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Beginning the Journey Within

Namaste Dear Friends.

I would like to discuss a subject that I have had plenty of practice in, and I am sure, so have many other spiritual aspirants, walking the path and experiencing many difficult situations and ultimately, loneliness.    It is Websites such as these where like-minded folks can share their spiritual journey, which is such a blessing!    The spiritual path can be a lonely one, but that is also meant to be as it is a very personal journey, discovering the Self that has been hidden under the life that we have created on Earth.  

When a person first begins the inner-journey to self-realization, it can be quite a challenge.  Going one's own way is sometimes necessary to be able to focus inward and spend time in quiet contemplation.   In order for the outer-world to recede slightly into the background, one needs to spend time alone to get to know the Real Self that resides within.  Very difficult, I know, if one has a partner, and that is where the spiritual seeker needs to make important choices.  Taking time for oneself is very important and this needs to be understood by the other partner.  Love and understanding is necessary in any relationship, but more so when a partner needs space for meditation and other chosen spiritual activities.

When the journey within begins, all kinds of changes start to take place.  There are stirring emotions from life situations that have not been resolved;  perhaps there is still grieving going on from loss of a partner or family member;  guilt due to regret from past actions........and the list goes on.   Spiritual Self within does not leave any stones unturned!   Everything buried deep within is brought out into the light to face and be dealt with.   Expanding one's own light needs a clear path, so work is done on clearing the way for further spiritual awareness to surface.   Everything we need for our spiritual awakening is within us all.    With all of our previous incarnations and wisdom gained through many various experiences, we can begin to access that information by allowing it to come forward.  However long that takes depends on the individual and how much awareness, if any, they already have.

On Earth now are many 'old souls.'    The old soul is one who has incarnated thousands of times, at least, and gained many insights and levels of spiritual awareness.   Their presence is necessary to raise the vibrations of the people they come into contact with each day, and also of Earth.  They are still on their own spiritual path to enlightenment in this incarnation, but may be self-realized enough to assist those around them.  Perhaps you are one of them, especially if you have a strong feeling of being here before.   Many things look and feel familiar and it is easier to understand certain spiritual concepts than the less experienced souls.

There can come a time in one's journey where life has taken them down a path of illness and incapacity.   I have had many of these and each time it arises, I know it is time for more strength-building.   I have come to realize that every adverse condition in life is here to teach us something and also to gain strength, within.  I needed to gain a lot of inner-strength from lack of confidence in my childhood.   When I left home at 17yrs old to study Nursing in the City, I began to grow up quickly!   In those days we trained while we worked full-time.   In-hospital training is still the best, in my opinion, as the experience is invaluable.   I have also had a chronic illness since a child, so I had to learn to balance my medication and diet very carefully.   This condition has stayed with me for 47yrs with some complications, one of which was paralysis of the peripheral nerves.

I awoke one morning and could not walk.  I had been spiritually awakened for some time by then, so I faced it the only way I knew surrender to the Divine within.   I spoke to God and told her that if she wanted me to die, that was fine by me, but if she wanted me to stay, I would fight this illness and regain my health to continue my spiritual work.  I had no fear, just determination to get well.   I had paralysis mostly from the waist down, but not the type that completely stops you like a stroke.  It was the peripheral nerves.  It took me about 8mths to be able to walk with a walker, very slowly.  I walked every day around the shopping center to keep up strength in my legs, and in about 18mths I could walk with more feeling and with a walking stick.

I share this to show that sometimes we are faced with tremendous adversity and pain for a reason.   I know after this experience that I can face anything!   Then I lost my beloved husband, my soul mate.   That began another huge challenge, and the disability returned to a lesser degree.  We really can take a lot, and I believe that our higher-selves prepare us with these difficult life experiences to show us of the power we have within ourselves.  We can literally do a lot more than we think we can.......we are not weaklings!    The spiritual strength of our Godself is incalculable by our human minds, and it has been shown to me. 

We as humans have so much to offer each other.  I am determined to spread this fact to as many people as I can.   Your Godself is within, quietly and patiently awaiting your attention.   When you become quiet and still in meditation or quiet contemplation, you will sense that Presence.  It is a mighty powerful energy of Love.......unconditional Love.   Connecting with that amazing energy is like coming Home.    You will never feel the same again........

Best wishes to everyone on their journey, and love and blessings to All,

Tara Mary.

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  • I am impressed and grateful for you share.

    • Thank-you Kay Chong Tay for your kind comments.

      Light Blessings to you, Tara Mary.


  • Your strength and courage are really an inspiration, thanks for sharing. You have a strong spirit.

    • Thank-you so much for your lovely comments.  I share for that reason, to give hope and faith to others who may be going through a rough hang in there and never give up!

      Love and blessings, Tara Mary.


  • Thank you, what a journey of light and bravery. Wish you well.1938918007?profile=original

    • Thank-you Maya for your kind comments, and the heart is very pretty, thanks!


  • Thank you for sharing, this is what I consider to be LIght Warrior's journey. It takes much courage and strength.

    Good share, good on you for triumphing over adversity.

    • Thank-you Leo, many blessings and love to you,

      Tara Mary.


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