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Imara Reiki is a Reiki modality of a higher vibrational energy level than most common Reiki modalities because of its focused intentions.

In some aspects, the healing energy of Reiki can be split up into vibrational (frequency) bands. Imara Reiki is a "Level 5" on the "Reiki Scale" with Usui Reiki being levels 1-3 and Karuna being level 4.

Imara Reiki is an intense form of Reiki energy.

The energy has a slightly different feel and:
Imara Reiki does NOT need symbols

Imara Reiki uses a new & easy attunement process

Most users experience a Strong Spiritual Connection (with ascended beings, angels, etc.)

Imara Reiki is known for its capability to help heal past life issues

Imara Reiki is very capable of helping to heal repressed issues (physical, emotional, spiritual trauma).

Imara Reiki has proven itself in the area of healing issues that are not on the conscious mind yet still affect you

Imara Reiki uses a strongly simplified and intensified distance healing procedure

It is very common for the giver and/or receiver to perceive information during a healing session

This form of Reiki is a channeled form that came to Barton Wendel. Bart and his brother Geoffrey refined and developed Imara Reiki to its current state.

The name "Imara" basically means "more" ... hence, "More Reiki = Imara Reiki."

Once you are attuned to Imara Reiki, it is extremely simple to use the energy. Please do a self-healing before attuning others.

Receive the attunement by saying the words in the attunement document.


Barton Wendel - John Van Eekelen - Stephen Womack - Allison Dahlhaus - Dawn Rothwell - Pamela Jordan - Stephen Lovering - Chris Comish - You





NOTE: If you accidentally call in the wrong attunement, simply say "No, stop, not yet" and the attunement delivery will stop. Then call in the correct attunement when you are ready.




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This attunement is not meant to be a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, treatment or care.

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  • Hi,I would love to receive the attunement. Could you please let me know how to apply ? When i click on above links(pdf and doc file), i get blank page. Thanks

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  • Thank you dear Chris, can you tell the difference between imara and lahochi? I'd like to know. Some say it's the same energy, but i feel there's a difference. I can't tell why... imara is better after karuna, lahochi is autonomous... If someone knows... Hugs

  • Thank you very much!

  • Thank you very much for the attunement

  • Thank you very much!

  • Namaste, I m interested. plz tell me how can I receive the attunement?
    I m trying to download the manual but the link is broken I think. if any1 have these file plz kindly mail me


    Thank You

  • Thank you very much for this attunement.

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    Gratitude and Light Harmony

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