3 Keys for Navigating August with Ease By Melanie Beckler ... And ... Money Returns to Me Multiplied Exponentially By Shanta Gabriel ... And ... Are You A Control Freak By Ann Albers

3 Keys for Navigating August with Ease By Melanie Beckler


Hey there,

Today I want to share with you 3 keys for how you can navigate August's energies with grace and ease...

Here they are:

1. Consciously choose happiness!

This is big.

Many are feeling worn out or frazzled after the shifts and changes of July.

And now, while transformation definitely continues, you also have the opportunity to settle into all that has changed in your reality with a newfound sense of joy, happiness and enthusiasm...

True happiness awaits, but its up to you to choose and to cultivate it!

Ask yourself: "What truly brings me joy?"

Maybe you simply need to shift your perspective to view things more positively?

Maybe you can lean into your life with more gratitude, to start noticing and enjoying all the many blessings you already have?

Or maybe there is a shift you can make to let go of some of the things that are draining you...

And start choosing uplifting, joyful, and recharging habits, patterns, and perspectives instead?

2. Listen to your inner guidance.

What's really happening now...

Is the emergence of the next stage of your life purpose, mission and calling.

And while you may feel like you don't know what is next, or which way to turn ... Your soul and inner guidance know the highest and best way through!

Make the time to get out of your mind and into your heart space where you can tune into the inner guidance that's always available to you.

From within, you can glimpse into the beautiful possibilities for the next stage of your life...

And receive the inspiration, knowing, and clarity as to how you can step into the highest possibilities.

What is your inner guidance prompting you to do? What is your very next step?

-Are you being guided to step up your self-love and care?

-Start a daily meditation practice?

-Cut something out of your routine?

-Clean up your diet or take a step towards improving your health\ fitness?

Listen for the voice of wisdom within you!

When you trust the guidance you receive and act upon it, there are so many hidden benefits and blessings that will be able to align as a result.

Including the expansion and activation of your subtle senses so that you're able to start receiving clear guidance in a heightened and even more powerful way.

3. Let the Old and Outdated Fall Away

The next stage of your life purpose is beginning...

So look at whatever is shifting, changing, or falling away from your through this lens!

Don't bring old energy with you into the new!

Release the past, and allow what is meant to dissolve and fall away from your life do just that!

Know that yes old energies are crumbling...

But they're doing so to make room for a deeper expression of your highest authenticity and most radiant truth.

Resist the temptation to hold onto what has been...

Cleanse your energy, clean your space, clear out clutter, and let go of the past so you can be fully present in this moment here and now.

Are you willing to let the old, past and outdated fall away so that the radiant truth of who you really are can emerge?

Breathe... Release... And pay attention.

What is dissolving so that you can spiritually grow?

The best is yet to be... And we've just gone through a cycle of major completion...

Let go of what needs to fall away, and let yourself be reborn into more of who you really are, and all you're meant to be.

A deeper embodiment of your highest authenticity awaits...

And there is so much love, goodness, and joy are yet to be for you.

With love and blessings,


Video: "Affirmation: Reprogramming Your Conscious Mind For Miracles !" By Steve Nobel


Money Returns to Me Multiplied Exponentially By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel is offering a unique perspective regarding our attitudes about money.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

All the Money I Give & Spend is Blessed and Returned to Me Multiplied Exponentially


This is one of the most unusual messages I received from Archangel Gabriel. It obviously came at a time when I was stressed about money and was trying to find a more spiritual way of handling my finances.

This message speaks to the heart of our attitudes about money, and opens more awareness to the aspects of our thoughts that need to be uplifted in order to live the abundant life we want to experience.

The blessing opens the way for manifestation of what we truly desire to receive in our lives. When we bless something it "confers energy" upon the object of our focus. This blessing uplifts the energy and releases the contraction of fear that holds any sense of lack, feelings that there is not enough energy (in the form of time, money, health, age), all that holds back the gifts of abundant life that we so desire. All life is simply energy manifesting from our focus of attention.

This message is directly related to the energy of money. It is not suggesting that we spend indiscriminately. It does not mean that a blessing will cure thoughtless acts. It is an opening of energy that is inherent in the way we use money to fulfill our needs.

Every time we use a plastic card, write a check or hand cash to another person, we have the opportunity to bless our own lives and the economic system of the world with a higher frequency. Our blessing will assist in creating the change we want to see manifest by increasing the frequencies of energy and opening new levels of gratitude and love in our lives.

