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Apocalypse Calling: Zen Gardner

Apocalypse Calling

Saturday, April 28th, 2012.

by Zen Gardner


Strange sounds abound

While quakes shift the ground

As the earth sheds its shadowy veil


A world now deranged

As things rearrange

Will now enter the steed colored pale?


Mankind awaits

At eternitys gates

To see what will surely unfold


The narratives written

Say man will be smitten

Or so goes the story were sold


The changes are real

Its something you feel

Yet we know not just what will transpire


Will humanity waken

Its overlords shaken?

Or like sheep will be led to the fire


There will be a revealing

The layers are peeling

The Truth will become known to us all


Just how we respond

Or submit to the con

Is our test and the clarion call


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  • 1938925921?profile=originalWe shall see!

  • I find this very interesting poem from our friend Zen, I like his writing.

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