8:8 Gateway and Fire Gates 104 - 110

A message from Mary Magdalene channeled by Michelle Eloff

Saturday, 8 August, 2009 at South Africa

I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and welcome you into the divine presence of love, harmony and grace. Welcome precious ones.

Today’s energies are showing you how the light of God shines through you, this is held within a chakra located between you base and sacral chakras known as the Sun Chakra.

This vibrant dimension of exquisite light opens its world and expands it even further beyond the paradigms of old worldly thinking. Since the year 2003 the Sun Chakra has been activated and built upon at each time of the 8:8 Gateway activations, now, as the world faces the aspects of its deepest darkness our Cosmic Creators bring the light of the Sun Chakra to embrace you and to show you that within the darkness there is great light. The light of your soul is climbing above those worlds of density, disillusionment and disappointment and revealing to you the Pathways to Oneness that grant you access to the Authentic Self. This is the time of gaining access and entering the Cosmic worlds of paradise.

All of the geographic locations that we are uniting with these activations are preparing the way for each of you to discover the worlds that reside beneath Earth human consciousness. I say Earth human consciousness for a reason because this consciousness has been contained within a limited and debilitating matrix of illusion. Many of the doors to truth have been shut tight, these doors have been held within what is considered sacred sites; some of these sites are active and others have been dormant for a very long time.

It has been important to keep these sacred sites dormant because the collective consciousness had not reached the critical mass in order to hold the frequency of the vibrations that are emitted through their reactivation. Now as we reactivate these sacred sites in the locations we will refer to today, and in the future, and the ones we have spoken of in the past, you will begin to see why the sacred sites are so important; for they were designed to be the great reflectors, the mirrors of the celestial centre so that the Divine Design, in other words the geometry and the wisdom of Mother/Father God and the sacred sciences, could manifest and materialize on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Many of the ancient cultures who have come before you knew of these sacred designs and accessed this information, and scribed this information so that at the right time those who were ready could fully understand their sacred messages and, precious ones, that time is now and you are a part of that, a vitally important one.

Every activation that we conduct aligns your chakras with the Galactic Core - this enables more the sacred spirits, love and wisdom to communicate with you. These spirits travel through the fixed stars, in through the planets and connect with Mother Earth’s body. These rays penetrate Mother Earth’s bodies and the chakras within her bodies become active. These chakras are portals and sacred sites, which each of you, in your own way, will be drawn to when it is needed.

The seven Fire Gates of the Sun that we are activating today align with Turkey, Florence in Italy and Madeira in Portugal. This will also connect to the energies we have activated in Peru, it will extend to the heart crystal of Cairo and to the portals recently activated in Moscow in Russia. All the other points activated will also carry this frequency.

Geneva in Switzerland, Kosova, Munich, Croatia, Washington DC and Bermuda are integrating higher octaves of the energies we activated there. This will be pulled into the centre of London linking it to Tintagel, Stonehenge and Avebury for the purpose of opening the heart to a deeper dimension of its truth. Glastonbury holds the feminine vibration of this and Toronto in Canada will be holding the masculine vibration of this.

It is important that we at least give you the information, even if you do not understand it intellectually right now it matters not, but this creates a picture within the imagination and therefore, the DNA within your body can respond to it for it fully understands the dynamics and the concepts of what we are presenting to you.

By the time we have completed these projects that we have activated now with the Fire Gates we will have linked up with every major city on your planet, it will also be linked to other areas within those cities creating the most powerful grid of unconditional light and love ever to exist. This comes about as a result of people like you moving beyond the debilitating forces of your lower ego, rising above and joining hands, hearts, souls, minds and bodies to make this possible.

One of the most important reasons why Master Kuthumi and St Germain have gone into retreat is so that this full power that we, the Goddesses, are bringing forth now can be accepted and integrated on such a deep level. When Kuthumi and St Germain return they will bring with them another powerful force of energy, which complements that which we the Goddesses are bringing for each of you.

No person will be excluded from the vibrations that are coming to Mother Earth, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not, this is a completely an equal opportunity project.

It is also good to bear in mind that not everybody will respond to this opportunity, however your participation is making the world of difference within the world.

Now it is time to draw you deeper into the light of the Sun within your heart so that you can be taken into the realms of deeper understanding in relation to what abundance means to you. Many people have mistaken abundance with financial and material possessions, abundance is in no way limited to these two material aspects of life.

Master Kuthumi once said that you can experience an abundance of negativity, or an abundance of positivity based on where you choose to invest your energy. therefore take cognizance of where you are focusing your energy. There are a number of different energies influencing you at any one given time and if you will recall, not too long ago, I suggested that you be aware of how you are feeling and to note that you are highly sensitive to projections of the Astral Plane and that when you feel that negativity that you ask that this energy be transmuted into unconditional love so that you may be restored to inner peace and balance, remember to do this often.