This process creates a tidal wave of good in our own lives and in the world as we consciously choose to live in higher frequencies of energy through our blessing. When we bless the money we give to another, we are increasing energy in their lives as well as ours. We are literally blessing all beings with abundance through this conscious act.

When I bless all the money I spend, it also increases my ability to trust that all my needs are being met. This has become especially powerful when I ask that Grace and Ease be added to the flow. We can intend that we receive the energy in more grace-filled ways and allow life to have more ease. It is simply our focus of attention that makes the difference.

Prayer is a powerful way for me to shift my focus of attention and open my heart to a flow of Grace in my life.

Divine Presence,

hank you for a new level of opening within my heart that allows me to receive in greater ways the Divine flow of Abundance. I am so grateful that the power of Grace is the energy in which I live, move and have my being.

I ask for Grace and Ease in the flow of money in any form through my life and know that all the money I give and spend is blessed and returned to me multiplied. I bless this flow in my life and in the lives of all humanity and I bless the flow of money in our world's financial systems. May we all grow in Faith and see demonstrations in each of our lives that all our needs are being met.

May I continue to receive this flow with greater Ease and step into new levels of Freedom in every area of my life. I bless the awareness of this Abundant Flow awakening in the hearts of all beings on the Earth. May each person be aligned with their Soul's Highest Reality and live in respect and harmony with the Divine flow of All That Is.
 So be it.

Shanta Gabriel

The Gabriel Messages #23


All the money I give and spend is blessed and returned to me multiplied exponentially.

Dear One,

You have been given limitless resources to use in your earth life. These limitless resources include wondrous beauty, relationships that affirm the divinity within you, freedom to be the best you can be, and an abundant flow of money. This flow of money is sometimes the most difficult of God’s gifts for you to see in your life. You stand in the midst of this energy, which can be used to make your life more comfortable, and yet many times, your ability to receive these resources is limited by your thoughts and by your resistance to receiving.
This energy from the Divine Source, which is called money, has the same properties inherent in it that any of God’s gifts have, such as Love and Joy. It is the strong energy of Life Force, which you can tap into, in order to receive the blessings of abundant cash flow.
One easy way to make yourself more available to money is by creating thoughts of unlimited resources in your mind. Your thoughts create your reality. When you entertain thoughts of lack, of "not enough" in your life, this translates in your world as not enough money to meet your needs. A shift in your thinking is necessary before you can attract an abundant level of income to yourself.

One way to change your consciousness is by affirmations. We have given you a very powerful affirmation to say every day, and especially every time you write checks or spend money, even if it is only pennies. This affirmation is:
All the money I give and spend is blessed and returned to me multiplied exponentially.

When you bless anything — your friends, children, life partners, jobs, etc. — the inherent good within is increased. Blessing leads to an increase in energy. So when you bless all the money you spend, you increase the energy it carries into the world.
You have heard the expression, what goes around, comes around. This is a basic principle: what you give is what you receive. When you give blessings, you receive blessings. When you give out of fear of lack, you receive back what you fear — lack of abundant income.
Fear is a very powerful force that can attract to you what you fear most. Love and blessings however, contain even more power and can bring to you that which is blessed with love. Remember that God is the source of your supply and there are no shortages. This inexhaustible resource of Spirit is equal to every need you may have.
Many people come to the Ocean of Abundance with only a teaspoon, when they could bring a bucket or a tanker truck. You can consciously choose to expand your ability to receive and to enlarge your own container.
One way to do this is through prayers of gratitude and blessings for what you already have and for what you will receive. These prayers will help to lift your consciousness and bring you to a place where you can affirm the truth that you are one with abundant life and with the abundant flow of money and prosperity in the world. Blessing all the money you give and spend is another way to do this.

God’s abundance exists everywhere, and you can move into the stream of consciousness that allows you to have all your needs met, when you develop the attitude of gratitude, blessing, and affirming the divine truth of abundance within all things. So begin now to bless that which you have and bless those you love. Lift yourself up so you can begin to see that which is good in your life. And remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

All the money I give and spend is blessed and returned to me multiplied exponentially.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
August 5, 2018
Video: "The Neptune Transmissions: Connecting With The Higher Intelligence Of The Oceans" - By Steve Nobel - https://youtu.be/UPfkYZwrCwc

Are You A Control Freak By Ann Albers

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We wish to be very loving with you today as we address a sensitive topic – one that if properly understood can grant you great freedom and grace, and this is the subject of "control."

