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A New Renaissance Begins - By Emmanuel Dagher


Before we catch up on the blessings 2024 has in store for us, let’s reflect on the gifts last year brought us.


2023 was the year that our personal and collective awakening journey was catapulted to unparalleled new heights.


As empowering and liberating as an awakening can be, it is often preceded and followed by intense integration cycles that spotlight deeply rooted traumas, habits, and coping patterns that the mind has been identifying with for lifetimes.


These patterns include fear, chaos, lack, worry, shame, resentment, control, blame, suffering, and judgment.


2023 brought us the understanding that whatever familiar coping patterns our mind may have reached for to protect itself, it’s imperative that we honor and embrace those patterns with compassion and neutrality.


The hurdle that many people on a spiritual path often are challenged by, is that they believe they must always think positively, and that they need to present themselves in a certain way that doesn’t fully embrace all aspects of themselves, including the shadow self.


This approach keeps a person on a hamster wheel of struggle, and moves them further away from peace, happiness, and feeling connected.


When we as spiritually conscious beings can offer the mind kindness and the right to exist exactly as it is, without trying to numb, get rid of, punish, or fix it in any way, extraordinary things happen.


This approach has the power to heal patterns, habits, ailments, and traumas not only for us, but for all of the ancestors who have preceded us.


The Energy Signature of 2024


2024 is an 8 year in numerology (2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8.)

8 is the number of the humanitarian and healer. It is also the number of prosperity, flow, and abundance in its highest form, which is love.


Humanity has been on a long and winding road to get to this moment.

The road has been challenging and bumpy to say the least, yet something deep within us knew we’d get here, and never allowed us to give up.


A Year of Abundance


When we allow ourselves to truly recognize it, the energy of abundance is all around us, ready to be received. It lives and breathes within our cells, in all of Nature, and in the celestial bodies in the ethers.


How do we embrace abundance in a more intentional way?

To align with greater abundance in all of its glory, is to understand what abundance really means.


Abundance is freedom, and it materializes itself through the embrace of Divine Love.

To create greater abundance, we must give ourselves full permission to be free.


Now, this can be a bit of a process for the mind, because it has learned to find safety and comfort through controlled and structured ways of being.


So, although our Spirit has and always will be free, the mind may not be comfortable embracing the immeasurable power that comes with embracing freedom.


The key is to gently show the mind how to find comfort in embracing freedom, so it can blossom and flourish, instead of tightening up and becoming rigid with self-protection.


When we find ways to affirm that the mind is not losing anything by embracing our free self, but in fact gaining everything . . . then we can create the kind of abundant reality our Spirit desires for us to experience.


As we enter the New Year, let’s reflect on whether we are allowing ourselves to be free in all ways or not.


Are we allowing ourselves to shine brightly? Are we speaking our truth fully?

Are we making ourselves a top priority? Are we living our passion? Embracing and sharing our gifts?


Are we taking time to love, pamper, and nurture ourselves and others often?

Have we released the need to prove ourselves, and to be liked by others?

Are we communing with nature and the Universe often?


If we answered yes to these questions, then we are most likely experiencing lots of desired abundance in our lives.


If you are feeling stuck or still struggling, use it as feedback to let you know that an important aspect of yourself still desires to be set free.


2024 is the year to set ourselves free in every way!


Video Link: 2024: Bridging The Gap To Higher Conscousness


Foundations for a New Renaissance


For the past 80-plus years, and especially recently, the veil of illusion on our planet has been dissolving.


To live behind the veil of illusion is an agreement most humans make before they enter this world.


This veil has been a part of each person’s personal commitment to learning about duality, through the process of forgetting who we are.


Forgetting who we really are has allowed us to learn more about ourselves—as physical extensions of the Universe, as expressions of life, and as expressions of all our feedback experiences, whether they resonated with our core essence or not.