So now close your eyes if you have not already, take a deep breath in and as you exhale relax your body, your mind and your spirit. Imagine the exquisite rays of the Sun shining down upon you, warming you on every level and shedding light on every aspect of your life.

While you stand soaking up the rays of the Sun I want you to welcome into your presence a being known as Lord Soltec (he is the sacred technician of the soul and the son of the Solar Lord Ra), accompanying him is Goddess Venus and the being perhaps some of you do not know who is called Lord Sian (he is the Almighty Lion Being who is linked to Lord Thoth and the God Horus).

Their energy combines together and creates an exquisite Sun Disc. I want you now to imagine this Sun Disc rotating in an anti-clockwise direction in front of you. On this Sun Disc are a number of sacred glyphs, these are the sacred symbols contained within your Sun Chakra and links you to the geographic locations of Turkey, Florence and Madeira.

The seven Fire Gates of the Sun burn brightly around you and as the Sun Disc begins to spin faster and faster so the light of the Solar Lords of the New World penetrate your heart chakra. Breathe this energy into your body allowing it to flow into the cells and into the DNA of your body. Relax and surrender.

The power of the Solar Lords, the Unity Goddesses, the Sun Priestesses and the Queens of the Royal Order of Solar Power offer you the tools to understanding the power of your soul contained within the Solar Disc of divine light currently spinning in front of you.

This disc contains the keys to the deeper dimensions of wisdom and love held within the Sun Chakra.

The sun of God is the light of truth held within you, the sun of the Goddess is the light of love contained within you. These energies are a powerful source that guide you in the direction that will lead you to, and reveal to you, your unique truth and how to fully and completely access the world of your authentic self.

Take another deep breath in relaxing your body and surrendering to these energies.

The Almighty Lion Being, Lord Sian now stands before you, the golden light of the Sun blazing forth from his eyes and he looks into you, right into the core of your spirit. These rays burn through any veils of illusion that prevent you from fully seeing the light of self within self.

Lord Sian has come to remind you of the power that exists within your voice. The lions of your planet symbolize the voice of truth, the roar of truth, the raw spirit of the voice of Father/Mother God. Their voice is contained within the Sun Chakra and the more you allow that creative force of Solar Power to channel through you the more secure and grounded you will feel within your world.

Existing within the world of matter is not an easy journey, we have experienced it just as you are experiencing it, however the difference is that at this time there are far more souls open to receiving the light than what there were previously, and this changes the game all together.

The entrance to the Cosmic Worlds of paradise is before you and as you complete each initiation and activate the higher levels of wisdom and love within your own consciousness, you see deeper into those worlds and faith is restored. Your wish to be free has been granted and because so many of you have granted this wish it has enabled us to come forward en masse and to help you and to show you what the truths are. The volumes of truth contained within the sacred glyphs of the Cosmos are here to remind you.

I want you now to imagine the Sun Chakra opening between your base and your sacral chakra, and the Sun Disc spinning before you begins to magnetically move towards your Sun Chakra and penetrates it, still spinning, and as it enters your Sun Chakra the glyphs upon that disc are released into your body. They travel up your spine and settle within the seven major glands of your physical body.

The vibrations of this disc open your third eye and your crown chakra in order to receive the broader spectrums of light that are being channelled from the fixed stars, the constellations of light in through the Seven Spirits of the Planets that channel into Mother Earth, into her body and into your body.

These rays now support Mother Earth and you in allowing the sixth level of the new codes of Mother Earth’s DNA to be downloaded into her body through you, the Lightworkers and Lightweavers participating across the globe.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale imagine these frequencies penetrating your DNA activating the source of the divine language of the suns of Father/Mother God, and this communicates to the molecules and the atoms of your body.

The seven Fire Gates of the Sun now burst to life within your heart chakra and they secure another opening into which you will travel, so as to understand how the Sun contained within All That Is communicates to you.

The seven Fire Gates of the Sun ask you to put aside your judgment, your criticism, your fear, disappointment, cynicism and disillusionment and to look into the light of Spirit and to acknowledge that the journey you are currently upon; you are not walking alone. Although you cannot see us and at times you do not feel our presence we are ever present, and we take this opportunity to remind you of this, and I want you now to completely surrender and to relax yourself, to let go and to allow yourself to fall into arms of Mother/Father God and to rise in love, to meet the Spirit of our Cosmic Parents and to be embraced within that sacred echo of pure unconditional love.

Breathe this love into your body, it is accompanied by more of the rays of the Sun and these rays warm your heart and access the parts of your being that have been isolated (ice-olated) as a result of the pain and suffering you have experienced, and been exposed to. Allow it to melt and to flow away as Mother/Father God open their mouths and more light pours forth from their mouths and fills your body. The word is filled with light and the light is the word - the voice of truth, the language of fire.

