I studied much about symbols and numerology before learning anything about Reiki. Since having learned more about Reiki and attuning to many healing energies/modalities I have noticed that many people recommend repetitions of three for lots of practices; i.e. saying "cho-ku-rey" three times, or reading something three times to activate it, or even concluding prayers and affirmations with "thank you, thank you, thank you".

While I find myself drawn to do this, sometimes when not even instructed to, I cannot help but wonder why. Can anybody help me to understand what is the benefit or purpose behind the threes? If it is just to let something sink in more to my subconscious more then why not say it four or seven or nine times? If there is some symbolic connection or boon that you get out of repeating three times, I cannot help but think that would be stronger if I am doing this in full consciousness rather than blindly following a recommended ritual.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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So, why only sometimes three? (or only three for certain things?)

Lets take for example the distance healing illustration from the Reiki manual you posted from earlier. All Sei He Ki's and Cho Ku Rei's are in triplicate but the master and distance symbols are singular. In addition each Sei He Ki is spoken three times per each one written.

I'm open to just following my intuition for what is best. But I'm also open to learning wisdom I may have never heard or considered from others. There are certain times when I wonder if I might use my time better by streamlining and not saying the same thing over and over if it is not a necessity; especially when it comes to things I do many times a day like blessing food and water.

Thank you for your prompt response and even if you don't have an answer for the secondary question, your answer has still been helpful. I started on the mahatma reiki manual a while back, but moved on to something shorter! I was just thinking the other day I should go back and finish it.(or more likely re-read from the beginning)

P.S. I did a second attunement last week to the Gaja Reiki event you posted and thoroughly enjoyed it again. That is one of my favorite systems to use; especially when it comes to physical body disease! Thank you, brother.


hello Julian, well i can tell you that not only three is used. In seikim for example some symbols have different type of amplifying. They can be amplified to the power of 3, 7 or 9. The amplification is done by drawing more elements of the same kind to the simbol not by saying the name of the symbol multiple times. 


Thank you sir. I should look into another Seikim system.

I tried Ka Shen Sekhem (by try I mean attuned to the first level) and liked it very much. My favorite symbol from that system was Len So Mi. I am not sure if that is how it is spelled, but I like its energy.

It also occurred to me today that Len So Mi, Cho Ku Rei, and Sei He Ki are all three sets of syllables separated (or sometimes hyphenated). 

I believe all numbers are divine as they are facets,or lenses, through which we can form our experience of creation. I am just trying to find more meaning in the ritual practice to increase my capacity for internal/external resonance.

Thanks again for the info!


P.S. Are the SEI in 'SEIkim' and 'SEI he ki' related? Have a great weekend!

As far as I remember when I received my firts Reiki Initiation, my Teacher tough me the first call of the mantra (in the case of repeating a mantra 3 times), we connect with our physical.

The second repetition of the mantra connects us with our emotional/ mental bodies.

And the third and last, with our spiritual being.

That's what I remember. Hope it can help. 

Much Love and Light!


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