We agreed to this forgetting, because our Souls believed in us enough to know that we would eventually come back to remembering the magnificence of who we really are.


That era of forgetfulness lasted for thousands of years.  

We’ve been blessed by many way-showers (known and unknown) throughout history who have planted seeds of remembrance for all of humanity, to help us come home to ourselves when we are ready.  


The time for us to come home to our most authentic and expanded selves has finally arrived.  


The year 2024 will serve as the major turning point for many of us, especially those who have been doing the work on themselves to heal.


It will allow us to witness expansion, healing, abundance, and change in our personal lives and in the world in ways that are unmatched.

The time for us to individually and collectively dissolve the veil of illusion is here. 


This is it, my friend! It’s the beginning of a completely new reality!


All of the chaos, fear, separation, corruption, and control we’re seeing in the world right now is a manifestation of the veils dissolving. 


We can choose to continue to allow ourselves to be attached to this veil, which will make things even more challenging for us. Or we can choose to let go of it, and enter a new paradigm of peace, wholeness, prosperity, freedom, and love for all. 


There’s a lot of fear, worry, and feelings of chaos going around right now, which is clouding many people’s visions. 


It’s keeping them from seeing the remarkable new blessings and changes now appearing on the horizon. 


If you’re finding yourself getting caught up in fear, be extra kind and gentle with yourself, and know that you are not alone.


The way we resolve fear is to allow ourselves to fully honor it. We honor fear by allowing ourselves to acknowledge and feel what needs to be felt. 


We are sensitive energetic beings and have been taught to store fear somewhere deep inside our body and mind, because we just don’t want to feel it. 


Yet as soon as we give our feelings the time and attention they need to be felt and acknowledged completely—those feelings no longer become a burden that controls us. 


Instead, something extraordinary happens. 


The feelings soften and bring us back to a state of grace and peace.


Imagine what life would be like for you, once you intentionally created/manifested from a space of ease, grace, and peace!


You’d instantly free yourself up to receive blessing upon blessing, because you’d no longer be operating from a space of need and desperation.


That is what’s possible for us now.


The transmutation of heavy, dense thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we are seeing now in our own lives and in the world around us is absolutely a normal part of this process. 


Transmutation is necessary, because our personal and collective mind has been using every coping mechanism it acquired during the forgetfulness era to tightly hold on to the old structures.


The mind has long held onto old beliefs, habits, ideology, traditions, and other attachments it has identified with, so that it need never change the way it operates. 


The mind doesn’t like change because it thinks it will lose something—itself—as a result.


Video Link: Escape The Mayrix & Unlock Your True Potential


Yet those who have been doing the inner work know this is absolutely not true! 


They know that, in fact, by retraining the mind to embrace and honor change, it will be able to gain and thrive more fully than it ever could have by remaining loyal to old patterns of chaos, fear, separation, lack, etc.


Those who have been doing the inner work understand that the only way to move through the old patterns now coming to the surface, is to first acknowledge and embrace whatever emotions need to be felt.


Especially in the body, because that’s where stagnant

energy is held.


This helps the mind feel safe enough to allow old stuck emotions to come up to the surface, to be felt and acknowledged.


The old wounds and fear patterns can then allow themselves to be seen, heard, and honored by us.  


From this space, the mind is then able to understand that we are not trying to get rid of or “fix” any part of it.


It can then understand that we are simply allowing what needs to be seen to be acknowledged by us.


This is us loving ourselves in such a way that we are able to heal ourselves through our own love and compassion. Which is what our mind has desired from us all along.  


Our mind, through all of its resistance, stories, judgments, and discomfort, was always trying to let us know in the best way it knew how, that it just desired our love and affection.


It’s time now to be the compassionate and loving presence to ourselves and to the world that our inner child has always desired to experience.


No adult ever taught us how to be this loving and compassionate presence for ourselves, because they themselves had never been taught that. 


But all of that is changing now. 