You have a saying on earth about certain individuals on your planet – “Oh he’s a control freak! She’s a control freak!” You say it as if this is an unusual ailment, but as we see it (and we say this with love), almost every human being upon the earth is a "control freak" in one way or another.

We are not saying that most of you have any conscious desire whatsoever to bend others to do your bidding! Most of you would never dream of dictating another's choices, nor coercing them to do your will. Most of you would say, "I have no desire to control anyone else." We believe you! However, control can show up in very subtle and self-sabotaging ways.

For example, say you want to help someone you dearly love. Suppose they are sick or engaging in unhealthy behaviors. You teach them about proper nutrition. You share information that can help them. You suggest they see healers, counselors, intuitives, etc. All of these are very loving and kind suggestions.

What do you do however, when this individual wants nothing to do with your kind offerings? What do you do when they continue to engage in behaviors that continue to hurt them, and in turn hurt you? Can you simply love them, allow them their path, and take care of your own joy? Or do you get frustrated and upset with them – angry that they won't listen to you or accept your help?

Dear ones with all love and respect, we must point out that getting frustrated with another when they won't listen is really a symptom of being frustrated with yourself... because you can't control them! Even if your desire is to assist someone you love dearly, you can't force them bend to your will.

Love offers. It doesn't insist. Love allows. It doesn't judge. Love is deeply honest and allows you to say, "I love you and care about you and want you to be happy and healthy but I no longer know what to tell you since you don't like my suggestions. I pray you find another way. It hurts me to watch you hurt. I'm going to go take charge of my own joy and well being. I'll be here if you need my assistance or suggestions. I'll be honest about what resonates with me and what does not."

Then dear ones, allow yourselves your own health well-being, and joy, whereupon your loved one may feel a bit left out and perhaps tend to their own a little more carefully!

A second example of subtle control happens within your own psyche, when you want something and don't know what to do to make it come about. You want more money and don't know how to generate it. You want to heal a relationship and don't know how to do so. You want to find a new job but you haven't yet had any success. You want to solve a problem but don't know where to turn.

This is where most human minds start to take control! You worry. You over analyze. You search for solutions far past the heart's true desire to do so. You are trying to control the outcome, instead of relaxing into the arms of the Divine...

Give your problems to the Creator. Relax. Enjoy your day and understand that when the time comes to act you will be guided.

Our wish for all of you is that you would learn to notice, love, and soothe your inner control "freak." Reassure this part of yourself. Tell them that when you can't control another, you can love them through their lessons. Remind this part of yoruself, that when you don't know what to do, the universe does.

Speak to this part of yourself as you would speak to a worried child. It is simply a part of you that wants so much more for yourself or the world, yet doesn't know how to get there.

When your inner "control freak" learns to F.R.E.A.C. (Finally Release Every Attempt to Control!) you will experience immense relief! You'll rest, knowing that you are deeply loved and guided. You'll breathe easy, knowing the universe has your back. You'll release yourself from being responsible for other adults, knowing that each soul must choose their path and the accompanying lessons.

Releasing control in the situations where you really don't have it is the secret to enjoying a life of deep, and abiding peace... no matter what the world or those around you choose.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video: "New Moon Eclipse Angel Card Reading ~ Ascension Angel Messages for the Week of August 5-11 2018" By Melanie Beckler - https://youtu.be/Fx1-Bgcc1mU

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

The angels once told me, "Ann surrender is not giving up! Surrender is relaxing into the arms of the Divine." I loved that. As a former control freak, the notion of surrender used to scare me. If I couldn't figure something out, solve a problem, or fix someone I cared about, I was like the proverbial "dog with a bone." I couldn't let it go and I couldn't find peace until the problem was resolved.

I meet so many others who feel the same – dear parents who worry about their kids, people who worry about selling their homes, finding a job, or what they'll get in a divorce settlement. I meet people who can't rest until they have completion, until things are in order, or until they have a certain amount in the bank. I see people stressed beyond relief (as I used to be) trying to stay on top of the million tasks that compete for our attention.

We all want completion. We all want our problems handled, our friends and family to feel wonderful, and our challenges to have clearly defined solutions. We all want to feel that our lives are in order and we are on top of our endless to-do lists.

