by Yshatar (May 1, 2011)


So for many many years I have been noticing many "special" dates come and go, such as Oct.14th 2008. (even though I myself DID witness a large craft that day for several seconds) and I just wanted to write an article about the importance of not focusing on "dates". It is more important, IMHO to focus on simply living and being, not going by linear time. And we have to be honest and ask ourselves what happens if nothing happens this year or next year? What will you do then? wait for the next miracle date? sadly I have noticed a lot of people become saddened and disillusioned when nothing transpires on a particular date, they wasted their time and focus and perhaps even their money on a particular day when they could have, instead, been focusing on living in the now and simply enjoying every day as if it were their last.

I particularly live my life every day as if I am going to die or ascend right now, My focus is on the here and now, not June 21st or October 21st or December 21st. I live my life with the teachings of the great and wonderful vast cosmos, and one of those teachings is that there is no linear time, you can not define any event natural or supernatural by linear time because it is not a physical dimension, Mother Earth, our universe and galaxy and beyond are not elements of our reality, we are elements of It's reality and it's reality transcends time and space.

Glance into the world just as though time were gone: and everything crooked will become straight to you. -Nietzsche

When you are focused on a moment in the future, your present then becomes a blur, for there is no future because now is what creates it. And I believe personally, that tomorrow (The future) does not yet exist. As starseeds we sometimes get caught up in 3rd dimensional thought patterns and forget about how vast multidimensionaly speaking, we are, we forget what ascension really is, we all do, that's OK, I have to often remind myself what ascension is, it's a personal journey of self rediscovery, it is the process in which our perception catches up to our already ascended consciousness. As multidimensional beings, we already exist as an ascended awareness, it is our perception that has to remember it's divine state.

That is part of the process, simply remembering who and what we already are! and that is truly the role of a starseed, nudging humanity in the right direction so that they may remember their divine connection. So that they may realize that the truth of who they are and where they are going, is not written in ancient books, channeled or discussed in a video, it is within them every moment of their lives, and every second of their life, they are being reminded how to remember, not all will see the signs, not all were meant to, but all, in due time, will recognize themselves as mirrors of God consciousness, when they are ready and not a minute later or before they will (re)merge with their ascended consciousness, their higherself.

We can not and have no right to tell someone when or how they will ascend, that in my honest opinion is a violation of their free will and against universal law. We as starseeded souls incarnated on planet Earth should know that we can not interfere in their ascension but be examples of how the transition and integration can go more smoothly, for example: we deal with the physical, emotional and mental changes during the transition of high frequency/energy as our physical integrates with our multidimensional self in different ways, but we are proof that it is real and it's OK, we have gone through it numerous times on different 1D, 2D and 3D worlds and beyond.

Dates already serve a much useless purpose, for example, telling you how to live, (When you should be at work, what day you should celebrate your life, when you should take your kids out to interact with the community etc) why should dates also tell you how to live your spiritual life? you cant put a number/date on an eternal multidimensional, multifaceted, unlimited higher beingness. 

Dates serve no other purpose then to distract you and remind you that your life is on a schedule, most likely not your own, Dates keep you in the rat race, limit and imprison you, the divine spark, so break free from the system and live in the now, everything you believe will happen and desire to happen at a predetermined time is happening right now, you are this being of pure infinite divine consciousness, you are contact, you are ascended, you are all of the things you desire to be manifested. Often times we forget this because sometimes in our lives we witness turbulent times, but like a child we can not learn to walk with out first falling, and we can not fall unless we crawl, life is made up of a series of stages designed to experience love in all it's forms, love of self (Ego) and love of others (Heart) and finally we then experience what I like to call Enlightened love, a balance between love of self(ego) and love of others(heart). With enlightened love, we find a balance between unconditional love and self love enough to respect others but also require the same respect in return, yet at the same time always remaining a reliable source of unconditional love when the person in question is ready no matter what, in the end, we are all one, we are all human.

And because we are human, in this moment, we are easily seduced by time. We give dates for things because it puts it in perspective, gives us something to look forward to, allowing us to manage living in a world where a system is put in place that is completely counter to what our souls need and want. We did it however, to experience as I said before, the different forms of love which is in essence experiencing the different facets of God (the source) darkness/light, ego/mind, heart/spirit.

Personally I live by a few of my own personal affirmations when considering my future:

  • Be discerning! - Not all you read is set in truth
  • Timelines change ALL the time because time is illusion
  • The future does NOT exist yet
  • Now is another name for future
  • I don't have to follow a doctrine
  • My now is a mirror
  • I am the creator of my Now Future, no one else
  • It can't rain all the time -quote from City Of Angels

In conclusion, just live life in the now, or the future, the past, under the bridge or however you like it, it is after all your life, but the point here is to remember to LIVE.

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yes dates are like carrots hanging there to keep you going nowhere. past is gone forever and the future doesn't exist yet although the now doesn't exist either. there is no life to live as nothing ultimately exists. it appears you are always in a dream state but who does the dreaming? who is living the life you think is yours? is it really your life or are you being lived through? there is a reason why nothing ever goes anywhere. maybe because it is not meant to go anywhere. maybe you are just stuck in a simulation with a preset program from which you cannot deviate. 

This is such a wonderful posting!

Thanks, Chris!

Dear Ananta, the World is for real, but the way we see it is an illusion, first of all, we are all but One, the same consciousness, the dream is meant to reveal to consciousness the many faceted ways of manifestations!

This is in order for the All, to know the possibilities, and the parts!

As when we dream, we dream many characters, but the dream is entirely ours!

We know, in the dream what each character is feeling, and thus our dream reveals to us the so many possibilities inherent

to the characters we are dreaming, which are nothing more nor less, than aspects of ourselves, thus the creator knows himself through us!

We are already, all of us, parts of the creator, to think that we are separate, and that we need salvation to reunite, is the problem!

We are all perfect, as we are! 

Thanks Chris for sharing this here, I've been blogging about this for years, there is no specific date when bringing in what is called "The Golden Age."   A lot of information posted on the internet is.......internet born and then expanded. People need to connect within, always, for their own journey and their own awakening.  Namaste  ~  Tara.


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