Video Link: 3rd Eye Activation -


A New Renaissance Begins


2024 is unlike most years in modern times. 

The last time something this big happened was in the late medieval period of 1300 to 1600, when humanity transitioned into what became known as the Renaissance era.


The last 100 years have been preparing us for our next great renaissance.

From the global stage to our personal lives, all of us will be experiencing both an inner and outer transformation. 


The key to moving smoothly through this transitional timeline is to become more flexible and open when it comes to embracing change. 


What’s coming up in the next decade has the potential to bless each one of us, our planet as a whole, and all of life as we know it, beyond measure.


The energies are ripe right now for a quantum leap in our consciousness. 


How will this show up in our personal lives and on the world stage?


We are already seeing glimpses of this, and will continue to see other developments, such as:

  • Continued new inventions—technologies and discoveries that will serve to unite, awaken, and inspire us, bringing great healing to humanity and our planet in ways we’ve previously consigned to seemingly “far-fetched” sci-fi films.
  • Big progressions in the areas of medicine, education, business, global money exchange, governments, and other institutions. These will be reformed, refined, and upgraded to serve everyone, not just a select few who think they have been running the show this whole time.
  • A continued movement away from beliefs in the old patriarchal structures to new ways of co-existing, allowing for a balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in our co-creations.


The shift in how human structures will work in the near future will create changes to such a degree that they will be unrecognizable.


They will be founded on principles of integrity and transparency, and be of benefit to all people.


Anything else will simply not be able to continue as we move forward.


There’s an energy far greater than any of the old separation-based forms, that is and will continue to be at the forefront of the sea change we are about to embark on.


This energy is within every cell and fiber of every living being in the Universe. This energy is love.


We will continue to see social causes that ask us to honor every human, animal, and living thing, and to treat them all with love, dignity, and equality.


Holistic healing and creative arts will also take center stage this coming decade.


People are and will continue to choose outside-the-current-box forms of healing and creative expression that serve to uplift, empower, and remind them of their most Divine and extraordinary selves.


An energetic balancing of sorts will also occur that will help humanity experience greater states of love, peace, joy, well-being, creativity, fulfillment, prosperity, and more! 


This is the decade that will change everything! This is what our ancient ancestors spoke of (though their messages were misinterpreted by many religions and social structures).


Welcome to the next renaissance, my friend! Your ancestors, your guides, and your I AM presence are so grateful that you have arrived!


May we all be open and ready to anchor a new world that honors, loves, and supports every living being equally.


May we all allow peace, love, and compassion to be the default setting of our heart, so that all choices we make come from that space.


May we all prosper and never “want” for anything, because we already feel so nourished and pampered by the Universe.


And may our beautiful planet and all her citizens be restored back to their most pristine states of health and well-being, so that heaven can fully be realized in ALL of our present reality.


We are so grateful to know this is now available to all of us, and we choose it now. This or something greater. And so, it is!


We are in exciting times, and we have so much to look forward to.

And we are all in this together.


Till next time,

With love,


©2009 – 2024 Emmanuel Dagher.
You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the name of the author and the source website link.


Video Link: True Divine Life Is Living Beyond The Ego














Your Supreme Love & Bliss By Steven Hutchinson
Divine Love & Bliss is the essence of every human being. As I say these words - I begin to experience this:
By Thy Grace, this Word is spoken.
By Thy Grace, this Heart beats.
By Thy Grace, I Am here in physical form.
By Thy Grace, I live and breathe in Supreme Bliss.
I Am breathing in Divine Gratitude.
I Am Breathing out Divine Harmony & Supreme Love & Bliss to All.
Infinite Love & Bliss & Creator Blessings to All of You,




Merging Into Divine Union By Matt Kahn


A Very Special February Intuitive Update


On March 17, it will be a year to the date when I walked into an event in Sedona and met the woman who is meant to be my wife. Up until that point, I had been living as what I refer to as a 'single-husband,' I had stepped fully into the commitment of sacred partnership and would only open my heart to even the consideration of a first date, if I truly felt it to be the frequency of connection I had always carried in my heart. From my romantic perspective, to date a woman I knew wasn’t 'the one' would be like cheating on the wife I hadn’t yet met. It even led me to fully accepting the fact that I am perfectly happy, whole, and complete on my own and would only engage the possibility of a relationship if it triggered this depth of knowing. Little did I know, she had made the exact same commitment on her side of reality.

