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A New Year's Message

This New Year coincides more or less with the beginning of a new 25950 year Zodiacal cycle known as the precession of the equinoxes, in which the earth, wobbling on its axis, begins a new revolution around our solar system. The dawning of this new cycle brings with it heightened and accelerated feminine energies that are meant to "soften" and balance an overly masculine-dominated planet. We are not talking about gender here but of the balancing earth's primary elements--earth, fire, water, and air-- that permeate all phases of life on the physical plane. The process of reaching equilibrium will continue to be tumultuous as the masculine energies resist the incoming accelerated feminine vibrations. The result will be the continued crumbling of the world's economic and financial systems, continued warfare and major earth changes, all of which reflect the work of Divine Will as it destroys the old to make way for the new cycle. As equilibrium is gradually achieved, the earth and its inhabitants will gradually be ready to move into a new Golden Age. The Spiritual Hierarchy estimates that this re-balancing could take another fifty years.

So why couldn't an abrupt change have taken place overnight on December 21, 2012?
1. All things in this solar system move at an evolutionary pace, not according to Hollywood-type hysteria or drama. Evolutionary change requires the transmutation of every atom in the direction of evolution. The changes we observe today in the political, economic and financial systems are the result of decades, if not centuries of transmutation and evolution. However, do not think that just because 2012 has passed, humpty dumpty will be put back together again. The crumbling of the world`s financial system is in full swing and will not stop until it has been completely destroyed and or been rendered able to serve the interests of humanity fully.

2. Among the masses of humanity, there is an inertia called the "bias to normal". As the cleansing of the earth has proceeded, humanity has chosen to cling to the dying systems rather than detach. The riots we observe around the world are violent pleas for everything to remain at status quo. "Give us what you promised us!" the masses scream as they cling to moribund, dying systems. By doing this, humanity has unfortunately made its choice: instead of an enlightened transition into the new age from a world controlled by the Dark Forces, it has chosen the long, tortuous road of suffering. The biblical prophecy of the "gnashing of teeth" must now be endured as transmutation continues unabated albeit at a slower, more agonizing pace.

3. Some events projected and hyped in the media were never meant to happen, because they were conjured up by an over-emotional population of fanatics, false prophets and deliberate purveyors of disinformation. Spaceships didn't swoop down on earth to save wide-eyed groups assembled on various high plateaux. Christ's rapture never lifted those sinless Christians from their suffering brothers on earth. Friendly aliens never showed up to save those who have been cooperating with them on earth spreading their spurious messages. The earth didn't lurch 45 degrees on its axis, rendering the Arctic the only safe haven. Planet X never entered our solar system and rubbed elbows with the earth, neither were we plunged into three nights of pitch darkness. All this hysteria, lies and false prophecies have faded into nothingness, while their egg-in-face perpetrators invent even more dates and bogeyman stories to frighten the world's population.

We have learned over the past decade that humanity will resist change as the cleansing of the earth continues in preparation for the new age. Human intransigence and inertia may slow down the drive to a rightful balancing on earth, but it will not stop it. Rather than a succession of events which we had projected earlier--i.e. collapse of the economic and financial systems, constant warfare leading up to WW III and finally earth changes, we will see the first two crises colliding head-on with the earth changes. A stark example is how Hurricane Sandy slammed into Wall Street, destroying much that has not yet been revealed. Why? The earth changes are "timed" according to cosmic cycles, and they wait for no one.

Again, we all stand at a momentous juncture cosmic history. It`s not all doom and gloom. In fact the destruction you witness is Divine Will at work, just making room for the new cycle. As the latter takes hold, we must come to see that it brings a multitude of opportunities and promises. Standing at the crossroads of these two cycles, we can BE the Phoenix that rises out of the destruction. If the giant supermarket closes its doors, who then will provide the services it had rendered? Multiple opportunities to replace its services will abound, if you are ready and open-minded to see and take advantage of opportunities that will present themselves before you.

As we gingerly sidestep the colliding energies above, we can by an act of will decide to flow with the `New Birthing` energies of the incoming cycle, popularly known as the Age of Aquarius. As your mind opens up and allows the new birthing energies to flow through you, you will note how lighter and brighter everything around you seems to have become. Most notable, you will be surprised at your growing fearlessness that comes out of the new energies. Things you didn`t dare do before for fear of this or that, you can now venture into. The more you venture out, the more you will grasp the `New Birthing energies` in your life and recognize the opportunities before you. Dare to do! Don`t cower!

Fearlessness enables you to try something new or seize a new prospect. It also gives you a golden opportunity to guide the ongoing transmutation into a balanced society based on sound spiritual principles. If you want to provide goods or services, take a moment to ask yourself how you can make this initiative less selfish. No one expects you to turn into an angel overnight because of the new cycle, but you now have the opportunity to do something a tad bit less selfishly, benefitting others instead of only yourself. Move forth with less fear AND less selfishness.

You may be surrounded by confusion and turmoil, even the deaths of your nearest and dearest, but you must maintain your balance through meditation and contemplation. Moreover, work constantly through meditation to maintain contact with your soul. Do not be drawn into the torrent. Draw in prana through your crown and let it settle into your body and restore your stability.
Panicked individuals around you will be drawn to your fixed calmness and light. As lightbearers, this is your job. As others approach or befriend you, take a second to breathe in deeply, then SEE the god within each of them. By doing this, you bring out the soul potential in the individual and put him or her on the path to balancing his or her qualities through soul knowledge. Even when meeting up with people who normally annoy you, take a second to see their `god within.` By doing this, you are building brick by brick the golden pathway to the New Age. The New Age will be soul-driven.

Remember, as you meditate and consciously place yourself within the `New Birthing` energies, you will always come out on top of the turmoil or more likely completely avoid it. It is all about where you put yourself mentally. The control of your mental body is paramount and this can only be accomplished through meditation. Many throw up their hands and say, "I can`t meditate. My mind wanders." Well, meditation promises to be less difficult within the incoming cycle and you will find it much easier to meditate. Be reminded that no one else can meditate for you. Only you must make the effort.

The opportunity to flow with the new incoming cycle is a privilege and gift granted you from the many lifetimes you have experienced on earth. Detach from the old, limited icons of the past cycle and open up your minds to allow the expansion of your consciousness to take place. This golden opportunity happens only once every 25950 years. Ponder on this and act.

The Amanuensis


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  • Thank you for posting this Chris.
    Highly resonates with me.
    Interesting about meditation, my favorite place to meditate is the bathtub, I have never been on of those typical meditators, have only practiced meditation since my awakening in 2011...but everyone has their own special way of connecting to their Source, a way unique only to them.
    Which ever way works for them.
    The "old ways" are the only ways anymore, and that is a fantastic thing.
    Pretty soon, the old ways will be gone altogether.
    Of course "pretty soon" is somewhat of a relative term...when dealing with eternal beings...
    Keep shining.
    In light and love
This reply was deleted.