Breathe in deeply again and continue to relax as you exhale. Oxygenating your body is vital in order to feed the sacred flames within your body, and now imagine seven Fire Gates flames of the Sun bursting to life in Turkey, seven flames in Florence and seven flames in Madeira. These flames contain the energy of the Holy Trinity - the Triple God and the Triple Goddess, and this light is channelled out to every chakra of Mother Earth’s body.

As the vibrations of her sixth strand of DNA is secured within the core of her body, so the sixth strand of your DNA settles into the frequencies that the Sun Chakra is activating.

Be still, be calm and allow the grace of your solar power to inspire and motivate you to be an active participant in your life rather than merely existing within a world of matter.

Each of you hearing my words and those who will read these words, you contain the seven Fire Gates of the Sun which emit a very unique energy. The moment your heart opens to connect with another human being the disc that you have received into your Sun Chakra will communicate to the Sun Chakra of that, or those individuals, offering them the opportunity to rise from the depths of darkness, to meet the Sun and to choose the Pathway to Oneness as being a warrior of the authentic laws of life.

The Seven Spirits of Eternal Light and life communicate to you all the time, these Spirits channel through each of your chakras and each of these chakras are linked to those Spirits – the Spirits being the seven planets that affect you. They are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun is contained within this, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. Their collective spirit enters Mother Earth impregnating her with the Cosmic truths. Feel these seven Spirits circling like an ascension spiral around your spine and connecting with your seven chakras.

Breathe the energy in and as you exhale settle into the vibrations you are receiving.

Lord Sian assisted by Lord Thoth and God Horus bring you the spirit of Jupiter, the expansive, abundant energies of this great benefic. The energies of Jupiter speak to every level of your being and shows you the gateways to freedom by embracing the abundant positive aspects of your nature.

The human heart contains the capacity to love beyond anything you could imagine, but as a result of the pain and suffering you have experienced, 98% of that capacity has been inhibited and with the activation of the 8th of August of the Christ year 2009 the collective Christ presence joins you and helps you to break down the barriers that have prevented you from fully experiencing and sharing that depth of love.

All 98% will not be cleared at one time for you will be completely overwhelmed and will not know how to live your life feeling such love, and it will place you in a very vulnerable position, but now you are working and walking towards that time where that light and that powerful source and force of love will channel so powerfully through you that you will be in the strongest position you have ever been in your entire life; in your entire existence on Earth, and you will be able to touch people’s lives, touch their hearts in ways it has never been done before. The only way this has ever been done is in the teachings of Yeshua and the other mighty Prophets, Avatars and Ascended Masters that have walked your Earth.

Because the Earth is so contaminated on every level you will understand why it has been necessary for us to groom you so that you can attain the levels of energy that the great ones contained, the ones who walked before you. You were created in the image of God, that is the spirit that animates you, your soul is learning to master itself within human flesh and at the same time to be the voice of Mother/Father God, to be the vessel, the channel through which that Spirit works and that, precious ones, is just another example of how you will change the dynamics of your world. Some of you may not witness the changes in your lifetime, but those who come after you will reap the rewards, you will witness from the other side what they are reaping and that will fill you with immense joy and delight, and you will feel what we on the other side feel as we observe each of you working and walking towards the light, freeing your soul from the constraints of the physical world of matter, rising above it and embracing the dynamic destiny of your spirit and rooting it in the material world. You are the light bearers, the torches that shine brightly in the dark night of the soul, and there are many souls who are trapped in the depths of darkness and do not even know it.

Lord Sian now asks you to open your heart and to imagine yourself traveling into the centre of the Milky Way within your heart chakra to see that this seed of light is also the grand design guiding you into the fluid worlds of fluid love.

The collective union of the Fire Energy that we are igniting with your assistance will create a light vibration strong enough to get through to the souls who are on the precipice of meeting themselves and seeing their own light.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale become aware of the Fire Gates of the Sun growing in strength, their warmth creating a ring of light around you, protecting you, and securing you firmly within the vibrations we are bringing forth today.

Now still concentrating on your heart chakra, breathe the love of our Cosmic Parents into your being, breathe in as much of it as you can and I want you now to picture every person that you have had conflict with, any person that you have unresolved issues with, and I want you to channel this love towards them. Allow the soular power of your true essence and complete spirit to touch them, and as it touches them that equal light activates within them and is reciprocated.

With every in breath breathe that light in that comes from them, and every out breath extend that energy to them - forgiving, releasing, surrendering, healing and completing all the cycles and patterns of negativity that you have had with these ones that have in truth inhibited your capacity to fully love and to be loved.