Many of you have learned about the incredible connection and partnership my beloved, Joy, and I share. When we met, it wasn’t just two beings meeting in the energy of mutual attraction, but the spontaneous merging of our energy fields into a greater container of connection, presence, devotion, and love. As channels, we both have the lived experience of being singular vessels for Spirit. Through the grace of divine partnership, we are discovering that we can tap into the same field of frequencies throughout the quantum field.

While Joy has offered energy updates in her community, and I have transmitted intuitive updates over the years to you, we recently were inspired by a compelling question: What would happen if we channeled an intuitive update together?

With this inspired question as our guide, we recently came together to see what would come through. We didn’t share a single impression we felt beforehand. We went in totally blank, as we each have been trained by the Universe to do, and followed the flow of our instincts. The result is an incredibly special February 2024 Intuitive Update that I am excited to share with you in this newsletter. Please enjoy this wondrous leap of faith—from our hearts to yours. While both of us will still teach individually, there is a growing desire between us and a palpable excitement we feel from so many of you to see us combine our abilities to create something exciting and new. Perhaps this February 2024 Intuitive Update is the first step in fulfilling its destiny.

As we prepare for our upcoming wedding, please enjoy this brand-new video and all the incredible energies and insights it offers to you.


All for light, all for life, all for love,

Video Link - February 2024 Intuitive Update -


















How Do You Recognize Your Soul By Jeshua With

Pamela Kribbe


I am Jeshua. Feel my energy and my presence as I embrace you all. It fills my heart with joy to share this day with you. You are like friends to me, because we are on the same journey. I am here to remind you of your true nature and purpose.


Feel tenderness and kindness with regard to yourself. What you all need in your lives is the embrace of a divine mother. Just now, when you did the meditation and connected with yourself as a new born baby, you may have noticed that this baby, the child that you were, was in need of support and comfort.


Whenever a child is born on Earth, and whenever an old person dies, it is a sacred moment – birth and death are sacred moments. In those moments, people who are present, and who are witnessing a birth or a death, can sense the soul of the person born or dying. They can sense the greatness and the miracle of it, so they feel reverence and respect.


I now ask you to again connect with who you were just as you entered this world as a baby. You do not have to see an image or a picture of yourself, just have the intention to reach out to who you were as a new born baby.


Be the one who is now welcoming this child into the world. Open your heart and your arms to this baby, carry it in your arms, and tell it how welcome it is and how beautiful it is. Sing a song to this baby and tell it that you are there to take care of it, that you are the guardian angel of this child. The you to whom I am now speaking, the you who is embracing this child, is your soul.


The child inside you was confused when it entered this world with all these new energies around it. The child was taught to repress its own energy, to hide its unique qualities, but when that happened your soul was in the background. Your soul was there waiting with compassion and patience for opportunities for you to remember who you really are.


So you see that your inner child had to suffer a lot when it grew up, because it missed the embrace of Home, of its true mother: the soul. But your soul knew when it began this lifetime that there would be challenges, as well as opportunities, for you to awaken to your soul, and your soul now reaches out to you to let you know that it is there. Feel the energy of your soul right here, right now.


And how do you recognize the energy of your soul? You recognize it by the feelings of joy and kindness and gentleness which are generated. The soul wants to reassure you that you are good and pure and beautiful.


