Hatsurei-ho is a method or practice used by practitioners of Reiki, to maintain and enhance the energy channels and facilitate the flow of universal energy. It also contributes to spiritual growth. It should be practiced daily.
Here we describe the method Hatsurei Gendai Reiki-ho by Hiroshi Doi-sensei:

Sit up straight, hands on thighs, palms down. Close your eyes.

Mokunen - Silent Prayer
Now, tell your subconscious, "Start Hatsurei-ho"

Kenyoku - Dry Bath
Put your right hand over the left shoulder and slide your hand diagonally to the right hip while
perform Hado breathing and emit the sound "haaaa."

Put your left hand on the right shoulder and slide your hand diagonally to the hip Left. Repeat again with the right hand.

Raise your left arm until it is horizontal. Put your hand right in the middle of the left forearm. Slide your hand through the arm to the fingertips as you perform Hado breathing (sound haaaa).

Rise right arm horizontal. Put your left hand on the half forearm and repeat again with the right hand.

Joshin Kokyu-- breathing method to cleanse the spirit
Raise your arms over your head to connect with Reiki. The vibrational energy will begin to flow throughout your body. Whlist feeling the energy flowing put down your arms and put your hands on your lap, palms up. Relax shoulders and concentrate on your Tanden (four finger below your navel, and two fingers deeper inside). Take a deep breath and relax.

While inhaling feel how the Reiki energy enters into the crown chakra to the Tanden. The light that fills the Tanden spreads throughout the body by dissolving tensions and relaxing around the body.

While exhaling, let the light that fills the body pass through the skin, bringing harmony around you. As  youinhale light comes through the crown chakra, and as you exhale let Reiki passes through the body. Continue at your own pace a few times, synchronizing the breath.

Gassho - Hands in prayer
Hands together just above the heart. Focus on your Tanden.

Seishin-Toitsu - Concentration
With your hands in Gassho, takes Reiki breathing through the tips of fingers and full Tanden of energy.

As you breath out, feel the energy that fills the Tanden spurting strongly from the fingertips and radiates healing energy to everything around you.

Fill Tander of energy while you're bresthing and radiate while exhaling. Keep radiating energy a few times at your own pace.

Mokunen - Silent Prayer
Return your hands on your thighs, palms down. Tell your subconscious. "I have finished Hatsurei-ho".

Open your eyes and wait a few moments.

Shake hands with force to clear your mind.

Glossary of terms:
Hatsu = generate (something)

Rei = spirit or soul

Ki or Chi = vital energy 

Ho= method

Kihon-Shisei= basic Tandern posture (Japanese)

 Tanden = Dantian or Tan T'ien (Chinese) is the vital center, located in the abdomen, 4 fingers widths below the navel and two fingers deep.

Hatsurei Ho Meditation

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