This exquisite grand exchange of love clears the levels of your heart chakra that have been blocked that we spoke of earlier on. Let yourself go. Know that it is safe to forgive these ones. It is not necessary for you to interact with them physically if it is not possible, but know that their soul, their spirit and yours understand and are receiving these sacred blessings.

Imagine this person or these people now enveloped in the seven Fire Gate energies, the Seven Flames of the Sun, and those flames burn through all the cords of attachment that bind you to one another in a negative and destructive and debilitating way, and as all the cords are released you see them move off into the distance, peace and harmony in their eyes as they bid your farewell and you are all free.

We suggest that you repeat this process as often as you need to, and if at any time you experience negative energies towards this person or people emerging within your heart, then do again what we have just done. If there is any conflict in the future, use this process to disarm the negativity and to restore balance and peace.

Your world has been at war and is still at war and this has been going on for far too long. Evil, darkness and ignorance have outweighed knowledge, illumination and empowerment, love and truth. Now it is time to change the statistics and to move into the complete rays of the Sun and the rays of Solar Power.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale know that all is perfect, and that your Inner Divine Design is one with the dynamic Divine Design of All That Is in the worlds of light, and that you have full right to be one with this.

Lord Sian now shows you an exquisite Golden Topaz gem; this Golden Topaz is filled with the Solar Power of the God and the Goddess of Love, this language is contained within the geometric construction of this gem. He extends it to you, when you are ready take it, place it in your heart, breathe in deeply and as you exhale it travels down your spine and into your Sun Chakra where it acts as a key to open another level of the dimensions of the Cosmic Paradise of peace and grace inside of you.

God Horus hands you a magnificent eagle feather and Lord Thoth hands you a beautiful golden key, the key and the feather represent the lightness of Spirit, the lightness of your mind and your soul opening the doorway to your personal and unique Golden Age, the age where that which has been trapped in the density of negative base consciousness and transformed like the master alchemist does into golden consciousness, golden awareness and divine truth.

The energies that you are now feeling, and the forgiveness and the light that you have shared with those whom you have had conflict with now begins to create a new crystalline foundation for you where you can begin to formulate harmonious relationships and connections with new people, and people from your past, this helps you to pool together your resources of knowledge, of love and wisdom and to support one another and the collective through this action.

No man or woman is an island unto him or herself, it is vital that you remember this. Isolating yourself traps you in the density of darkness, isolating yourself from the world is very different to taking time out to retreat and to go within and to communicate with yourself and with Spirit. If there is any part of you that you consciously are aware of that you have deliberately isolated from the rest of the world, I want you now to take the Seven Flames of the Sun and to channel that light into those areas of your life and to trust that all will be safe, and that you are free to venture into those areas of your life, to allow the rays of the Sun to shine down upon it and to birth new life, new relationships and new connections with humans, with nature and with Spirit.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale begin to give thanks to Lord Soltec who is overseeing this activation. He now opens his heart and a magnificent magenta pink light pours through his heart into your chakras and he assures you that his presence as the Golden Child of Light, the technician of the soul, the solar technician of the Cosmos is with you always.

Goddess Venus extends her hand to you handing you a magnificent pearl of wisdom, the wisdom of the ages and the Ancient Ones coming to you, revealing to you their source and their truth. ,ccept these gifts, cherish and treasure them as sacred parts of you.

Give thanks now to Lord Thoth for the key, to God Horus for the feather and give thanks to Lord Sian for the Golden Topaz Gem that he has blessed you with.

Give thanks to those whom you have forgiven, give thanks to yourself for choosing this opportunity to become one with the light of the Sun within you, the solar power of All That Is of the Light and to embrace the abundant and expansive energies that Lord Jupiter has brought you.

Breathe all of this into your body and allow the power and light, the love and the grace that you feel now to extend out to the world into Mother Earth’s body, to the sacred sites of the geographic locations we are working with today, and affirm and reaffirm that this is strengthening the grids of light and of love, harmony and wisdom within Mother Earth’s body, within your body, around hers and around yours and this, precious ones, is how we collaborate; working together as one heart, one voice, one pure intention to turn the tides and to change the hearts and minds of all who are ready and willing to meet themselves in the sacred chambers of Mother/Father God’s Spirit.

You have earned this right, continue diligently, faithfully, with hope, with trust and with peace in your heart.

Take a deep breath in as you begin to ground yourself back in your body. Connect with your physical environment ensuring that all of that which you have been exposed to is inside of you and rooted firmly on Earth as part of your environment and one with your life. Accept this infinite source, know it is always there and that you are one with it.

I am Mary Magdalene, and my love is with you eternally, au revoir.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.org

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A little bit older but the power of the meditation still exists. Thank you Alvin for finding this message. Blessings to all. Namaste.
wow that was stunning thank you so much,
bless you all


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