Dare to receive that healing energy for yourself. Say: “Yes, I am pure, I am beautiful.” Remember the pure and innocent child that you were, and now praise it for its courage. It took quite a burden on to itself by entering this world and absorbing all the energies of the outside world.


Imagine this child inside you, now a bit older so you can talk to it. You are its guardian angel and you tell it how courageous and powerful a child it is. Ask the child: “Is there anything I can do for you? Is there anything that you need from me?”


You have to understand that this child of which I am speaking is the human “you”. Your soul wants to assist you on the human level, but you as the human being are the one who is actually doing it. You are the channel for your soul’s energy, so honor yourself as that channel, take very good care of yourself, treat yourself with kindness and respect.


Now imagine that your soul’s energy is flowing into you through the top of your head. Very softly and gently the energy flows through your head and into your shoulders and your heart.


The more kindly you treat yourself and understand yourself, the more open you are to your soul’s energy. It is not a problem if you sense that there are dark parts in you; sadness or anger or pain. Your soul has deep compassion for you and wants nothing more than to reach out to the wounded parts of you. Allow that process to be and allow your soul to come down even more, into your abdomen.


And the energy then flows downward through your hips and your upper legs, into your feet, touching the floor and touching Mother Earth. Just breathe in the energy of your soul, breathe it into your abdomen.


Video Link: Melanie Beckler - Escape The Matrix & Unlock Your True Potential -



As you feel your soul’s vibration, remember where you came from. You all came from a heavenly realm, so beautiful and pure with no cares or worries. You are like a beautiful bird or a butterfly coming to Earth temporarily to share your beauty.


Recognize your own beauty and your own greatness, and do not be shy or modest about that! The world is in need of exactly this vibration. You are told that to be shy and modest is a good thing, and in a way that is correct, but it is not a good thing to be shy or modest about your true nature, your beauty.


Your unique light is like an exquisite flower, and when you see such a flower you want to nourish it and to give it the right soil, the light, and the water it needs. So now imagine that you are a flower. And what do you see? This flower might not be like any other flower on Earth, it might be unique. Just go with whatever image springs up in your mind, and maybe you even smell it, but do admire this flower.


Now imagine that you hold it in your hand and for a moment feel the energy inside the flower. What feeling is there? Is it the feeling of joy or abundance or compassion? What is the primary quality of this flower, what does it want to express to the world?


This tells you something about your soul’s calling, your deepest inspiration. Imagine that you now symbolically extend your hand into the world with the flower in it, and with that gesture you share your unique vibration with the whole world.


Notice if there is fear inside you when you reach out your arm. If you feel that fear, do not worry, remember your soul’s compassion; your soul understands why the fear is there. Do not fight the fear. Gently encourage yourself to take another step and reach out a little bit more.


Standing up and shining your true talents, your real gifts to the world, takes courage, so it is okay to take just one step at a time. Just ask yourself: “What step can I take in my everyday life to show my light a bit more to the world?”


Imagine you are sitting at your desk at the office or in your living room with your family and you are holding that flower and showing it. Simply notice if the flower is welcome there, if it receives enough nourishment, enough light. By doing this simple visualization, this imagining, you can find out where you truly feel at Home and where you do not.


Remember to treat yourself kindly along the way. If you find out that you are in an environment that does not nurture you, whether it is in a job or in a relationship, be honest with yourself. Recognize this fact clearly and at the same time put an arm around yourself, because you will now feel alone for a while. You do not feel at Home where you are, but you are still afraid to leave the situation.


Whenever you become aware that you do not truly feel at Home in some place or relationship, change will happen. Your soul is tapping you on the shoulder gently telling you it is time to change, time to go. But there is also the frightened child inside you who might not feel it is safe to change.


What you need to do as your own guardian angel is to listen to your soul’s messages and at the same time be very compassionate with yourself. You listen to your soul’s calling and then you take your inner child by the hand and you tell it: “Let’s now take one step. I am with you, my love will accompany you”. And in that way your soul will be born on Earth, bit by bit.


