June 3

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I am Reiki of my friends told me about different different energy healings.which I can see on your website.I am keen to learn and serve others as much as possible.

What brought you here?

I am desperate to learn different types of energy healing.And I can get the knowledge about different types of from this site only.

What can you contribute?

I can contribute In a way of healing others as much as possible.


My ideal teacher is Mother Teresa.


I want to become a Reiki healer

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i agree

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  • "Happy Birthday!"

  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for being you! We appreciate you! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light

  • "Happy Birthday!"P.S:Is Jain your first name or your last?The reason I bring it up is the Jainism religion I have much respect for not to mention there extreme non-violence stance on things that also inspired Gandhi during his lifetime.I was so in love with Jainism I considered becoming a Jain monk when I was younger unfortunately for me that was not to be I'am however a online member of the Raelian movement if your curious to know what that entails feel free to contact me here or send me a friend request I will accept it with unconditional love! Well its time for me to end my message to you and so take care of yourself and enjoy celebrating your birthday goodbye for now signed,RichardtheRaelian!

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