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Inspired by the tragic BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this empowerment is designed
to help provide healing to the earth, its people, its animals, and the ecosystem during
times of environmental stress. It can be used during environmental tragedies to help heal
the planet. It can also be used on a personal level to help balance out the body when it is
experiencing negative effects of environmental toxins.

Manual here
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  • What is the link for the video I would love to share it with others
  • Thank you
  • thank you!

  • Thank you, I loved to do this for this earth, plants and animals and people here!  Soo beautiful!!  

  • Send the Earth love! She loves us so well and gives so freely to all. Here is a video I made of slightly less mythological Earth creatures that maybe you will like. Namaste and thanks for helping out with Mama!

  • Thank you for all that you are.
    Chris Comish
    Bavaria, Germany
  • Thank you Carmen!
    Jan Wilson
    Parsonsburg MD USA
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