Sirian Starlight posted a status
Dec 17, 2022
What happened? This place is changed a lot since I was last here. Where has my posts gone?

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  • You can also go to discussions or blogs and click edit to find your own content. Next week I'll ask Ning about the updated blogs and discussions search functions. But for now, the easiest way to find it is by visiting your profile.
    • Thank you. It seemed easier to do this before...

  • What's weird is that I can only get to even posts I make from the main page, not my profile page. Like there's missing items on it even in this feed. I don't really know how to describe it.

    • Sirian Starlight I see your post when I go to your profile and click my discussions.

    • Ah ok, that is a weird way of doing things. I mean it confused me because There's a menu that pops up on every page at the top, and it has all of the site areas there. But then there's another one on everyone's profiles, including yours, with similar looking terminology. And I don't know that it's relative until I click on it. It replaced the content underneath it on profiles. It's very unintuitive, there's no clear marker defining it. It used to just show up before for some reason like the main page does.

  • Yes I did. I found the discussion I made buried in the forums. It used to just sit on my profile, it's just an empty recent activity page and a comment box now.
  • @Sirian Starlight Did you find your posts? An easy way to find your own content is by visiting your profile page. Hope this helps. Namaste 🙏
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