I want you to know that in addition to your own soul’s energy, you are always surrounded by guides who love you tremendously. You are always surrounded by love. Feel the energy of me, of your guides, of your soul wanting to caress you in this moment.


Thank you for being here.

Pamela Kribbe


Video Link: Steve Nobel - Prayer To The Cosmos














The Invitation To The Living Light:
Admission By Vibration


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Living Light of Creation’s Finest Frequencies and Divine Blessings for this entire Earth Planet.  There is so much Light pouring in to your world as we speak. 


And some of you may say, how can that be if more darkness is being exposed every day and the strangeness of energies is only increasing.  And we would say, EXACTLY.  The Light is flushing in and bathing everything everywhere in your world.  Nothing can stop or escape this level of Living Light.  This means that all that has been hiding in the shadows is also COMING TO LIGHT. 


And that is the Divine Design.  The Light is drawing to itself that which is like itself.  It is also The Great Illuminator of that which has fallen out of resonance and alignment with the True God Particles that all in Creation once was. 


And thus, you see the expansion of Light and Divine Glory at the same time as you see the exposure of the Deepest Shadows and Darkness on your world as well.  It is all happening simultaneously. 


So remember to Witness the Darkness that is being exposed and disclosed, and to Empower the Light.  You will learn to do this simultaneously in your tests and demonstrations of your Soul Mastery in these times dear ones.  For it is indeed a Time of Ascension and a Time of Embracing more and more of your Whole Soul Mastery!


Let us now take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath. Breathe into your Whole Being this Living Light.  As you breathe this Sacred Breath into the core of your Body Temples, and this includes your Heart Centers, your Cells, your Lungs, your Fingers and Toes, and your Mind as well - feel it activating all of the parts of you that have lived a long time in this very dormant state where your Soul Light was dimmed down, your Spirit was muted down, and your Knowledge of Truth and the Infinite Nature of Creation was suppressed and at times forgotten. 


Feel this Divine Sacred Breath given to you in every moment by Source Energy Itself breathing you awake.  Nourishing you awake.  And filling you with a Pure Sense of Vitality, Aliveness, Awakeness, Awareness, and ultimately the Divine Remembrance of All That You Truly Are. 


Living Light in this Highest of Frequencies knows how to resurrect all life in ways beyond the mind’s imaginings.  And so let us breathe some extra gentle and soothing light into your Mind and all of its Thought Forms, so that they can relax during this time together today and every day whenever you choose to breathe in this way. 


Your All Knowing Heart Center knows how to help you rise in the Higher Frequencies with the Breathing. Breathe in the Light of Source, and know you are loved, supported, empowered, and blessed in every way, to be the Gifts, Talents, and Living Light of Source on the planet, as more Light pours into every single aspect of life on this world right now, and every single aspect of YOU.


January 2024 is surging with Truth and Light Frequencies.  The Floods of this Truth and Light are surfacing and reaching more and more people’s consciousness, awakening more Truth and Light in everyone and everything, and also flooding and flushing the darkness with the illumination that Light brings. 


As more of January 2024 and this entire year continues to unfold, nothing will be able to hide in the shadows.  No deceptions, corruption, false divisions, manipulations and more will be able to hide and escape exposure in the Power and Presence of the Living Light on your world. 


Video Link: February 2024 Energy Update: The Invitation & The Living Light ~ Admission Is By Vibration! -



This means corruption and deception in the Governmental, Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Educational arenas and this also means anywhere within you and the core of your being where illusions and deceptions and distortions still reign in your energy field and thus in your words and in your actions as well.


So be prepared for epic increases of Living Light. Be prepared for the Joy of Feeling, Knowing, Being, and Breathing your Divinity, recharged, empowered, and revitalized again. 