We all know, life doesn't work that way!

I got a good reminder two weeks ago, and a chance to see how wonderfully well things work out when I don't pretend to be in control...

It all started when my car was behaving erratically.
I couldn't control it, so I prayed over it, and somehow it worked until I got it into the shop.

I wanted to go hiking on Sunday but couldn't control the repair time so I let go of that too. The service manager at the shop called me the next day to tell me that he was elated the parts showed up much faster than expected and my car would be ready on Saturday!

I was thrilled, until I got the rather large bill. I took a breath, let go of worry, and gave it to God. Within a few days, a person who is a dear angel in my life insisted on helping me.

I was feeling on top of the world again, until last Sunday morning. I woke up feeling "off" in spite of the fact that I was looking forward to a day in nature. I prayed for protection and enjoyed a blissful hike until two miles from the end of the trail when suddenly my feet went out from under me and I fell really hard on my tail bone on solid stone. Stunned and sore, I tried to get up. I couldn't move at first.

My mind started racing, attempting to control all possible terrible scenarios... "What if... What if..." I caught myself and cut it out. I sat right there on the rock and meditated upon perfect health and mobility. I breathed out the shock, and was suddenly able to get up and hike the remaining two miles! Miraculously nothing is broken. I ache but didn't even bruise! I know if I'd kept stressing, I would have tensed up to the point of unbearable pain.

Monday, a storm ripped through Phoenix with 50-60 mph winds. I prayed for protection, and all seemed well until I realized the new tree I'd planted a few years ago had been ripped apart. I went out to survey the damage, wondering if I should get my saw and start chopping dead branches, when a swarm of ants ran up my leg and bit me! At that point I started laughing out loud. I realized something was definitely off in my energy field.

So I surrendered control once again. I didn't let my mind go crazy. I didn't ask, "Why me?" or "What have I done wrong?" I called the tree trimmers, washed off the ants, and then "sat, breathed, and received" as the angels have taught me. I surrendered to love.

Suddenly I felt something moving in my aura behind me! I moved to my inner vision and saw that I had a lost soul tagging along behind me the last few days, creating a bit of chaos in my energy field! I had been clearing clients last week but forgot to clear my own energy on Friday night! I helped the displaced spirit into the light and within minutes felt like myself. My life started to flow with grace and ease once again.

In the past I would have gone nuts over this string of events, blocked the universe's ability to assist, and attracted more chaos. Now however, I strive to just handle what I can and surrender to what I can't. I focus on the desired outcome the minute I have a problem. I trust the universe to assist.

While this story is about silly things, surrendering control works for life's far more important challenges – when you don't know how to heal a relationship or your own heart, when you have serious financial hardship, or when you have physical challenges.

There is an ever present stream of love attempting to help us. Control limits us only to what we know or imagine. Surrender allows the universe to assist in ways we might not even dream.

I choose surrender. Control is highly overrated!

Here are some pointers this week to help you surrender control over things and people you can't control...

1. Place the Serenity Prayer where you can easily see it, or print out a few copies and carry them with you. Pray it often.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; 
the courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference

– Reinhold Neibuhr

2. Imagine the Best

When you can't control a person or situation, or you don't know what to do, immediately ask yourself, "What is the best possible outcome? How would it feel." Go there in your mind. Picture it. Feel it. Breathe. Remember this feeling often.

For example if you are worried about someone picture them happy, healthy, and doing fine. Imagine how you would feel knowing they are doing well. Think of this and feel it frequently. Know by your "tuning" into the best possible outcome, you are choosing that or better.

Contribute to the energy of the solution, not the energy of the problem.

3. Let Go. Enjoy the Moment. Trust.

When you don't know what else to do and you've tuned into the best possible outcome, your next job is to relax, enjoy each moment and trust the universe to guide you.

When the mind acts up, reassure it, every single time. "God has our back. The universe loves us. There are solutions we can't even imagine! It's coming. All will be well." That part of our soul that worries needs extra love.

It takes practice to kick the worry habit and let yourself relax in spite of things unsolved and un-done, but you can gradually shift into this amazingly peaceful reality!

While it isn't easy to change old habits and give up control, the ensuing peace, grace, freedom, and miraculous solutions are definitely worth the effort!

Love you all!
Have a blessed week,

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