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11.11 Gateway of Divinity - I Am Becoming

With Anrita Melchizedek


Beloved I Am,  I humbly bow to you in deep devotion and utter surrender,

as the sub-atomic particles within each cell of my body expand in the radiance of thy magnificence and Light,

and into pure Photonic Plasma Light & Crystalline Consciousness in the Divinity I Am,

 I flow in pure Presence as the Beloved I Am,

deepening into Zero Point,

through the expansion of the Loving Heart,

and the Wisdom of my Higher Mind,

as I focus on the point between the brows,

where all expresses as I Am.



This 11:11 Gateway ushers in the next level of our Soul’s Blossoming, magnificence and Light,

as we expand ever deeper into our Loving Hearts and Zero Point,

 as our Beloved I Am Presence,

and the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light,

ascending the “Stairway to Heaven”,

through the Spinal Column and through Photonic and Plasma Light,

to the experience of New Earth,

aligned and centered through all dimensions of Light,

as Mother Earth becomes our Golden Sun,

aligning to the Sun within, the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun,

and into the Cosmic Heart of Mother /Father God,

to experience the Wisdom and Love and Grace of this Multiverse,

through the Diamond Heart of all Creation,

to the rebirth of the Purity and Innocence,

and the experience of truly coming Home,

as the Beloved I Am. I AM.



I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,

my Beloved Am Presence,

and the Beloved I Am Presence of all Souls upon this sacred Earth,

as I align with the Divine Light That I Am.

I now call upon all the Beings of Light that I personally acknowledge,

and my Brothers and Sisters of the Light from On High,

who are assisting in this Ascension Wave for all Humanity,

through this powerful 11:11 Gateway.


As the Light Codes of Divinity now ignite within each cell of my body,

and through the heart and mind of all awakening and awakened Souls, 

I expand ever deeper into the Highest Light of Who I Am,

and Who I Have Forever Been,

my Beloved I Am Presence.

In the infusions of Photonic and Plasma Light,

I activate my Light Body, my original Divine Blueprint,

the Patterns of Perfection within,

allowing now for the 12 New Earth Chakras to align multidimensionally,

and to merge in one Unified Column of Light,

through the Spinal Column,

as I further align to the central Axis of Mother Earth,

and the New Earth Light Grids of Quantum Consciousness,

as the Kundalini ignites, the Heart expands, and the Pineal Gland activates.


Wrapped in the Violet Flame of God’s Perfection,

the Diamond Light of Purity and Innocence,

and the White Light of the Christed frequencies,

I experience the Overlighting and Illumination of the many Beings of Light from On High,

as the Music of the Spheres activates within the Inner Ears,

and as I deepen into Zero Point, simply being pure Presence, and pure Love.


As the Cosmic Orgasm of Oneness now Initiates,

and to the sounds of Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, ‘Tsebayoth,

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts,

I now merge with 144 Soul rays, of which I am One,

collectively forming this Divine Chalice of my Beloved I Am Presence.


As the Light Codes of Divinity now activate from within,

I take on new levels of responsibility, mission codes, and more,

deepening into Self Mastery, deepening into the I Am Avatar Blueprint,

as the radiant expression of my God Self in form,

as a messenger to the Inner Planes,

as a champion of Light.


Wrapped in my garments of Light,

I now take on my Ascended Master gifts,

through this mantle of Leadership and Light,

through the Power and Might of my Beloved I Am,

experiencing physical rejuvenation, regeneration and well-being,

collapsing and dissolving old timelines, and with this,

dis-ease, dis-comfort and pain.


I now direct this beautiful Violet Flame, Diamond Ray and White Light within and around this sacred earth,

with the assistance of all Brothers and Sisters of the Light,

my Beloved I Am Presence and the Beloved I Am Presence of All Souls upon this sacred earth,

enveloping Mother Earth and all her Life within the Cosmic embrace of Mother/Father God,

and allowing for the experience of Love, Unity Consciousness and Coming Home,

 to be experienced by all Life upon this sacred earth.


I now experience the Heartbeat of Mother Earth,

feeling this Oneness with all Life, feeling this Love for all Life.

I now experience myself as the Unity Grid of Divine Love,

as I ground and center into the Central Sun within Gaia,

to the Golden Sun within my Loving Heart,

and to the Sun and Central Suns through all dimensions of Light,

where all is Soul aligned,

mapped from the Heaven’s beyond,

into the Stargate of my Loving Heart.


I Am the Cosmic Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God,

I Am my Beloved I Am Presence,

I Am a radiant Being of Light,

I Am a Child of the Sun,

I Am the Light of God,

the Light of God I Am

I Am all that I Am.



Video - 11.11. Gateway of Divinity - I Am Becoming




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