At the same time, and in other words, simultaneously, be prepared for the epic increases of shakings, quakings, and exposures of false structures and mass deceptions on your world.  Structures and systems that seem to make this work, actually in Truth do make this 3D world work and uphold a planetary reality of enslavement and incarceration. 


Yet God is freeing all people of this world, and that includes you, your family members, your friends and colleagues.  Everyone.  Everywhere the Light touches is being liberated.  And there is nowhere that the Living Light can’t reach or touch.  And there is nowhere and no thing that isn’t ultimately made of Light.  For the tiniest molecules of matter, living matter, contain Frequencies of Light.


So at the same time that the Light is calling back to itself that which is like itself, it is also transmitting another powerful quantum call and invitation.  It is summoning all those with ears to hear and eyes to see to the Conscious Awareness that Admission to this new 5D Consciousness and this New 5D and Higher Frequencied Earth IS BY VIBRATION. 


How will a whole humanity be lifted and elevated into this much Higher Stratosphere and Planetary Atmosphere and Frequency of Light?  Light within all things will activate, dear ones.  It is activating now in many.  And more will come.  More will come to the awareness of the invitation inside them. 


And then, they will be called to make a choice.  Is their light ready to shine in resonance and harmony and union with Source?  With the Light of the Universe?  With the Light of Creation? 


Or is it still called to empower frequencies of the crumbling 3D matrix through fear, doubt, and allegiance to the old paradigm of density and destruction?  That will be where you will find the presence of the greatest suffering.  That vibrational crossroad where the invitation has been given, to rise into the Light of Creation and Union with Source, and the allegiance to the old 3D world and its brokenness and enslavement programs still call people’s attention more.


In this way, the energies of suffering, and incarceration, and being a captured audience literally can serve as a drug.  Where lower frequencies feel more comfortable and more familiar than embracing and engaging the will to change. 


Where there is a lack of willingness to rise and to change with the New Tides and Frequencies of Light required of all life on the planet, you will find the deepest suffering.  And that is where compassionate witnessing will need to be given in the greatest doses of all.  So that people in that level of experience, who have received The Invitation to Rise but have not yet accepted it, for they may need their days or hours of greater suffering to teach them about the Truth and Light of Vibration and the Truth and Light of the Energy in each and every choice made and personal expression emitted.


Yet in the Invitation to Rise delivered by Source Energy Itself in these times, there is also the Invitation and the Pathway of Union that leads to 20/20 Clear Soul Sight.  And 20/20 Clear Soul Sight much more easily and comfortably can witness the darkness, without giving it any energy at all, and embrace and empower the Living Light in all of its Glory. 


The Living Light through 20/20 Clear Soul Sight wishes to bless you and your family and your loved ones with the Greatest Glory ever imagined.  And thus the Greatest Bliss is experienced as a result.  Divine Souls, when activated in the Living Light and in Divine Union with Source, know the nectar that this Divine Creation on Planet Earth and the Divine Creation in the Cosmos Truly Is. 


Video Link: Pleiadian Blue Healing Light Activation



And those activated in that Divine Nectar, through their Conscious Breathing, their Soul Mastery where they can Witness Darkness and still Fully Empower the Light, for  their 2020 Clear Soul Sight can see entire New Worlds, New Cities, New Creatures, and New Ways of Living and Thriving in a Divine Creation filling your lives, your lungs, and your vision in every way every day.



How does one accept the Invitation to the New 5D Earth?  And live it?  Really ~ live it?  And embody it?  They first consciously breathe to begin to fill their body temples with the Living Frequencies necessary for Higher Frequencied Living.  People must begin to recognize that a higher Source of Nourishment is needed to live and be anything beyond a drone or worker in a vast system of incarceration and enslavement. 


Conscious Breathing breathes new life and light into your perceptions, ability to feel, sense, see, hear, taste, touch, and know. So anyone that is struggling even hearing these words today, we invite you to BREATHE.  Breathe another Deep Divine Conscious Breath that has the spiritual nourishment and nutrition that you need right now. 


