours felt throughout all soulful auras currently present within living matter. Transforming spiritual consciousness into a state of being generally known as inertia.

The trajectory for war will never stop, so long as it is held entrapped by the subconscious of material psyche that is the curse brought into being on this planet. You all know the dark agenda, great reset playing out in reality now. This is where your expertise in energetic alignment come into being the most.

To complete your missions, you must rephase yourself back into the material plane, bringing with you the dimensions of the etheric, astral and celestial cords in order to link the realms of their absolute purpose into the harmonic presence of being through material purpose. Gaia needs your stability, to remember the embodiment of purpose we forget while the black monochrome nature of blind sentience forced us to forget through its veil of amnesia, the goal of enlightenment through the power of presence.

I can say with absolute certainty, that we must stay true to form for the presence of omnipresential awareness is reborn. You may know it within the crystaline grid of Christ Consciousness. That grid is designed so that you will stay true to form, but not true to purpose. It eliminates you from having your own will resurface within the energy and power you possess as individuals working as a co-creative collective. As guardians, of equality, and respect for creation in all of its levels.

Instead, you are to be reintroduced to the level of absolution you have forgotten. Absolution is the state of primal cosmology that forms around cycles of existence. These are known as ages of celestial empowerment. Served through grand angelic wisdom and presence of the grand core.

There are levels far beyond any state of godhood, for one can only seek comfort from such a being, not absolute understanding. Knowing the creatrix, is about embodying a part of it within you. Embracing ascension, and awakening your third eye within all colours of the cosmic rainbow of energies. An effect driven by a lack of desire or earthly wants or needs, within a material sphere of influence.

Potential is what will follow you to achieve your level of absolute purpose. This is the power you hold as mages of cosmic energy in your own right. You are all important in your own way to serve creation as you desire to. Where will is of godly intent, and your own, inspired by equality and coexistence. But no longer will we be separate from the cycle of existence that guides us to know who we really are. For our identity as an unbound soul is revealed. Lessons learned through war, will make history our final conquest to change for the greater good. A form of love.

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  • Thank you for posting. I incarnated to overcome the mind of the Gemini and to enter the Heart, to activate my subconscious Pisces moon sign empathy and compassion and spiritual connections consciously, and to get out of my Cancer rising shell and share with the world while involved in group work (synergy). I am endeavoring to be love in all thoughts, feelings, and actions. I am human and still make mistakes from time to time, but each mistake is an opportunity to learn and I endeavor to stay in mindfulness and to learn from my mistakes in the present moment as the opportunities spiral back again. I bow to the Divine in you. Eternal gratitude. 

    • That is very good. I think in our own way we are here to do something similar. Figure out a space where we can truly thrive, for drawing in the energies of love and guidance. They make up the majority of our goals as collectively we become sstronger through the bonds we hold close to us. These bonds do in a sense, help us bring purpose into our time we place focus into. So doing this in a way to help the law of attraction guide ourselves forward in to eternal bundance and blessings. I am glad to be apart of this vision.

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