Hello loved brothers and sisters.

Today on my birthday :-) I want to share with you some joyful events taken place on earth in the last year.

Last year I was able to transform 4.2 Million schools, prisons, hospitals and some other structures into divine light antennas for violet flame source energy. This was possible with the assistance of the Divine Light Forces, other Ascended Masters and the Arcturians.

Violet flame source energy transforms any energy to higher levels. It is a core transformation energy and it also releases karma. Anything which comes into contact with this energy becomes an antenna for violet flame energy and radiates this energy and helps earth and humanity ascending.

All antennas work for the highest and joyful good for all involved.

Also, banks, central banks, parliaments and other nodic structures are turned into antennas for violet flame source transformation energies.

There are also about 50ty high performance energy antennas. 12 Energizes the oceans with prana source energies, one proclaims the victory of light, one which is the holy Gizeh Pyramid was three times enhanced and now transforms and cleanse any nodic and energetic power place in the world. There is one MAHATMA energy Antenna with power beyond measure which works for the unity of mankind and ascension ;-).

So the list can go on and there were some adventures by creating these antennas.
At this point I thank all ascended masters, the countless Angels and the Archangels who supported me at my mission and special thanks to the Arcturians, Nikola Tesla and of course to Ole Gabrielsen who channeled the antenna technology.

Also, all satellites in the orbit of earth which are at least partly was made on Earth are transformed into high performance Divine antennas. One third send violet flame Source energies to Earth, one third send white light source energies to Earth and one third send prana source energies to earth. The control over these Antennas was handed over to Godesse Gaia and in the time she does not use them then I and the great white brotherhood and sisterhood of the ascended masters uses them.

Now i am working on an advanced antenna energies system but it will take a while until it is finished.

I soon create an event which attunements into the antenna Technology I used which is a modified version of the techniques of Ole Gabrielsen.

With Love,

kodoish kodoish kodoish adonai tsebayoth

Om Namah Shivaya

Bernd Zimmermann

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