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  • Enjoy the golden rays of purity and abundance as they flow to you. Namaste.

  • Thank you,Chris for this Empowerment.

  • I've taken the attunement from CC's 45 free reiki attunements. It was a very powerful transmission and despite being already a reiki 3 + karuna ki praticionner I felt nauseous for an hour or so, the energy was incredibly strong. 

    I also feel something deep inside me has changed, something important relatively to the past and my way of dealing with it. All of this is happening naturally and there is no drama involved. I don't know I will keep working with it and maybe report in the future. It's a very powerful ray, wish we had more regarding its nature, for example is it Reiki ? It doesnt seem to be...

  • thank you very much for the great attutment

  • Thank you sooooo much, Love and light <3
  • I Am so thank so thankful for the road that lies behind me and the difficulties and to you. Thank you

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  • Thankyou graciously for the attunement.  Sending you light, love and blessings.

    Namaste  Lara

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  • Dear Chris, thank you with gratitude for this wonderful energy!
    Light and blessings infinite!


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