If you witness others around you struggling with disclosures, or breakdowns of the old system, and if you feel strong in your Light Source within and your Conscious Breathing Skills and Nourishment, invite them to breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In, sharing with them that Conscious Breathing is more than air.  It is a Conscious Step into Divine Union. 


And as they Consciously Breathe one breath, two breaths, three breaths and more, they are Unifying with Source and they are being lifted vibrationally within range of the New 5D Earth and Ecosystem of Divine Joy, Light, Harmony, Abundance, Clarity, and Balance.

One Conscious Breath is One Quantum Step into the New World, the New 5D Vibrational Earth and Divine Eden again.  With more Conscious Breaths, those Quantum Steps or Bridges become Epic Leaps into a whole new Higher Prana’d, and Higher Knowing Level of Living.


Incarcerated, Myopic, and Captured 3D Vision will not have the prana or life force necessary to transcend the revelations, disclosures, crumblings, and risings required of all on planet Earth at this time.


Video Link: I Am Meditation -Restoring Your Personal Power



Expanded Clear Soul Sight and Unified Breath with Source are the Soul Skills of your Time to rise into an entirely new paradigm and dimension of living where Creation shines in all of its glory every day and in every way in your life.


Waking up to the Power within your Bodies, your Minds, your Hearts, and your vessels is all part of the Ascension Process.  And once you awaken to its power, each of you must awaken to the Living Reality that you literally have the Sovereign and Divine Power to Create Worlds.  You are the Maestros of this new Epic Earth Experience.  You are the Magicians.  You are the Creators.  You are the Designers, Builders, Artists, and Parents of New Generations who will incarnate to experience this level of Living Light in form. 


You are the Ones that you have been waiting for.  And You Are The Ones who must attune your Divine Instrument to the God Channel, and to the Benevolence of the Greatest Light in All of Creation beaming its blessings to this entire planet, and beyond.


The 5D+ Earth’s Awakening is inextricably linked to the Universe’s Awakening.  For the rest of the cosmos that you know to be your soul family have not been able to quantumly rise to the next stratosphere of multidimensional existence and exploration until the Earth herself and all life upon her were ready for this Quantum Leap.


The Earth has been readied for some time now.  And she IS ready.  The invitation is for YOU to be ready.  And to all who accept the invitation to be ready, and to unify with the light, for an incredible adventure of Ascension and Awakening awaits. 


Eventually all eyes and hearts will turn to the Living Light of Source Creator.  For that is All There Ultimately Is. Our Eyes and Hearts are meant to watch God in action in these next few weeks and months of 2024. And God In Action is the lived experience all have here on GAIA, which can even be an acronym for God Abundantly In Action.


Attune your Vision, your Breathing, your Awareness, your Light, and your Consciousness to the Frequency and Invitation to Union each and every day.

The remainder of January 2024 and the beginning of February 2024 may usher in more storms to awaken this world to the Truth of Illusion and the illusions that usurped the Truth.  Ground in your Breath, your Light, and your Higher Soul Sight. 

And call in angelic support and Source Sustenance when overwhelm or fear wishes to take hold.  Breathe God and not be overwhelmed.  Breathe God/Source/Creator, not fear and doubt.  Breathe Light, not confusion and destruction. 

And so shall goodness, abundance, and blessings be your experiences, if you can align with the Living Light, accept the Living Light, breathe the Living Light, and be the Living Light. 


You are the Divine Warriors who came for these times.  May God’s Light bless you, protect you, empower you, comfort you, breathe you, and shower you in all that you most need and desire, to be a Beacon of Light for yourself and others in these times.


You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.

All Our Love.


Video Link: Sa Re Sa Sa - The Full Moon Mantra

When your eyes become divine windows of the soul, you invite God to gaze through them, seeing every being in creation with love.
Infinite Creator Blessings of Love, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You!


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